How to Make a Play When Making the Bed: 9 Steps

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How to Make a Play When Making the Bed: 9 Steps
How to Make a Play When Making the Bed: 9 Steps

This is a fun and harmless prank you can plan for when your tired victim is going to bed. Fold the sheet in such a way that the person will be trapped in the fold and will not be able to lie down on the bed properly! To execute it well, you must know what time the victim usually sleeps.


Method 1 of 2: Folding the Sheet

Short Sheet to Bed Step 1

Step 1. Undo the top layer of the bed

Remove the quilt and any other layers of sheets to access the elasticated sheet. This prank only works when the bed has an elasticated sheet and a conventional sheet. If your victim sleeps with a blanket without a sheet, you'll have to find another game.

  • Don't crush the top pieces; fold or strategically place them on a piece of furniture.
  • Seeing his crumpled bedspread, the victim might suspect something and inspect the bed.
Short Sheet to Bed Step 2

Step 2. Place the sheet at the head of the bed

Roll out the sheet as you normally would to make the bed, but instead of tucking it under the foot of the bed, do so at the headboard. This is the main part of the prank.

Flatten the sheet so it lays flat on the bed. If your victim makes the bed impeccably, be careful not to wrinkle the sheet, as she will notice

Short Sheet to Bed Step 3

Step 3. Fold the bottom edge of the sheet

Take the edge of the sheet near the foot of the bed and fold it toward the headboard. Make it look like a sheet neatly arranged, with the edge of the sheet under the pillows.

See how the person normally makes the bed and try to do the same. Some people make an additional fold to make the sheet look tidier. Other people leave it folded almost in half to make it easier to lie down

Short Sheet to Bed Step 4

Step 4. Make the bed

Place additional pillows, blankets or quilt as the bed is normally made. These top layers will cover the fold you created. Remember to recreate the way the victim usually makes the bed.

  • The folded sheet should be covered with pillows and blankets.
  • Quickly inspect the bed to ensure it looks normal.
Short Sheet to Bed Step 5

Step 5. Hide in the bedroom before the victim goes to bed

Watch the person try to lie down. Her feet will get caught in the fold! When you see her with difficulty and confusion, jump out of hiding and say "got you!"

Method 2 of 2: Playing the Prank

Short Sheet to Bed Step 6

Step 1. Know what time your victim goes to bed

This is easy if you live with the person or share a room with them. Once you know what time she sleeps, you can start planning. If she goes to bed at 10 pm every night, you have until that time to prepare everything.

Short Sheet to Bed Step 7

Step 2. Learn her daily routine

Once you've figured out the person's bedtime, you should know what time to prepare the prank. If she goes to school or work, you can use this time to make her bed. It might be helpful to talk to her the night before:

  • "Julia, do you have any plans for tomorrow?"
  • "Are you going to work tomorrow?"
  • "I'm going to the supermarket tomorrow, do you want to go too?"
Short Sheet to Bed Step 8

Step 3. Watch how she makes the bed

It will be helpful to know how the person's bed is normally made. The more normal you make it look, the less suspicious (and more surprised) the victim will be. Don't get caught peeking while she's making the bed; inspect the bed at another time.

  • Many people don't use sheets and just use a blanket or quilt. Your victim must use a sheet, or the technique will not work.
  • She must also fold the inner sheet under the blanket.
Short Sheet to Bed Step 9

Step 4. Document the bed

Some people learn best with a visual aid. Take a picture of how the bed looks before moving it. When you're making the bed again, you'll have a visual representation to help.


  • The secret is to fold the bottom of the sheet towards the head of the bed. This should be done in a way that looks like a properly made bed.
  • If the sheets are different on each side, or the elastic sheet and the sheet are different, don't try this trick as it won't look natural.


  • Leave the prank for another day if the victim is in a bad mood or too tired!
  • The game won't work if you don't have a layer to cover the sheet.

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