How to Use a Chocolate Font (with Images)

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How to Use a Chocolate Font (with Images)
How to Use a Chocolate Font (with Images)

Chocolate fountains are great for any party or event. They are an interesting way to serve sweets and delight your guests. It is possible to dip fruits and other goodies in the current chocolate, which allows you to have several accompaniments. Learning how to use a chocolate fountain is simple: choose the model carefully, assemble it correctly and serve good treats along with the melted chocolate.


Part 1 of 3: Assembling the Fountain

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 1

Step 1. Wash the parts

Use warm soapy water to remove dirt and dust that the parts may have accumulated while in storage. Let it dry naturally.

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 2

Step 2. Attach the drill tube to the base

The power supply will come with assembly instructions for that specific model. On all models, the tube must be perpendicular to the base. If the drill tube has multiple pieces, assemble them first to form a large tube.

Some parts may already be assembled, depending on the brand of font that was purchased

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 3

Step 3. Attach racks to drill tube, if present

Place the largest shelf first, going down the tube and locking it in place, then do the same with the second largest, and so on.

  • Place shelves face down so they don't retain some of the chocolate on them when the source is turned on.
  • Some fountains already come with shelves attached to the tube.
Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 4

Step 4. Install the drill

It looks like a corkscrew and is what brings the chocolate up into the fountain. Insert the drill into the drill tube and turn it clockwise at the base until it is difficult to continue turning – this means it is locked and ready to use.

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 5

Step 5. Fit and tighten the crown to lock it

The crown holds the drill on top and is the finishing touch to the source assembly.

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 6

Step 6. Test the source

Plug it in and let it run without chocolate to ensure it is working properly. Do not turn on the heating.

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 7

Step 7. Buy chocolate

Use any type of chocolate in the fountain. However, icing chocolate, which is the highest quality and contains 32-39% cocoa butter, will taste and look better when running down the fountain.

If you decide to use any other type of chocolate, add a cup of vegetable or canola oil for every 2.3 kg of chocolate to make the texture more fluid

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 8

Step 8. Melt the chocolate

Melt the chocolate in a microwave (for at least three minutes) or in a double boiler. After the chocolate has melted, place it in plastic or Styrofoam to insulate it from the environment and keep it warm and liquid.

Melt the chocolate just before the event to keep it warm and liquid

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 9

Step 9. Pour the melted chocolate into the base of the fountain

Now you can turn on the source. The chocolate will pass through the tube in the center and run down the sides, returning to the base of the fountain. Once it reaches the base, it will be lifted by the everything in the center and the cycle will repeat itself.

Follow the instructions in the manual that came with the fountain to find out how much chocolate to add

Part 2 of 3: Using the font in an event

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 10

Step 1. Put the source in place

Chocolate fountains tend to be the main attraction at the food and drink table, so place the fountain in the center of the table for good effect. The table must be firm and close to an electrical outlet.

  • Tape the plug to the floor so guests don't trip over it.
  • Place the table away from the dance floor or places with air conditioning doors or ducts. If possible, avoid using the font in open spaces. Ideally, the chocolate stays warm and the fountain doesn't tip over.
Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 11

Step 2. Place a towel under the fountain

Dipping things under chocolate can make a big mess very quickly! The chocolate will sneeze and fall off. Avoid accidents by placing a tablecloth under it. Choose a dark towel so that the dropped chocolate drops don't show up.

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 12

Step 3. Add good treats as an accompaniment to the chocolate fountain

Some things that look good with chocolate: cookies, cake and meringues.

The treats should be small to make the guests' work easier when dipping them in the chocolate

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 13

Step 4. Serve fresh fruit

Bananas, strawberries, dried apricots, cherry syrup, grapes and pineapple are perfect accompaniments to the chocolate fountain.

  • You can also serve more exotic fruits, such as carambola, pitaya or coconut pieces. They are also good with melted chocolate.
  • Dry the washed fruit so that the chocolate has a better grip.
Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 14

Step 5. Place skewers, toothpicks, disposable plates and napkins

Plan to provide skewers and napkins for all guests. Keep this support material next to treats and fruits so people can help themselves cleanly and free from bacteria.

Place a small trash can near the table so guests can dispose of used disposables

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 15

Step 6. Dip the treats into the chocolate

Skewer a candy or piece of fruit with a skewer or toothpick and bring it to the source. Place under the running chocolate and cover only the treat, not the toothpick. Rotate the toothpick to fill all sides of the chocolate treat. Enjoy your food!

Chocolate will drip from the treat or fruit, so place a plate underneath so it doesn't stain your clothes

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 16

Step 7. Keep an eye on the source during the event

Pieces of food can fall into the base, where the chocolate is heated, and this clogs the fountain. If this happens, turn off the power supply and unplug it immediately, remove the dropped piece and turn it on again.

Ask a volunteer to “watch” the source. This person can ask not to dip the same piece of food twice in the fountain and will also turn it off when he notices that something has fallen into the base

Part 3 of 3: Cleaning the source

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 17

Step 1. Take the chocolate out of the fountain when the event is over

Do this with a cloth or paper towel. Throw excess chocolate in the trash.

If the chocolate gets cold, it will harden and make cleaning the fountain much more difficult. If it has already hardened, turn on the heater to melt it again. Use a dryer to expedite the process by pointing hot air onto the shelves in the center tube

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 18

Step 2. Place the source in a large plastic bag

Put two bags in it if possible. The fountain will still have chocolate in it, so take it home like this to avoid making a mess.

Use the Chocolate Fountain Step 19

Step 3. Disassemble and clean the source

If the parts of the fountain can be washed in the dishwasher, remove them, rinse them in warm soapy water and put them in the dishwasher. Hand wash the items that cannot go to the dishwasher.

  • The motor and pump must never be placed in the dishwasher. They can cause electrical problems.
  • Check the user manual for specific instructions on how to sanitize your particular chocolate fountain.


  • Read the instruction manual that came with the fountain to find out how long you can leave the chocolate there without it burning.
  • Do not unplug the machine for no reason and plug it in again, as this will harden the chocolate and clog it up. Do this only if the source is already clogged.

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