4 Ways to Get Freckles

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4 Ways to Get Freckles
4 Ways to Get Freckles

Freckles are spots on the skin that have more pigment than usual. Some people have freckles only on their nose and cheeks, while others are covered from head to toe. It's a hereditary issue: if you already have freckle-prone skin, just soak up the sun a little more. If you don't have freckles naturally, you can fake them with cosmetic treatments.


Method 1 of 4: Getting Freckles Naturally

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Step 1. Understand what causes freckles

It is an inherited trait caused by the uneven distribution of pigmentation in the skin. A freckle appears when there is a large concentration of melanin under a single spot on the skin.

  • Natural freckles are mostly small and harmless. The type you are looking for are freckles that usually appear on the most exposed areas of the body, such as the face, and come in many different colors. Brown, black, yellow and red are common shades.
  • Freckles can also arise from sunburn. They are usually larger and irregular in shape. While common freckles disappear after a while without exposure to the sun, burn freckles do not disappear.
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Step 2. Find out if you have the right genes

If your genetic line doesn't have freckles, it may be impossible to grow them naturally. Although not exclusive to those with fair skin and red hair, freckles are more common in these people. Those with light hair and eyes have a good chance too, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to have freckles with dark hair.

To determine the presence of freckles in the genetic line, look at their close relatives. If siblings, parents and grandparents have freckles, your chances of success are great. Even so, relatives from whom you don't have direct descent may also share genetic traits with you

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Step 3. Spend more time in the sun

Freckles are visible from exposure to UV light. If you already have natural freckles, spending time in the sunlight can bring them out more. Be careful never to stay too long in the sun or you could get burned. Use a sunscreen with an SPF between 20 and 30 to tan your skin without taking any risks.

  • When UV rays touch the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin), it thickens a little, promoting the production of more pigment in the body. As a result, freckles darken, becoming more visible.
  • If you prefer to avoid the sun, try artificial tanning. Always follow the tanning salon's recommendations for the amount of time you spend in the artificial chamber, as over-tanning can cause cancer.
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Step 4. Set a limit for tanning

Excessive exposure to UV rays can present skin cancer risks. As much as the sun's rays are freckles' best friends, they also have harmful side effects, so limit your time outdoors without protection.

Method 2 of 4: Drawing Freckles With Eyeliner

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Step 1. Choose two eyeliners

As freckles tend to have more than one color, you'll need two shades of brown next to your skin, one light and one dark. Those with cool, yellowish skin may look better with a bronze eyeliner, while those with warm, reddish skin may go better with a burgundy brown eyeliner. When in doubt, use a grayish brown tone and a slightly darker tone.

  • Grayish brown is an option that should work for most skin tones.
  • If you don't know which is the best option for creating natural freckles, compare the eyeliners with the color of your eyebrows. The light shade should be two shades darker than the eyebrow. The dark tone must be a shade darker than the light.
Get Freckles Step 6

Step 2. Using clear eyeliner, draw small freckles on the skin

With the pencil, make small, irregular dots over the nose and the upper part of the cheeks. Be careful not to overdo it, as excess freckles can look fake.

  • Create points with irregular sizes and positions. Freckles should be about the size of a pinhead, but some should be smaller than others. Try creating asymmetrical freckles spread across your face.
  • Don't try to create two equal sides of the face.
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Step 3. Fill in some of the spaces between the freckles with the darkest eyeliner

Natural freckles usually appear in more than one shade, as they tend to darken over time. Use the dark tone to create some freckles.

  • Paint freckles in front of a mirror so you don't overdo or overlap the freckles.
  • The second layer should have fewer freckles than the first.
Get Freckles Step 8

Step 4. Smudge the freckles

To create a more natural look, you need to soften the eyeliner lines a bit. Gently tap your fingertips or a cotton swab over the freckles. If you prefer, use an eye shadow brush - clean, obviously - to smooth out the marks.

