How to Improve the Absorption of Vitamin D Supplements

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How to Improve the Absorption of Vitamin D Supplements
How to Improve the Absorption of Vitamin D Supplements

Getting adequate vitamin D is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that most people don't need any help to absorb it; because it's stored for a long time in fat, it doesn't really matter how it gets to the fat cells, it's just that you have enough. Furthermore, vitamin D can be obtained in several ways. That said, there are some aspects you can look at to confirm that the absorption efficiency of this nutrient is as high as possible.


Method 1 of 6: How does the body absorb vitamin D?

Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 1
Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 1

Step 1. It is captured by the skin or stomach and stored in fat cells

Exposure to sunlight, eating foods with natural vitamin D or using supplements with the nutrient are some ways to obtain it. Upon entering the body, it is absorbed by fat cells throughout the body, remaining there until it is necessary to break down calcium in the intestines.

The storage component is very important in this regard. Unless you don't get an adequate amount of vitamin D, the process and rate of absorption doesn't matter much, as it will quickly be “stored”. Therefore, staying indoors for a few days will not cause you to develop a nutrient deficiency

Method 2 of 6: What Aids Vitamin D Absorption?

Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 2
Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 2

Step 1. Keeping the intestinal flora healthy helps the body absorb vitamins

The intestines are responsible for breaking down vitamins, so making healthy decisions helps the body process them. Maintain a balanced and healthy diet, full of fruits and vegetables, incorporating lots of fiber-rich foods. Sleep well at night so as not to overload your digestive tract and exercise frequently so your intestines are healthy and well-regulated.

Step 2. The good condition of the kidneys and liver will also help with absorption

These organs help in breaking down vitamins, so they are very useful to increase the “stock” of vitamin D. In addition to having a healthy diet and exercising, control blood pressure so that kidney and liver functions remain normal. Drinking no more than a glass or two of alcoholic beverages and quitting smoking, for those who are in the habit, are also quite healthy.

In general, avoid drinking more than 14g of pure alcohol a week, which is equivalent to about 14 drinks

Step 3. There is no way to control for the other variables that impact vitamin absorption

The main components that affect getting vitamin D are the amount of carbon in the air and skin color, which are out of your reach. The good news is, if you eat well and get some sun, you don't have to worry about any of that!

Geographical location influences the amount of vitamin D absorbed, but it would be necessary to travel thousands of kilometers towards the Equator for any difference to occur, and it may not even be noticed for the vast majority of people

Method 3 of 6: What is the most absorbable form of vitamin D?

Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 5
Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 5

Step 1. They all have the same absorption rate

As the nutrient is taken up by the body's fat cells, the “path” they take to reach them is irrelevant. If all the vitamin D comes from the sun, there's no need to change; the same goes for those who eat foods with vitamin D, but don't spend much time in the sun. The way to absorb it will not make much difference, that is, it can be by pills, food or the sun's rays.

Method 4 of 6: Are Vitamin D Supplements Effective?

Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 6
Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 6

Step 1. Yes, supplements are a great way to boost your vitamin D intake for those who don't spend a lot of time in the sun

Most people get it from food and exposure to the sun; the latter is the one that contributes the most. Therefore, few need vitamin supplementation. While the body absorbs the nutrient in virtually any vitamin supplement, the simplest way is through vitamin D pills.

If you are concerned about the level of vitamin D in your body, go to your doctor. He will prescribe a blood count to analyze her levels in the body

Step 2. Take supplements with the biggest meal of the day for optimal absorption

Those who use vitamin D supplementation should consume the pill just before the biggest meal of the day, whether at dinner, lunch or breakfast, as long as they consider the “heaviest” meal. This will make it much easier for the body to process vitamin D and the benefits will be much more evident.

Step 3. Individuals of advanced age and who live in temperate climate regions can speak to a physician to find out if the use of vitamin D supplements is necessary

Adults, over time, have greater difficulty in obtaining this nutrient, and in regions where the climate is colder (away from the Equator), it can be more difficult to expose themselves to sunlight, especially in the winter months. If you suspect a vitamin D deficiency, go to your doctor and talk to him or her for a blood test, which will indicate the levels of nutrients in your body. Sometimes the vitamin D level is satisfactory, but benefits can be reaped by using a supplement, as directed by your doctor, every day.

  • When it is essential to supplement the amount of vitamin D in the body, it is unlikely that you will need more than 600 IU daily.
  • The scientific community does not have a consensus regarding the indicators that explain the need for an individual to take supplements of the nutrient, since it can be easily acquired through food. Therefore, as long as the consumption of supplements does not exceed 4,000 IU per day, there is no major disadvantage in taking vitamin D supplementation.

Method 5 of 6: Is 2000 IU of Vitamin D Safe?

Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 7
Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 7

Step 1. Yes, but the daily amount required is 600 IU per day

The tolerable limit for vitamin D per day is 4,000 IU, so half of that shouldn't cause any problems; still, it's far above what's needed, so don't use 2,000 IU on purpose unless directed by a doctor.

“UI” represents international units, the unit of measurement for the amount of vitamins

Step 2. Some signs of vitamin D overdose are:

vomiting, weakness and frequent urination, in addition to possible pain in bones, joints, and kidney problems. However, overdose of this nutrient is very rare and a person needs to ingest around 60,000 IU per day for several months for this to occur.

Method 6 of 6: Which is better: Vitamin D2 or D3?

Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 9
Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements Step 9

Step 1. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol, produced naturally in mammals) is more efficient, but D2 (ergocalciferol, secreted in plants and fungi) is also good for your health

Both can be obtained from food and sunlight, and the body is able to use and store them. However, D3 is usually cheaper and a little more efficient in humans, so give it preference when buying a vitamin supplement.

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