3 Ways to Iron Clothes without an Ironing Board

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3 Ways to Iron Clothes without an Ironing Board
3 Ways to Iron Clothes without an Ironing Board

You can get in trouble if you need to iron heavily wrinkled and wrinkled clothes and don't have an ironing board. However, there is nothing to worry about, as there are several ways to make the pieces look good without wasting time. The easiest solution is to line a flat surface with a cloth that insulates the heat from the iron. There are also other options, such as using a blanket, a magnetic fabric for ironing or even a straightening board for smaller creases.


Method 1 of 3: Choosing a Safe Surface

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 1

Step 1. Find a flat surface that is a suitable height for you

The surface should be completely flat and level, like the floor or a table. Also, it should be big enough to accommodate the garment or even bigger if possible. It should also be of comfortable height and close to an outlet to plug in the iron.

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 2

Step 2. Choose a surface that has a heat resistant material such as wood or tile

Even covered with a cloth lining, it's good that it's heat resistant. Prefer surfaces made of wood, tile or metal if possible. Avoid the plastic ones, as they can melt with the high temperature of the iron.

Never iron clothes directly on the surface! Before starting, line it with a heat-resistant cloth

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 3

Step 3. Cover the surface with a thermal cloth

Choose a heat resistant option such as linen, wool or canvas. You can also use a thick, terry towel or flannel blanket. Do not use delicate fabrics such as lace as they can burn or melt.

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 4

Step 4. Iron clothes carefully

Turn on the iron and wait for it to heat up to the temperature recommended on the clothing label. Iron the garment carefully, always checking that the cloth and surface are not too hot. Never leave the iron on by itself or lying on the surface. Be sure to turn it off properly, unplugging the cord when finished.

Allow the iron to cool completely before putting it away and be careful not to trip over the wire

Method 2 of 3: Finding Alternatives

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 5

Step 1. Use a blanket to iron clothes

With the right blanket, you can leave any surface suitable for ironing. Buy one at a department store or online. Place it on a flat, sturdy surface such as a dining table or desk. You can even place it on the bed or on the floor if you prefer. You can iron your clothes anywhere!

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 6

Step 2. Make or buy a magnetic ironing fabric

Place it on top of the washer or dryer lid. Magnets are able to hold it in place and the thick fabric prevents excess heat from being transferred to the surface of the machine. You can make one of these yourself by placing cloths about 1 m by 45 cm in three layers: in the middle a 100% polyester fabric and on the edges 100% cotton fabric. Sew the three layers together and place a magnet in each corner of the piece.

These materials are available at craft stores or fabric stores

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 7

Step 3. Make a portable ironing board

Choose a piece of wood approximately 90 cm by 60 cm. Wrap it with a foam or line it with another padding fabric, stapling them at the bottom. Then wrap the board in a heat resistant fabric such as linen or canvas and staple it to the underside as well. Finally, just place this makeshift ironing board on a flat place to iron your clothes.

  • Take advantage of an old bookcase shelf or a piece of plywood that is unused.
  • Foam, filler, and other fabrics can be found at craft or fabric stores.

Method 3 of 3: Smoothing Wrinkled Clothes Without Iron

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 8

Step 1. Use a straightening board to remove small creases

If you just need to smooth out a collar or a small part of the dress skirt, you can use a flat iron. Find out what the ideal temperature for the part is by checking the label. Once the board heats up, press the piece of piece between the two surfaces for a few seconds.

The board must be clean and without any product residue

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 9

Step 2. Hang clothes in the bathroom while showering

The steam and heat produced by the shower help to unwrinkle the garment. Hang the item close to the shower stall, at a safe distance so it doesn't get your clothes wet, and close the bathroom door to keep the steam inside. When you finish the shower, stretch the fabric well, ensuring that the creases come out and the clothes can be used.

If you're not taking a shower right now, just hang your clothes in the bathroom, turn the shower on to a hot temperature, and wait a few minutes, keeping the door closed

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 10

Step 3. Put the wrinkled clothes in the dryer for ten to 15 minutes

The heat from the dryer makes the parts smooth with ease. Some equipment has its own function for this, but even if yours doesn't, just choose the highest temperature that the parts can support and wait about ten or 15 minutes.

You can place a slightly damp towel in the dryer if the pieces are badly wrinkled. Moisture helps to soften fabric fibers

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 11

Step 4. use a vaporizer to remove the creases.

Buy a fabric vaporizer, fill the reservoir with water and plug it into the outlet. As soon as the water heats up, hang the wrinkled garment and run the steamer through the fabric, making large strokes. Let the clothes dry before putting them on.

Check garment label before steaming fabric to prevent damage

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 12

Step 5. Hang clothes instead of folding them

After washing the pieces, hang them in the closet. This way, the clothes are less wrinkled than if they were folded and stored in drawers. Prefer lined hangers to prevent the pieces from deforming.

Thicker fabric, such as jeans, can be folded without creases

Iron Without an Ironing Board Step 13

Step 6. Try an ironing spray if you're in trouble

Choose one of several spray products to remove creases! You can find one of these in supermarkets. Hang the piece or lay it out on a flat surface, straightening it with your hand. Then generously spray the spray onto the wrinkled areas and run your hands over to smooth the damp fabric.

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