3 Ways to Force a Yawn

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3 Ways to Force a Yawn
3 Ways to Force a Yawn

While science has yet to pinpoint the reason behind yawning, we do know that yawning has some important functions. It cools the brain, prevents our ears from popping under pressure and helps form bonds between people (yes!). If you want to force a yawn, try watching someone yawn or opening your mouth wide. Below, we'll give you some sure-fire tips to achieve this. Come on?


Method 1 of 3: Preparing the Body for Yawning

Make Yourself Yawn Step 1

Step 1. Think of a yawn

Sounds like a lie, but the simple act of imagining a yawn can trigger this reaction! Prepare your body by imagining you are yawning or thinking about how it feels to release a nice, deep yawn.

Make Yourself Yawn Step 2

Step 2. Open your mouth wide, pretending to yawn

It doesn't matter if you're faking it or not, open your mouth as much as possible. By entering the yawn position, you may be able to force this natural reaction.

Make Yourself Yawn Step 3

Step 3. Contract the muscles at the back of your throat

These are the muscles that are naturally contracted during yawning, and forcing this movement can encourage the body to yawn. Your brain will associate the feeling in the muscles with the act, after all.

Make Yourself Yawn Step 4

Step 4. Take a deep breath using your mouth

Just as you would with a real yawn, inhale deeply and slowly through your mouth. No shallow breathing now, as real yawns are done with a lot of air.

Make Yourself Yawn Step 5

Step 5. Hold the position until the yawn arrives

Keep your mouth open and your throat muscles contracted to yawn. Most of the time, your body will want to yawn naturally after air enters your mouth. If that doesn't work, try the next Method.

Method 2 of 3: Watching Other People Yawning

Make Yourself Yawn Step 6

Step 1. Stay around friends and family yawning

As you probably already know, yawning is "contagious". It's just seeing someone doing this that beats that urge to do it too, right? This happens most often when the other person is close to you, be it a friend or a family member. So if you really need to force a yawn, keep an eye on those nearby and see if they yawn first.

  • There is a theory among scientists that yawning helps to synchronize actions within a social group, which is why 50% of people yawn when they see someone yawn, especially if the other is a known person.
  • Yawning is so contagious that just reading about it can make you yawn. Maybe this doesn't happen just by reading our article, huh?
Make Yourself Yawn Step 7

Step 2. Ask someone to pretend to yawn

Is anyone around you yawning or sleepy? No problem, ask a friend or family member to fake a yawn. The mere fact of seeing this action being performed, even if it is fake, can trigger a natural reaction in your body.

Make Yourself Yawn Step 8

Step 3. Look around for yawning strangers

As much as this action is not so contagious with strangers, it can still work. When in an open public place, look around and see if anyone is yawning. If you're lucky, you'll be inspired and be able to yawn too.

Make Yourself Yawn Step 9

Step 4. Watch a video of people yawning

Is there no one around for inspiration? Search for "yawn" on YouTube and watch a video! The effect will be the same as that of observing a stranger yawning in person. A photo is also enough if you're on a limited data plan and don't want to watch a video.

Make Yourself Yawn Step 10

Step 5. Observe an animal yawning

Believe me, yawning is even more contagious among animals! As an experiment, try watching your pet yawn and see if it doesn't feel like it too! According to studies, virtually all animals go through this!

Method 3 of 3: Creating an Environment for Yawning

Make Yourself Yawn Step 11

Step 1. Move to a warmer space

It's normal for people to yawn more in the heat than in the cold, and scientists believe this is because yawning fills the body with cold air and helps cool the brain when it's about to overheat. According to studies, people yawn less in winter or in cold environments. On the other hand, if you want to study and you can't stop yawning, try to cool down slightly and the problem will resolve itself quickly.

Make Yourself Yawn Step 12

Step 2. Get comfortable

The chances of you yawning in the morning are high, as your brain gets a little hotter at night and yawning cools you down. So if you want to force a yawn, go back to bed, cover yourself, and warm up a little. It's potato!

Make Yourself Yawn Step 13

Step 3. Try to stress out

Well, stress and anxiety heat up the brain, which is countered unconsciously by yawning. That's why athletes yawn before a competition! Anyone who jumps with a parachute or engages in other extreme activities also tends to yawn before a jump, so be slightly nervous to encourage some yawns that will cool your brain.


  • Cover your mouth when yawning in a public place. Not doing this is impolite.
  • Try to pretend you have an itchy nose and open your mouth wide. Eventually you'll be able to yawn whenever you want.
  • Keep thinking or saying "aaaaahhh" over and over.
  • Slowly open your mouth until you get into the yawn position. In the meantime, breathe not too deeply.


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