4 Ways to Get Tan Fast

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4 Ways to Get Tan Fast
4 Ways to Get Tan Fast

A tanned, glowing skin is considered beautiful and sensual in Western culture, but it's not always good for your health. There are many options for getting a quick (and sometimes healthy) tan. Contrary to what some people say, spending a few hours in the sun is good for your health and helps your body produce vitamin D. Self-tanning lotions and artificial tanning are the best options for anyone concerned about the risk of skin cancer. Even though tanning beds make your skin glow in minutes, they use dangerous UV lamps associated with an increased risk of cancer. Explore the tanning options below and choose the one that best fits your routine.


Method 1 of 4: Using Self Tanners

Get Tanned Fast Step 1

Step 1. Choose a product

Self tanning products come in cream, lotion, gel, foam, spray and oil versions. There are many brands that manufacture quality self-tanning products approved by regulatory agencies.

  • Follow the instructions, applying the product evenly and taking care to apply it all over the skin.
  • Choose a non-comedogenic product to avoid clogging your pores.
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Step 2. Wear gloves

Since you are going to apply the product all over your body using your hands, they will absorb much more than the rest of your skin. Buy disposable gloves and wear them when applying self-tanner to prevent your hands from getting tanned more than the rest of your body.

  • Discard gloves after use and use a new pair with each application of self-tanner.
  • Pass a little of the product on your hands also after finishing the rest of the body. Ideally, they also have the same color as the rest of the skin.
Get Tanned Fast Step 3

Step 3. Spread evenly

The biggest challenge in applying self-tanning lotions is to be able to apply them evenly over the entire body. Ask a friend to help you spread and reach those more difficult places, like the middle of your back, to avoid smudging or getting discolored skin patches.

  • Use circular motions with your hands when applying the self-tanner to avoid visible lines on the skin.
  • Go slow. Do not pass the product in a hurry or you will end up with blurred or forgotten areas when applying. Take time to apply it well all over your body.
  • Don't forget about “hidden” areas like your underarms.
Get Tanned Fast Step 4

Step 4. Repeat every day until you get the color you want

Once in the morning should be enough to achieve the desired color, but you can apply once in the morning and once in the evening to speed up the process. Remember: self-tanners stain clothes and sheets.

Get Tanned Fast Step 5

Step 5. Understand how self tanning products work

These products contain the compound dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is an approved substance to pigment the skin. It is a three-carbon sugar molecule that reacts with the amino acid groups in skin protein. When they react, what is called the Maillard Reaction is formed, which is a procedure similar to browning bread and caramelizing sugar.

Method 2 of 4: Getting a Natural Tan

Get Tanned Fast Step 6

Step 1. Choose a lotion or oil with a low SPF

For a quick tan, it is necessary to apply a lotion or oil with a low SPF, as it is better to protect yourself a little from the strong UV rays. Choose from lotions, sprays, oils and light protectors that contain some protection.

  • Ideally, choose an SPF between 4 and 15, depending on your current tanning skin. If you're already a little tanned, you can use a lower FPS. If this is your first day of sun exposure in a few months, choose SPF 15 to avoid getting burned.
  • To make your tan as even as possible, choose a spray or oil. Because of their watery nature, these options are easier to spread on the skin. Use your hands to distribute the spray evenly after applying.
  • There are several brands of products for tanning and sun protection. Products can be found in supermarkets, pharmacies, cosmetic stores and on the internet.
  • Use a lip balm with an SPF 15 minimum. Nobody wants to tan their lips. Dry and cut mouth is not only ugly, it causes pain.
Get Tanned Fast Step 7

Step 2. Apply a natural oil to the skin that already has a good tan

If you want to avoid industrialized products and already have a tan, there are natural oils that attract the sun and leave your skin golden and beautiful. Put on these natural tan enhancers before going out in the sun. Wash your skin with soap and water after you get out of the sun. Some of these natural products include:

  • Olive oil.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Hazelnut oil.
  • Avocado oil.
  • Wheat germ oil.
  • Sunflower oil.
  • Sesame oil.
  • Green tea extract.
Get Tanned Fast Step 8

Step 3. Turn your body over frequently

In the same way that chickens spin around in a bakery rotisserie, you have to turn your body frequently to get an even tan. A good rule of thumb is to turn around every half hour. Start with your back, then turn to the left, turn onto your back, then turn to the right. Change the position of your arms and legs frequently so you don't get strange marks.

Get Tanned Fast Step 9

Step 4. Position yourself in direct sunlight

As the sun moves across the sky, move your treadmill or lounger to always stay in direct sunlight. If you don't want to lie down all day, do some outdoor activity (just remember to wear little clothing so that the sun has direct contact with your skin).

Get Tanned Fast Step 10

Step 5. Go to bed in the middle of the day, between 10 am and 4 pm

Even though dermatologists say that the sun should be avoided during peak hours, if you're trying to get a tan fast, you need to expose yourself when it's really hot.

Get Tanned Fast Step 11

Step 6. Get naked

If you want to have a tan all over your body, there's no other way but to stay as you came into the world and sunbathe. Find a nude beach or a private fenced area in your backyard and let the sun do its magic!

Get Tanned Fast Step 12

Step 7. Use a reflector to focus the light

This is an old technique, but it really amplifies and focuses sunlight on the skin. There are several reflective products on the market that help to attract the sun to the body. Place a reflective mat on the floor or buy a reflective bronzer. Support a reflector at your waist and tilt it at an angle of about 45° until you feel the light on you.

Get Tanned Fast Step 13

Step 8. Place a large float in the water

Since water attracts and reflects the sun, lying down near or in the water (on top of a buoy) helps your skin absorb as much sunlight as possible. Put on a lounge chair or donut type buoy and sit down to soak up the sun.

