How to Spy (with Images)

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How to Spy (with Images)
How to Spy (with Images)

Spying is an art and a skill. Everyone has wanted to know something that hasn't been disclosed, any kind of secret. Knowing how to investigate is important to be able to collect information, in addition to helping with reasoning and observation, essential to discover what we want - even if your crush is really into you.


Part 1 of 3: Structuring the mission

Spy Step 1

Step 1. Set a goal

A goal is an objective; without it, you will be lost in the mountain of information you will begin to discover. Come up with a question as a starting point, something like "Where does my sister hide her teddy bear?", "Is my boyfriend cheating on me?" or “Why does my friend always leave the gym in a hurry?”.

Spy Step 2

Step 2. Look around

Know the environment you're investigating like the back of your hand. This will help you feel more comfortable on site when it's time to investigate something in the surroundings.

  • It's easy to miss a trail, especially if the place is too wide. A mall, for example, is an easy place to take a lost one. Try to spy on a hard spot to miss the target, preferably a smaller one.
  • If you know the person you're investigating, it's easier because you already have a better idea of ​​where they live and the places they frequent.
  • Observe and know emergency exits, main exits, corridors and concourses in the event of an emergency.
  • See if there are places to hide, such as pillars, debris buckets, buildings or cars.
Spy Step 3

Step 3. Write a journal

Write down your objective and all the information you already have about the target.

  • Also write down the places you plan to visit, as well as notes about them.
  • Outline what you expect will happen when you finish the investigation and reread this page when the mission is complete.
  • Write down dates and times of events. Be as organized as you can to come to grounded and solid conclusions.
Spy Step 4

Step 4. Know your target

Find out the routine and where the person will be according to the schedule. With this information, you will know how to complete and complete the mission.

  • Find out the name, profession and region where the person lives.
  • Know well how the target is physically, to make it easier to follow it at a safe distance.
  • Discover more intimate details of the person if you already know them.
Spy Step 5

Step 5. Gather your gear

There are several research trinkets available on the market. Do an internet search and you will be amazed by the creativity of the results; in fact, it's best to start with a ready budget, as the desire to spend the month's salary on gadgets will be great.

  • Choose only what you are going to use. Let's say you're at a long distance from the target, in which case you'll need binoculars; if you need to talk to someone over the phone, a voice camouflager will certainly come in handy.
  • You probably won't need to buy a lot.
  • Less is more. It will be more difficult to memorize the use of a bunch of devices; besides, carrying all this paraphernalia can raise suspicion.

Part 2 of 3: Dressing to Spy

Spy Step 6

Step 1. Wear regular clothes

Many people like to dress extravagantly and stand out, but this is not ideal for you who want to remain unnoticed in the crowd. Remember: a good spy doesn't hide, he camouflages himself.

Spy Step 7

Step 2. Dress for the occasion

If your investigation takes place on a beach, don't wear a suit and tie, wear the same as everyone else. On the other hand, if you go to a mall and everyone is social, dress the same.

Spy Step 8

Step 3. Use neutral colors

Give preference to colors like black, gray and brown; stay away from bright, flashy colors like red, orange and yellow.

Spy Step 9

Step 4. Act calmly

Maintaining a relaxed, calm posture will help you stay undetected during the investigation. No apparent nervousness, such as fidgeting with your hands, touching your face all the time, swinging your legs, rubbing your eyes, or avoiding eye contact. These involuntary gestures are typical anxious body language.

Spy Step 10

Step 5. Use accessories

You can be easily unmasked if the person spied on is from your immediate circle of friends. Luckily, there are some inexpensive ways to disguise who you are.

  • Wear fake beards and wigs. They can be purchased at any magic and prank shop. Of course, poor quality wigs will attract more attention – not to mention facial hair if you're still a teenager. Try before you buy.
  • Sunglasses are a great option to hide your face.
  • Hats also fulfill this function well. Tuck your hair under your hat if it's long, a great way to disguise yourself, as are wigs.
  • When talking to someone, try to use a different accent than your own, but be careful. It's important that it doesn't sound fake or forced. This can break your cover and jeopardize the entire operation.
Spy Step 11

Step 6. Get old

Everyone has expression marks on their faces, like smile lines. You can highlight and reinforce them using an eyeliner to fill them.

