5 Ways to Hide a Hickey

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5 Ways to Hide a Hickey
5 Ways to Hide a Hickey

Hickey marks can be both a late childhood milestone and an annoyance. You may have enjoyed the moment you got the hickey, but you probably regretted it the next day - or even the next minute. If you're looking for a way to hide it from your friends, colleagues, parents, or anyone else, you're reading the right article.


Method 1 of 5: Hiding the Brand

Hide a Hickey Step 1

Step 1. Hide the hickey with the right clothing

Wearing a shirt or blouse to hide this type of imprint may be the easiest way. Here are some things you can use:

  • turtleneck sweater.
  • High-necked shirt with long sleeves.
  • A jacket or sweater with a collar that covers your neck. Only wear this type of clothing if it is your style or your friends will notice that you are trying to hide a hickey, as they will find your way of dressing strange.
  • Don't wear a turtleneck in midsummer. This will only draw more attention to your neck. Girls can still try wearing turtleneck shirts, as such pieces are still in fashion.
  • Wear something that takes the attention off your neck. Try wearing a shirt with a funny print, stripes, or an unusual zipper. The more patterned your blouse/shirt, the less likely people are to look at your neck.
Hide a Hickey Step 2

Step 2. Use the right accessory to hide it

The right accessory can also help hide your hickey if only your blouse/shirt doesn't work. Here are some accessories you can try:

  • A scarf is the most common object for this purpose. Only use the accessory during the right season. If you are indoors, be careful when using it on your neck so as not to draw so much attention. Best to avoid using it if you've never used it before.
  • If it's really your style, wrap the sleeves of a sweater around your neck, but only do this if you've tried this style before.
  • If you're desperate, you can bandage the hickey and make up a story. If it's a boy, say that some animal bit you. If it's a girl, say you got burned with the flat iron. If you have a cat, you can say it has scratched you. Just be careful your excuse doesn't look so tattered.
  • If you have long hair, covering your hickey with hair is a solution. Just be careful to keep your hair in the right place.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry that draws attention to your neck. Women, instead of wearing a necklace or earrings, can wear nice rings or bracelets. Men: Take off your laces and wear a flashy watch.

Method 2 of 5: Disguising Using Makeup

Hide a Hickey Step 3

Step 1. Gather the materials

If you're a girl with a lot of makeup, or a guy who has to ask a girl to help him go to a beauty supply store, it's important to have all the right supplies before you start covering your hickey. Here's what you need to get the job done:

  • Green concealer.
  • Yellow concealer.
  • Natural color concealer.
  • An applicator brush.
  • Base (optional).
Hide a Hickey Step 4

Step 2. Apply yellow concealer to the center of the hickey

The trick is to apply the opposite color to balance and neutralize the color of the mark on your neck. The center of the mark is purple, while the outside is redder; then you will need to use yellow to color the central part of the hickey.

Lightly apply the yellow corrector using a fine brush

Hide a Hickey Step 5

Step 3. Apply green concealer to the rest of the hickey

Clean the brush and use it to apply the green corrector over the red part.

Hide a Hickey Step 6

Step 4. Use natural color concealer

Find a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it over the hickey with a makeup brush. If you're not sure which shade is best for your skin, try wearing it on the other side of your neck first to see if it matches your skin.

  • After you have applied it with a brush, you can use your fingers to set it on your skin.
  • Have your makeup on all the time so you can reapply it in case it smudges.
  • To ensure the makeup lasts as long as possible, apply a clear powder over the concealer to hold it in place (if the powder appears too much, spray the makeup with a fixative spray)
Hide a Hickey Step 7

Step 5. Apply foundation

If you want extra coverage, you can apply a base coat to keep the hickey hidden.

Apply with a foundation brush and use a sponge to mix it even more

Method 3 of 5: Using a Toothbrush

Hide a Hickey Step 8

Step 1. Brush the hickey and surrounding area with a stiff-bristle toothbrush

Do this gently and gently to increase circulation around the affected region. If you press too hard, the brand can get even worse.

Use a new toothbrush

Hide a Hickey Step 9

Step 2. Wait 15 to 20 minutes

The redness and swelling will spread, but it will be less noticeable if you wait a while.

Hide a Hickey Step 10

Step 3. Apply a cold compress

Leave it on the mark for 15-20 minutes.

Hide a Hickey Step 11

Step 4. Repeat if necessary

If you notice that your hickey is less noticeable, try this method again. If you notice that the situation has worsened by using the toothbrush too hard, then continue to apply the cold compress and wait for the mark to disappear.

Method 4 of 5: Applying Ice

Hide a Hickey Step 12

Step 1. Apply ice over the area

Applying ice or a cold compress, in any form, will help reduce swelling. Here are some things for you to try:

  • A cold compress.
  • Ice cubes in a plastic bag.
  • A cloth soaked in ice water.
  • A cold spoon. Moisten a spoon with water and place it in the freezer for five minutes.
  • In the absence of anything else, take a frozen product from your freezer and hold it against your hickey.
Hide a Hickey Step 13

Step 2. Apply ice to your hickey for 20 minutes

Leave it for a while. Then take a break, and apply the ice again. If you feel a lot of pain, stop using it for an hour or two.

  • Do not apply ice directly to the skin. Cover the swab with a cloth, paper towel or plastic bag.
  • If you are using a spoon, you should put it in the freezer every five minutes to keep it cool. You can also keep several scoops in the freezer to speed up the process.

Method 5 of 5: Massaging

Hide a Hickey Step 14

Step 1. Apply heat

Place a hot towel or hot water bottle over the area. Leave it there until the area is warm. Just be careful not to burn yourself. If you heat the towel or bag in the microwave, allow enough time for it to cool down a bit.

  • Keep the heat on your skin until your neck is warm enough.
  • Do not apply heat once the hickey has happened. You should only do this after 48 hours. For the first two days, just use ice and start massaging the area.
Hide a Hickey Step 15

Step 2. Massage the area from the inside out

When your neck is warm enough, use your fingers to rub the area in a circle, from the inside out.

This will help dissolve blood clots and improve circulation to the area

Hide a Hickey Step 16

Step 3. Apply pressure to the center of the hickey

Move your fingers from the center to the outer edges of the affected area.

Remember to be kind. If you apply too much pressure, you can make the hickey worse

Hide a Hickey Step 17

Step 4. Repeat the process a few times a day

Take a break and try massaging again after a few hours.


  • No matter which method you use, applying ice to the area as soon as you notice the hickey will reduce swelling.
  • Don't use something you would never normally use to hide your hickey. This will only draw more attention to him.
  • If you're using the makeup method, don't wear a shirt or accessory that smudges the area.
  • Some medications can also help reduce swelling, which will help to hide it. Take aspirin or apply vitamin K or Aloe vera to the area.


  • Do not apply ice directly to the skin.
  • Do not apply heat to the hickey for 48 hours.

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