3 Ways to Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear

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3 Ways to Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear
3 Ways to Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear

Children have a habit of putting foreign objects in their ears out of curiosity or just by accident sometimes. Food, buttons, toys and even insects are some of them, requiring medical attention to remove them. If there is no way to take the child to the emergency room, gravity, together with tweezers, can help him to remove the foreign body. Another option is to apply water or oil to remove it; still, it is necessary to take the child to the emergency room immediately if the child is in severe pain or has blood coming out of the ear.


Method 1 of 3: Using Tongs and Gravity

Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 1

Step 1. Check if the object is easy to find

Move closer to the child's ear using a flashlight to see it more easily. Try to find the foreign body with the naked eye; that way, you might be able to pull it out using just tweezers (and gravity).

  • Do not use matches, cotton swabs or any other object to try to poke the foreign body;
  • If you cannot see it, or if it seems to be lodged deep in the child's ear, take the child to the emergency room immediately. This is even more important if the foreign body is a pile or sharp item, as professionals will have the right tools to extract them without any harm.
Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 2

Step 2. Use clean tweezers with non-sharp tips

Rinse them with hot water or soak them in water to properly sanitize them before use.

You can also clean them with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, if you have one

Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 3

Step 3. Carefully capture the foreign body and remove it

Slowly insert the tweezers into the child's ear and pick up the object; preferably on a rougher part of the clamp to make it easier to hold it. Don't be in a hurry to get the item out of your ear.

  • While you are doing the removal, calm the child and reassure him that this will not hurt. If you like, give her a toy or food she likes to distract her;
  • If the foreign body does not come out, try to remove it with tweezers, do not try to pull it; it is better to take the child to the hospital;
  • If the item ends up going deeper into the ear, go to the emergency room immediately.
Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 4

Step 4. Try to tilt the child's head so that the object falls

When the foreign body is not deeply lodged in the ear, gravity may be enough to remove it. Tilt her head to one side, letting her affected ear face the floor. Carefully shake the little one's head to try to make the item come out on its own.

If he is still housed, it is best to go to the emergency room and have a doctor remove him properly

Method 2 of 3: Applying Water or Oil to Remove the Object

Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 5

Step 1. Buy a rubber bulb and get hot water

You will try using water jets to remove the foreign body in the ear. The bulb must be proper irrigation of the ear, which will be done with hot water.

  • Rubber bulbs can be purchased from medical supply stores or online;
  • If the child is in pain, has a discharge or is bleeding, do not use this method. There may be a more serious condition such as a perforated eardrum. Take her to the doctor as soon as possible;
  • Avoid this method if the child has ventilation tubes in the eardrum. Try removing the object with the tweezers; if not, take her to the hospital.
Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 6

Step 2. Insert the bulb into the injured ear

Fill it with hot water and tilt the child's head, leaving the affected ear up, and place the bulb; press the plunger to release the water and turn its head downwards so that the foreign body and water come out.

It may be necessary to rinse the ear a few times to dislodge the object. As always, see a doctor if he insists on not leaving

Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 7

Step 3. Use mineral oil or baby oil to remove insects by forcing them out

Heat the oil, leaving it hot but not peeling.

  • Never use the oil to remove other foreign bodies, just insects;
  • Do not use oils if you suspect that there is a more serious problem with the ear (such as a perforated eardrum) or if the child uses ventilation tubes.
Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 8

Step 4. Pour the oil into her ear

Tilt your head with your ear up and slowly pour a tablespoon of oil; pull the earlobe up and down so that the oil deepens.

The insect should feel suffocated, flying out of the ear with the help of the oil

Method 3 of 3: Taking the Child to the Doctor

Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 9

Step 1. The doctor will examine the child's ear with medical tools and identify the foreign body

Sometimes he will also ask the adult (or the child) to report any other symptoms, such as pain, irritation, discharge from the ear, or hearing difficulties.

An x-ray may be necessary if the object is deeply embedded. The exam facilitates the physician's task in identifying the item and defining the best way to remove it

Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 10

Step 2. Discuss options for foreign body removal with your doctor

Depending on the object housed, the professional may try to clean the channel with water or with a machine that performs the suction of the object. Other medical instruments and even a magnet can also be used to dislodge it.

  • After removal, the doctor will check for any damage to the ear canal;
  • In certain cases, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to treat or prevent infections, as well as reduce irritation.
Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear Step 11

Step 3. Return to the doctor

When you notice that the child's hearing has been impaired or that the healing of the ear is not progressing properly, go back to the doctor. He or she will be able to carry out other tests on the child to determine if there is any other internal damage or sore in the ear.

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