  • Use a pencil with a color a little darker than your skin tone.
  • Outline the lines of your smile gently, making them more apparent; then smudge them using your finger. Do the same with the marks near the nostrils, in the middle of the forehead and the crow's feet as well.
  • Don't make the lines too dark.
Spy Step 12

Step 7. Gain weight

Wearing a pillow under your shirt will give you a full belly, as will a towel rolled up under your jacket. If your body looks totally different from normal, no one will recognize you.

Spy Step 13

Step 8. Change your walk

The way of walking is almost a personal signature and it is possible to recognize someone from afar. If you know your target, strive to walk in a way he doesn't.

Part 3 of 3: Putting the Information Together

Spy Step 14

Step 1. Use the internet

Join social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and scour everything you can.

  • Personal posts can give more tips and information about the person than memes and other virally shared massively.
  • You can make a fake profile to follow and spy on anyone you know.
  • Do not hurry. Many people spend their entire day on the net and share more than one post a day. Spending all day on social media will waste your time and energy too.
  • Write down everything that is relevant to your investigation and the ultimate goal.
Spy Step 15

Step 2. Take photos

Camera lenses magnify images, making it easy to capture from safe distances. This way, you will remember better what you observed during the ambush. Be discreet when taking pictures, as anyone can see you and blow your cover.

Spy Step 16

Step 3. Talk to the person's friends

This can be particularly difficult and easily break your cover, so act naturally. If you have questions that require crucial answers, friends close to your target may know something.

  • Do not attempt this if you do not have solid evidence that the respondent's friends have the answer you are looking for.
  • Never ask directly what you want to know. Be more natural and let the conversation go; manipulate it to get to the point.
  • This will be even easier if you already have a certain friendship or relationship with the target's friends. Questioning a stranger is much more difficult and can even be dangerous.
Spy Step 17

Step 4. Get what you need

If the information you are looking for can be discovered through objects, find a way to get them, always avoiding leaving traces.

  • When you notice that the person has left the room or office, sneak in and close the door as quietly as possible before grabbing anything.
  • Nobody should see you taking anything.
  • Don't move anything, leave everything as it was before you entered the room. Mentally record the location and position of everything you can in the room before moving on.
  • Remember that stealing is a crime. If you really need to grab something that isn't yours to get answers, return it as soon as you're done.
Spy Step 18

Step 5. Watch the target closely

Always keep the goal in mind so you don't miss any clues (basically anything that answers your question).

  • Try lip reading and understanding conversations without necessarily listening to them.
  • Have more than one backup plan, in case you need to leave the place without prior notice.
  • Don't burn out, take a break if you notice you've been spying for hours. Getting too tired will prevent you from noticing everything you need to.


  • Don't break the rules and the law. Filming without people's consent is a crime and you could end up being arrested and prosecuted by someone.
  • If your target is a potentially dangerous individual, avoid investigating them yourself and seek professional help.
  • Keep all your equipment in an easily accessible place, such as a backpack.
  • Don't do anything that could get you into trouble with the police, such as stealing or carrying guns without a proper license.
  • Try building spy electronics yourself.
  • Never rely solely on gadgets.
  • Create an investigation circle of insightful, reliable and intelligent people.


  • Before starting, think hard about the reasons for spying on the person and see if they really make sense.
  • If caught, try to make a good excuse, explain a convincing story, and don't contradict anything you've already said - don't get caught in the lie.
  • Do not harm anyone during the investigation, nor do anything illegal or dangerous. Nothing is worth your life.
  • If you discover a secret that he must be told to the authorities, don't keep a secret. Communicate them.
  • Don't chase anyone.

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