How to Make Veins Jump: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Make Veins Jump: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Make Veins Jump: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

You can force your veins to bulge very easily just by cutting off your circulation. However, if you want to jump veins on a daily basis, it will be a little more challenging. Whether you're trying to surprise your friends or get ready for a photo shoot, we can help.


Method 1 of 2: Achieving the Bodybuilder Look

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 1

Step 1. Reduce your body fat percentage

The "jumping" veins are shallow. The less fat you have between your skin and your veins, the more prominent they will be. Follow a diet focused on getting thin by lowering your body fat.

  • Less than 10% body fat for men should result in most large veins becoming visible. The lower your body fat percentage, the more visible your veins will be, especially in hard-to-see places like your abdomen. For women, the body fat percentage should be around 15 percent.
  • To get such a percentage of body fat, eat well. This means eating lots of fresh vegetables and lean proteins, and avoiding processed foods, sodas and sweets.
Get Veins to Pop Out Step 2

Step 2. Reduce your sodium intake

This substance makes you retain water. When your body is holding fluid, your skin swells, obscuring your veins.

  • Avoid processed foods and just about anything purchased ready-made. Odds are that if they were prepared commercially, they are full of salt.
  • Currently, the daily recommendation is a maximum of 2300 mg of salt. That's just a teaspoon of salt. The Institute of Medicine and the American Heart Association suggest 1,500 mg of sodium per day. To accomplish this, buy fresh herbs and use spices to flavor your food.
Get Veins to Pop Out Step 3

Step 3. "Build" muscles

For that, you need to focus on serious muscle-building strategies. These muscles aren't built with the three sets of ten reps that most people suggest for workout routines. Three to five repetitions are required with heavy lifting.

Start by doing six sets of five reps, but increase the weight you're lifting by 25 percent. You must exert force on the muscle for it to grow

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 4

Step 4. Focus on cardio

Cardiorespiratory activities are an excellent way to burn fat and lose weight. High Intensity Interval Training (TIAI) works very well for this. It's done when you do intense cardio activities interspersed with rest intervals every 20 to 30 minutes.

Examples of TIAI are varying between fast and intense runs and rest or completing ten 90m laps with 60 seconds of rest between each lap

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 5

Step 5. Drink water

Drinking plenty of water keeps your body and muscles hydrated. This helps to reduce your fluid retention. Maintaining a healthy level of potassium in the body helps to expel water rather than keeping it (as sodium).

Many bodybuilders dehydrate before a competition. Drinking less fluid can make your veins more prominent. This method is not recommended as it is very dangerous. If using it, be extremely cautious

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 6

Step 6. Eat less carbs

These increase the amount of fluid your body holds. A diet low in carbohydrates can result in less water retention under the skin. Low carbohydrate diets also lead to fat loss.

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 7

Step 7. Consider diuretics, but safely

Diuretics rid your body of water, helping to make your veins prominent. You can buy diuretics or use natural ones like coffee. However, these products can be extremely dangerous. If you are going to use them, let it be in a safe and conscientious way.

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 8

Step 8. Try supplements

Agmatine is a supplement that is a by-product of the amino acid arginine. It prevents nitric oxide from breaking down in your body, which promotes increased blood flow to your muscles. Strengthening this flow can increase your vascularity. A nitric oxide supplement can also help you have more prominent veins. Creatine is another supplement that can increase vascularity.

Method 2 of 2: Temporarily Leaving Your Veins Prominent

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 9

Step 1. Tie something around your arm

Using tourniquets increases the pressure on the veins and fills them, making them more visible. Tie something around the section of your arm or leg where you would like the veins to "pop out".

  • Another method is to place your right hand just above your left wrist (or vice versa) and hold it tight.
  • This is the same idea used when you go to donate or draw blood. The nurse ties a band around his arm to make the vein prominent so he can see where to place the needle.
Get Veins to Pop Out Step 10

Step 2. Close your hand tightly

After tying a tourniquet around your arm, close and open your fist several times. Doing so traps the blood in your veins, which causes them to "jump".

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 11

Step 3. Continue until you feel pressure in your arm

This should take about ten to 15 seconds. Just as if you were holding your breath, you'll be able to tell when your arm or leg needs oxygen. Your veins should be prominent.

Release your hand or tourniquet when your member needs oxygen. The veins will return to normal slowly after releasing them

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 12

Step 4. Try to hold your breath

This impedes the flow of oxygen in the body and increases blood pressure. Close your mouth and nose and press down hard. Bodybuilders sometimes use this trick when posing to make their veins "jump".

This method can be dangerous. Veins can rupture. This can happen in less severe places, like the eye, or in serious places, like the brain. Breathe after 30 seconds or so

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 13

Step 5. Work out

During exercise, the cutaneous veins are pushed to the surface of the skin, causing them to "pop out". This is especially important in bodies with a low percentage of body fat. Lifting weights can have the same effect on exercised muscles. Veins are also more prominent after exercise because you are dehydrated.

Get Veins to Pop Out Step 14

Step 6. Raise your body temperature

When the body heats up, the blood is pushed towards the surface of the skin, allowing the veins to appear. A quick trick used by some bodybuilders is to use a hair dryer on your skin to achieve this effect. Another safer way is to warm your body through the foods you consume. Try peppers, especially cayenne. Some supplements also offer the same benefits as this food.

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