Get Tanned Fast Step 14

Step 9. Reapply sunscreen or oil every two hours or after entering the water

Always be covered with some product with a low FPS. Even water resistant products must be reapplied after entering the sea or swimming pool, just in case.

Get Tanned Fast Step 15

Step 10. Apply an Aloe vera moisturizer or a good lotion after you tan

Keep your skin hydrated and seal your tan after spending time in the sun by applying a moisturizing lotion.

Method 3 of 4: Using Indoor Tanning

Get Tanned Fast Step 16

Step 1. Understand how the process works

Like self-tanners, sunless tanning contains dihydroxyacetone (a three-carbon sugar) that reacts with amino acids to add color to the skin. But artificial tanning solutions are generally more concentrated than self-tanning solutions, and need one to three sessions to achieve the desired tan level.

Get Tanned Fast Step 17

Step 2. Choose a product

Experts advise choosing a product with a low percentage of DHA to gradually tan. You can always darken your skin more, but once you spray and get a lot of tan, there's no going back.

  • Also, look for products infused with erythrulosa, a sugar compound found in raspberries. It allows the tan to last longer and leaves a healthy glow on the skin.
  • If possible, choose products that contain a small amount of green pigment. The green pigment serves to balance the orange that occurs in artificial tanning.
Get Tanned Fast Step 18

Step 3. Determine how many sessions you need

For very white people, one session is enough to leave a beautiful glow. For dark or black people, it may be necessary to do several sessions. Just start slowly and add more pigment until you reach the desired color. The most important thing is to remember that you can't go too far with artificial tanning. A weird orange skin doesn't look pretty.

Get Tanned Fast Step 19

Step 4. Exfoliate your skin before tanning

Get rid of all the dead cells and dehydrated skin in the outer layer before earning your bronze. Choose an oil-free scrub with granules that polish your skin. Use a sponge or towel to exfoliate your skin in the bath.

Get Tanned Fast Step 20

Step 5. Go to a clinic with tanning beds or hire a professional to come to your home

Unlike self-tanning, it is necessary that a professional perform artificial tanning. You can go to a clinic to use a tanning bed or hire someone to come and apply the product to you at home. The first option is much cheaper.

Get Tanned Fast Step 21

Step 6. Touch up your tan every week or every 15 days

Depending on the level of tan and your unique skin tone, artificial tanning lasts from five to 10 days. Moisturize your skin every day so your tan lasts longer. To keep that golden look nice, touch up your tan as soon as it starts to fade.

Method 4 of 4: Using the Tanning Bed

Get Tanned Fast Step 22

Step 1. Understand how the process works

Tanning beds use ultraviolet (UV) lamps that emit UV rays similar to that of the sun. However, the use of these beds is associated with an increased risk of skin cancer. Therefore, dermatologists strongly contraindicate this tanning practice. But if you need to tan right away, this is the fastest and most effective way there is.

Get Tanned Fast Step 23

Step 2. Wear glasses

It is extremely important to wear glasses made especially for tanning beds during the tanning process. You can buy them or rent them from the tanning clinic.

Get Tanned Fast Step 24

Step 3. Avoid tyrosine-based tanning accelerators

Tyrosine is an amino acid that the body uses to produce melanin, a compound that makes the skin darker. However, regulatory bodies do not approve the use of tyrosine and there is no evidence that it actually works.

Get Tanned Fast Step 25

Step 4. Choose the time

If this is your first tanning session in bed, start with a relatively short period of about eight minutes. People typically stay in bed for eight to 20 minutes, although the average is 12 minutes. If your skin is very white, stay for a little while; if your skin is darker or already tanned, it can be longer.

  • Take off all your clothes and get into the tanning bed. Close the lid on top of you like a shell. Find the button to turn on the tanning lights.
  • The lights are timer-programmed and will turn off when time runs out. Get into bed as soon as the timer starts.


  • Keep your skin well nourished. Apply plenty of moisturizer and drink plenty of water after tanning.
  • When applying self tanners, know that less is more. Small amounts spread well and cover a lot of skin.
  • Don't tan too much to avoid burns. Use everything sparingly. Red and peeling skin doesn't look pretty.
  • Always wear gloves when applying self tanners, unless you want your palms to be orange.
  • After a day of tanning or sun exposure, look all over your skin to see if any burns have occurred. If you find one, use Aloe vera to improve irritation and redness.
  • When using tanning beds, always wear specially made glasses.
  • Protect your skin and eyes. Wear a hat and sunglasses when tanning to protect the sensitive skin on your face.
  • A good self tanner gives you the same desired tan without the risk of skin damage.
  • When doing a tanning bed, always wear glasses to protect your eyes.
  • Always be aware of the dangers of tanning. There are risks in all methods (skin cancer, chemical reactions, etc.) Avoid long exposures in tanning beds.
  • If you have sensitive skin, use a higher SPF, such as levels 20 and 30. It may take longer to work, but the skin will always be protected.
  • Be aware of the risks of using tanning beds, as continued use can increase your long-term risk of skin cancer.
  • If your family has a history of skin cancer, ask your doctor what he suggests and what the risks are.
  • Check UV ratings to see when the sun is at its strongest.
  • If your skin is pale, always wear SPF 15 sunscreen to avoid sunburn.


  • Tanning beds are responsible for the increased risk of skin cancer. Avoid UV rays if possible.
  • Do not exaggerate. If you get too obsessed with tanning, you'll look artificial or, at worst, orange skin.
  • Indoor tanning can clog pores and cause wrinkles.

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