Get Freckles Step 9

Step 5. Apply a translucent powder over the freckles

The powder is optional, but it will help a lot to keep the makeup firm for longer, in addition to leaving the skin shinier and healthier. If you prefer, use a makeup fixative spray.

Method 3 of 4: Creating a Tan Look

Get Freckles Step 10

Step 1. Apply a bronzing powder to your nose and cheeks

Use a large makeup brush to apply the powder and create a darker foundation on the skin for applying fake freckles. As natural freckles arise from exposure to the sun, it makes sense to have a tanned skin, doesn't it?

  • There is no need to apply the powder over the entire face, as doing so can end up creating a fake tan look.
  • Use a matte bronzer to create a more natural look. Glossy powders can end up creating a more fake tan.
Get Freckles Step 11

Step 2. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw freckles

In general, choose a pencil two shades lighter than the shade you would use to paint your eyebrows. Pencils are drier than eyeliners and don't get as dark, which is essential for getting the right look.

Get Freckles Step 12

Step 3. Draw some small, scattered dots

Remember to sharpen your pencil before starting! Create a few light spots spread across your nose and the top of your cheeks where you've applied the bronzer.

  • Draw the freckles next to each other on the nose and under the eyes. Start spreading them out further as you go down.
  • Create small but different sized freckles. They should vary slightly in size and should never appear to follow a pattern or symmetry.
Get Freckles Step 13

Step 4. Fill in the gaps between the freckles

Check out the look in the mirror and take the opportunity to fill in the spaces that don't look natural. If necessary, lightly tap the freckles with your fingertips or a cotton ball to smooth them.

Get Freckles Step 14

Step 5. Put on a clear foundation if you wish

To create more dramatic freckles, forget about foundation! If you've used a pencil that's too dark and want to mask your freckles a little, apply a little foundation to your skin.

Don't use a liquid foundation, or you'll end up erasing fake freckles

Method 4 of 4: Getting a Tattoo

Get Freckles Step 15

Step 1. Understand how cosmetic tattoos work

Also known as permanent makeup, the procedure is performed with an electric needle that deposits pigments in the dermis. Tattooing is commonly used to create the fixed look of eyebrows, eyeliner or lipstick, but the use for creating freckles has become increasingly popular.

  • A hollow, vibrant needle will pierce the top layer of skin and release a drop of pigment.
  • As much as it is possible to remove cosmetic tattoos, the procedure is difficult and the skin may not look as desired.
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Step 2. Talk to some professionals who specialize in cosmetic tattoos

To reduce the risk of unwanted side effects, look for a professional who really knows what he's doing and follows the necessary sanitary procedures.

  • Check the tattoo artist's credentials. Only get a tattoo with a trained and licensed professional.
  • Talk to the professional and see if he or she has recommendations from plastic surgeons or past clients. If possible, look for before and after photos of freckle tattoos.
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Step 3. Discuss the desired look

The professional may have some suggestions, but for you to get the desired result, you need to choose what you want. If possible, take some photos to demonstrate the type of freckle you want.

  • Your tattoo artist can help you determine the best shade for your freckles.
  • Also discuss the placement of freckles.
Get Freckles Step 18

Step 4. Get the tattoo

At the right time, schedule a tattoo session and enjoy. Before the procedure, the practitioner should sketch the area to be tattooed using a sterile surgical pen. An anesthetic gel should be placed on the area to numb it. During the procedure, it is normal to feel some pain.

The professional to use disposable gloves and sterile equipment

Get Freckles Step 19

Step 5. Take care of the tattoo

You need to reduce swelling at the site with cold compresses and apply an antibiotic ointment to reduce the chances of an infection. Follow the practitioner's instructions to properly care for the site during recovery.

  • The tattoo will look darker than usual right after the session. Don't worry, the correct shade will come out after a few weeks.
  • If the area becomes swollen, painful, or red after a few days, you may have an infection or an allergic reaction. Seek professional or physician.


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