How to Make Ice Scratch: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Make Ice Scratch: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Make Ice Scratch: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Ice slushies are delicious to take in the summer and are easy to make at home. It is possible to give several different flavors to shaved ice with different types of syrup. With the right ingredients on hand, you can make a slushie in just a few minutes.


Part 1 of 3: Making ice slushies

Make Snow Cones Step 1

Step 1. Crush the ice in a blender.

You can add some ice to make just one slushie or more to serve a few people, or you can even fill the ice blender to make lots of slushies. Follow your blender's directions for use for best results.

  • Depending on the blender, there will be several speeds to choose from when crushing ice. Choose the one that seems most suitable or the one you prefer.
  • If you prefer your slushie to have larger pieces of ice, blend it in a blender for less time. To make it very thin, let it hit the device for a longer period.
  • If you don't have a blender, place the ice in a sturdy plastic bag and beat it hard using a noodle roller, hammer, or meat hammer. It is also possible to drop ice on a hard surface several times, but this can take longer.
  • It is also possible to make slushies with fresh, clean snow. Be careful when doing this, as snow can contain impurities that are harmful to your health.
Make Snow Cones Step 2

Step 2. Remove ice from blender

It is possible to leave it in the body and take the necessary amount to make the slushies, but be careful not to cut themselves with the blades at the bottom of the device. To avoid this, pour ice from the cup into a bowl.

  • If you have to serve a lot of people, fill the blender several times and place in a serving bowl. Keep crushed ice frozen until ready to serve, leaving it in the freezer.
  • Do not leave crushed ice in the freezer for too long. If you do, it may freeze again and form a bowl of solid ice.
Make Snow Cones Step 3

Step 3. Put the ice in a glass

The slushies are usually served in plastic cups on the beaches. This is an inexpensive, disposable way to serve the slushie, and it's a good idea to serve a lot of people, especially children. It is possible to use other containers and that is to your liking.

Put ice in the glass until it is full. Use a large scoop or ice cream scoop to round the ice

Make Snow Cones Step 4

Step 4. Add a flavor

There are several ways to flavor slushies. It is possible to use juices, sodas or syrups. Most of the time, 1 to 2 scoops for each serving of ice is enough to flavor the slushie.

Be careful not to add too much flavor to the slushie! The temperature difference can cause the ice to melt quickly, turning the slushie into a very cold juice

Make Snow Cones Step 5

Step 5. Enjoy the slushie

Using a plastic cup, it's easy to eat the slushie using a spoon or sometimes even without one.

Part 2 of 3: Making Syrups for the Slushie

Make Snow Cones Step 6

Step 1. Make a syrup with powdered juice

Put 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 cup of water in a saucepan. Put on high heat until the mixture boils and the sugar dissolves. Add a powdered juice of your choice and stir until it dissolves.

Wait for the powdered juice syrup to cool completely before using it. This type of syrup can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a month

Make Snow Cones Step 7

Step 2. Make a syrup with natural juice

Such a recipe should be made with fruit juice mixed with water. Mix the two in a 2 to 1 ratio (two parts juice to one part water). For example, for every 2 cups of fruit juice, add 1 cup of water.

Syrups made with juice will taste different from industrialized ones. It is necessary to thin the mixture with water for it to be good

Make Snow Cones Step 8

Step 3. Make a sugar-free syrup

Use a light powdered juice pack. Mix well until you have the desired flavor, put in the slushie and enjoy.

Make Snow Cones Step 9

Step 4. Make a slushie with condensed milk

This special slushie has syrup and condensed milk. Put the chosen syrup on the crushed ice and then pour in the desired amount of condensed milk until it has the level of sweetness you want. It is easiest to do this using a bottle or container with a spout.

  • Try this example recipe: 2 cans of condensed milk, 2 cans of chocolate syrup (or 2 bottles), 8 cans of heavy cream, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Mix these ingredients in a bowl, refrigerate and then place on crushed ice.
  • Add only the amount of syrup or condensed milk you prefer. If you want, change the condensed milk for whipped cream.

Part 3 of 3: Putting treats in the slushie

Make Snow Cones Step 10

Step 1. Pour fruit puree into your slushie

Since the blender is nearby, making a fruit puree should only take a few minutes. Place fresh or frozen fruits in the appliance and beat until they have the desired consistency. Place on top of the slushie.

  • If you have several fruit syrups, make a mixture. Put fruits and syrups in a blender, blend and that's it.
  • If you made fresh fruit puree, freeze it to make it the same consistency as crushed ice. Puree and leave it in the freezer overnight to freeze. Depending on how hard it hardens, you will need to hit the blender again.
Make Snow Cones Step 11

Step 2. Mix sweets with the slushie

If you want a heavier dessert, use a spoon to spoon chocolate chips, M&M's, Bis, or any other sweet you think will go well with the slushie. Stir the ice and other ingredients well to ensure they are evenly distributed.

Take allergies into consideration. If you have a candy that is often allergic to many people, such as peanut M&M's, state this when serving the slushie

Make Snow Cones Step 12

Step 3. Make adult slushies by adding liqueurs

Liqueurs are sweet alcoholic drinks that add a strong flavor to ice. Use orange, lemon or chocolate liqueur.


  • Another option for making syrup is to let a popsicle melt in the fridge overnight. The result will be a liquid that can be poured over the slushies.
  • It is possible to use blackcurrant, for example, but it will be very sweet.

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