3 Ways to Thicken Caramel

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3 Ways to Thicken Caramel
3 Ways to Thicken Caramel

If you've already made a caramel recipe but it turned out too thin for your taste, thicken it. The best way to thicken a dessert broth is by simmering on the stove so that some of the water evaporates. If you prefer, you can make a thicker caramel by changing the amount of milk or sugar in the recipe or changing the milk to cream.


Method 1 of 3: Thickening Caramel On Stove

Thicken Caramel Sauce Step 1

Step 1. Boil the caramel on the stove

If you've just made the caramel and think it's too thin, let it simmer on the stove. Wait about 10 minutes to see if it thickens. As the liquid in the caramel evaporates, it will thicken.

Keep an eye on the caramel during the time on the stove. Stir constantly or it will get too thick

Thicken Caramel Sauce Step 2

Step 2. Allow the hot caramel to cool

If you've just made a batch of caramel and thought it was too drained, wait for it to cool. It will thicken when it cools. If you are not sure if the freshly made caramel is the desired consistency, let it cool first.

It is easier to reheat and thicken the caramel than to put some liquid in it to thin it

Thicken Caramel Sauce Step 3

Step 3. Reheat and boil the caramel that was in the fridge

If you got or bought a fine caramel at a candy store, candy store, or ice cream shop, you can also thicken it on the stove. What is true for homemade caramel is also true for purchased caramel. Put the caramel in a pan and turn on medium heat. Let it thicken while simmering.

If you're afraid of burning the bottom of the cold caramel, start on a low heat until it gets hot

Method 2 of 3: Changing the Recipe

Thicken Caramel Sauce Step 4

Step 1. Reduce the amount of milk

If you know you want the thickest caramel, decrease the amount of milk the recipe suggests. Use 1/3 or ½ of the indicated. This will make the caramel thicker and you won't have to take time to simmer.

For example, if the recipe calls for a cup and a half of milk, add only one

Thicken Caramel Sauce Step 5

Step 2. Add more sugar to the caramel

Most caramels are made by caramelizing sugar and adding milk and a little salt. If you increase the amount of sugar in the recipe, the caramel will thicken. Add 1/3 more sugar and the suggested amount of milk to make it firmer.

It's important to say that this will also enhance the caramel's sweet taste. If you prefer something more subtle, better not to thicken it with sugar

Thicken Caramel Sauce Step 6

Step 3. Change the milk to heavy cream

If you want a more consistent caramel but don't want to change the amounts of ingredients in the recipe, substitute the milk for whipped cream. It will taste the same as the milk at the end of the recipe, but it will make the caramel thicker.

Changing the milk to cream will make the caramel more full-bodied and denser

Method 3 of 3: Using Ingredients to Thicken

Thicken Caramel Sauce Step 7

Step 1. Thicken with cornstarch

Add a tablespoon of starch mixed with a tablespoon of cold water for each cup of caramel to thicken. Mix the water and starch well before placing. Add to caramel and stir constantly.

Keep the caramel on low heat until it starts to thicken. Then turn off and let cool

Thicken Caramel Sauce Step 8

Step 2. Add flour to the sauce

If you want to thicken the caramel with wheat flour, measure ¼ cup of cold water for each cup of caramel. Add two tablespoons of flour to cold water. Measure and place this mixture in the caramel that is thin.

Stir regularly until it thickens

Thicken Caramel Sauce Step 9

Step 3. Put tapioca in the caramel

If you want an ingredient that thickens the caramel without altering its shine, try tapioca powder. Put a small amount on the caramel to thicken it. Start by adding a teaspoon. Beat the caramel well until everything dissolves. If it's not as thick as you want it, add another teaspoon of tapioca.

Keep in mind that adding ingredients other than milk and sugar (and a little salt) to the caramel can alter its taste, even if slightly


  • Always be careful when handling the stove. Don't let small children pass by while you cook, and be careful not to burn yourself too.
  • Do not use arrowroot to thicken caramels. Although this ingredient is made from starch and serves to thicken foods, it does not mix well with dairy products and will create a slimy texture.

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