3 Ways to Induce Vomiting

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3 Ways to Induce Vomiting
3 Ways to Induce Vomiting

Never, under any circumstances, force vomiting without the direct guidance of a health care professional, such as the doctor who answers the calls to the assistance center in cases of intoxication. If the intoxicated person is not breathing, is drowsy, agitated, or has seizures, call 911 as soon as possible. Otherwise, call the CEATOX (Toxicological Assistance Center) on 0800-0148110 and follow the attendant's exact instructions. Remember that you should never induce vomiting if you are not in a medical emergency. Never vomit to lose weight; get help.


Method 1 of 3: Calling the service center

Induce Vomiting Step 1

Step 1. Contact CEATOX immediately

There is no need to force vomiting at home. If you or anyone nearby has been intoxicated, call CEATOX on 0800-0148110. This assistance center is staffed by doctors and students who can provide free and confidential advice.

  • Call this number at any time if you have a problem with poisoning or need information.
  • If you are abroad, look up the number of your local service center on the internet and call immediately.
  • People can become intoxicated with chemicals, too much medication and even too much food. If you suspect this condition, don't think twice and make the call.
Induce Vomiting Step 2

Step 2. Follow the instructions provided by the attendant exactly

The staff working at the assistance center should ask questions about the substance ingested and the symptoms developed. If the caregiver instructs you to go to the hospital, go immediately.

Remember again: do not induce vomiting unless the attendant directs you to do so

Induce Vomiting Step 3

Step 3. Have at hand the packaging of the product that was ingested

If you already know what caused the poisoning, such as a medicine bottle, have the item on hand. Thus, it is possible to provide valuable information to the medical team that can help to treat the poisoning victim.

Method 2 of 3: Avoiding Methods That Could Be Dangerous

Induce Vomiting Step 4

Step 1. Do not take emetics without medical advice

Emetics sold in pharmacies, that is, medicines that cause vomiting, should be avoided unless a health professional recommends this option as a last resort. Ipeca syrup, for example, used to be frequently used for this purpose, but medications of this type have been shown to interfere with the treatment of intoxications. In fact, ipecac syrup is no longer sold in pharmacies.

Induce Vomiting Step 5

Step 2. Do not drink salt water

Salt water is a classic homemade solution to induce vomiting, but it can pose risks to the victim of poisoning, as it can speed up the absorption of the toxic substance, causing it to reach deeper places in the digestive tract.

In addition, drinking a large amount of salt water can cause serious health complications, including death

Induce Vomiting Step 6

Step 3. Beware of other homemade solutions

Some popular remedies to induce vomiting in cases of poisoning include drinking mustard or raw eggs or eating a lot. The safety and effectiveness of these methods has not been proven. For example, eating a large amount of food to vomit can even speed up the absorption of the poisonous substance.

Induce Vomiting Step 7

Step 4. Avoid hazardous substances

There are several substances that can cause vomiting, such as activated charcoal, atropine, biperiden, diphenhydramine, doxylamine, scopolamine, copper sulfate, sanguinaria (red root), lobelia tincture and hydrogen peroxide, but they are not recommended because they bring risks.

Method 3 of 3: Continuing Treatment

Induce Vomiting Step 8

Step 1. Wash your mouth after vomiting

Whenever we vomit, we get a bad taste in our mouths, so wash your mouth well with warm water until you get rid of the taste.

Induce Vomiting Step 9

Step 2. Don't brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth right after vomiting can damage your tooth enamel as there may be gastric acid in your mouth, which is corrosive.

Induce Vomiting Step 10

Step 3. Continue to follow the directions of the CEATOX attendant

Do whatever he says. Your provider should probably advise you to drink water, but may also instruct you to go without food and drink for a while. If he tells you to go to the hospital, follow the advice even if you think you've vomited everything in your stomach.


  • The professional may recommend that you induce vomiting if poisonous plants, methanol, antifreeze, some pesticides or mercury are ingested.
  • He may also recommend that you vomit after taking too much medication, such as pain relievers, antibiotics, antidepressants, antihistamines, or opiates.
  • Finally, vomiting may be indicated in case of an allergic reaction to a food.


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