How to Hypnotize Someone with the Magnetic Hand Technique

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How to Hypnotize Someone with the Magnetic Hand Technique
How to Hypnotize Someone with the Magnetic Hand Technique

Magnetic hand induction is very simple and straightforward. It is a form of basic hypnosis that can be easily performed by amateurs. Find a person willing to participate, put them in a state of hypnosis, and move on. Keep reading to learn more.


Part 1 of 3: Taking Preliminary Action

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Step 1. Find a person willing to be hypnotized

Before putting the knowledge below into practice, it is necessary to find someone who wants to participate in the process. Talk to friends and family to find someone willing to be a guinea pig for hypnosis. For a start, it's good to work with a person close to you as it can take a while to get the technique right. Leave to hypnotize strangers when you have more experience.

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Step 2. Position the person well

Once you've found a participant, it's time to fix her posture and position. Instruct her to position her hands well.

  • Ask her to sit straight-backed on a sofa or chair.
  • Then instruct her to place her hands in her lap, palms facing up.
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Step 3. Do not use hypnosis as a form of therapy unless you are specifically trained to do so

The magnetic hand technique should be done just for fun. Hypnotherapy for the treatment of conditions such as depression and anxiety should only be administered by experienced mental health professionals. Never try to hypnotize someone as a treatment without having advanced understandings of psychiatry and mental illness.

Part 2 of 3: Starting Hypnosis

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Step 1. Start talking to the person while arranging their posture

It is important to relax the person and gain their trust. Ask her to place her hands in front, spaced about a foot apart, palms facing each other. If the volunteer doesn't understand, demonstrate.

  • Explain the technique of hypnosis above. What you say is up to you, but it is essential to get the message across that the participant needs to follow your instructions as you place a very powerful magnet in their hand.
  • For example, you can say something like "I want you to clear your mind and think about nothing, just focus on my voice. I will be your guide now. Using the power of your imagination, in a moment I will place a very powerful magnet in your hand".

Step 2. Press the person's palms for the first time

After explaining the technique, touch the person's left palm with one finger. Then repeat the process on the other hand. As you do this, say something like "I'm putting the magnet here and here". Then bring her hands together.

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Step 3. Instruct the volunteer to close their eyes

As you put her hands together, ask her to close her eyes. Say that now is the time to start going into a deep trance. By repeating this, the person should begin to enter the preliminary state of hypnosis, as if falling asleep.

Step 4. Bring her palms together once more

Once the person has closed their eyes, instruct them to bring their palms together once more. Say something like "You can now feel the magnets attracting your hands." You might have to push her hands away, but hopefully she should do some of the work this time.

Part 3 of 3: Finishing the Technique

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Step 1. Tell the volunteer to feel the power of the magnets

Try putting him in a calm state while repeating that he should feel the force of the magnets pulling his hand. You might say something like "There are two very powerful magnets joining your hands. Feel their power. Feel your palms being drawn together."

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Step 2. Bring the person into a relaxed state

As soon as the volunteer seems to be caught up in his words, put him in a state of total relaxation. Instruct him to focus on his body, breathing, and heartbeat.

  • What exactly you should say is, again, up to you. Say what feels natural to you! You need to feel comfortable and in control of the situation for the person to trust you and follow your instructions.
  • A good example of what can be said at this time: "Ignore everything but my voice. All other sounds in the environment are unnecessary distractions. Pay attention to your breathing, your body, and your heartbeat. With each breath, you are gets more and more relaxed".
  • You can also do a count. Count down from 10 and instruct the person to pay attention to all their breaths as you count.
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Step 3. Let the person out of hypnosis

The magnetic hand technique should take about 20 minutes. Once the person has relaxed for that time, instruct them to come out of hypnosis by saying something like "Now wake up and notice everything is back to normal."


  • As with all hypnosis techniques, the above teachings do not always work. You may need a little practice to succeed.
  • When hypnotized, people are in an extremely sensitive state. Do not attempt to use hypnosis as a form of therapy unless you are a mental health professional. Many people report the presence of false memories of abuse during poorly performed hypnotherapy sessions.

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