4 Ways to Be Chic

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4 Ways to Be Chic
4 Ways to Be Chic

Being chic has a lot more to do with attitude and one's own style than with being “in fashion”. In fact, being chic often involves choosing sophisticated clothes that never go out of style rather than following the latest trends. Define your style and find comfortable pieces that fit your body. When you already have some timeless clothes with a good fit, put together the best looks you can to demonstrate all your refinement.


Method 1 of 4: Defining a Unique Style

Be Chic Step 1

Step 1. Assess your body shape

There are bodies of all shapes and sizes, and each one has its own beauty! Don't feel the need to fit your body into a category, but try following some generic tips for looking for clothes that fit well. If you like, consider the classic formats below and think if you can identify with any of them. If so, use the information as a guide when shopping for clothes.

  • The pear-shaped body has hips that are much wider than the shoulders.
  • Those with an apple-shaped body tend to concentrate their weight just above their hips.
  • If your body is an inverted triangle, your chest and shoulders are larger, while your waist and hips are narrow.
  • The hourglass body has shoulders and hips about the same width and a slimmer waist.
  • A person with a rectangular body has the torso the same width, from the shoulders to the hips, and is usually thinner.
Be Chic Step 2

Step 2. Choose pieces that enhance your body shape

Some people find that some clothing styles are better suited to certain body types than others. Have you identified with one of the formats mentioned above? Follow the recommendations below when shopping for clothes to add to your wardrobe. But remember, this is just a guide – in the end, it's up to you to decide what looks good on your body and puts it at ease!

  • For the pear shape: wear flared skirts, full skirts and flare pants to balance out proportions. Try different necklines and accessories too.
  • For the apple shape: wear wider leg pants and skirts to bring more balance to your silhouette. Also, wear V-necks and belts, which help reduce bulk on the torso. The empire cut dress is a good choice!
  • For the inverted triangle shape: prefer options that show the legs. Other cool options are voluminous skirts, pants, shorts and high-waisted skirts and thick belts.
  • For the hourglass shape: abuse tight dresses, double-breasted and wear belts over your blouses to accentuate your waist and curves!
  • For the rectangular shape: prefer to use round collars, canoe and heart to focus on the bust area. Plus, elongated jackets and coats are great for enhancing your sleek silhouette.
Be Chic Step 3

Step 3. Create your own “uniform”

Do you already know more or less the type of clothing that enhances your body and fits well? Build your wardrobe from there. For example, let's say you look great in longer skirts, buy some models you like and compose your everyday looks around these pieces. Just don't forget to vary a little in colors and styles so you don't look like you wear the same piece every single day.

  • Another example is wearing jeans and a shirt as a “uniform”. You can vary the models and washes of jeans and the types of shirts: one day, a dark skinny jeans and a loose shirt without a collar; the next day, lighter flared jeans and a white shirt buttoned to the collar. You can also fold up your shirt sleeves, tie a knot or change your look with the shoe – sneakers one day, heels the next. However, in general, the look becomes your trademark.
  • Just because you have this “uniform” look doesn't mean you can't change things whenever you want. The goal is just to know what looks good, what you like and what suits your style to take advantage.
Be Chic Step 4

Step 4. Think about the possibility of adjusting the items in the seamstress

It's not always worth adjusting a piece, but the service is cheaper than you might think. With the adjustments, the outfit can serve as a glove, which is ideal for looking elegant and tidy and looking like you had the piece done!

Do a quick price search with experienced seamstresses and see what pays off the most

Method 2 of 4: Finding Fine Clothing and Accessories

Be Chic Step 5

Step 1. Buy timeless pieces and not just the ones that are in fashion now

Following the latest trends earns you a hippy headline, but you can be chic without spending a wad of cash every new season. Choose clothes that don't go out of style and that always look sophisticated so you don't have to keep updating your wardrobe all the time! That way you can compose a timeless and very elegant look.

For example, instead of spending money on a tacky and passing fashion, how about investing in an item that is always on the rise, such as a leather jacket, a little black dress or an overcoat?

Be Chic Step 6

Step 2. Only take home the pieces you really like

When we are in a clothing store, it is common to find several pieces that we find acceptable. Maybe you even buy some just because they look good. However, to keep your wardrobe under control and for a more defined style, only buy the clothes that shake your heart. None of them caused this effect? Leave them in the store.

Be Chic Step 7

Step 3. Look for stylish clothes at thrift stores

The thrift store is an excellent place to find chic clothes at a friendly price. The trick is to mine a lot. Look for elegant fabrics, such as silk, and prefer to buy older or vintage clothes, which are usually well-tailored.

  • Did you find a beautiful piece that is stained or that needs an adjustment at the waist? Take it to the laundry or the seamstress. You don't have to wear tight clothes to be chic, but everyone looks more stylish with pieces that fit right.
  • Refined is not synonymous with expensive, but if you want to invest a little more in basic items, be aware that they tend to have a greater durability.
Be Chic Step 8

Step 4. Take a look at online stores that sell used branded clothing

These sites are nothing but more “exclusive” thrift stores, but they save you the trouble of digging in person and on foot. Plus, you can use search engines to find exactly what you're looking for, which makes life easier.

Some examples of websites are Troc, Repass and I got sick

Be Chic Step 9

Step 5. Ask older relatives or friends if you can take a look at their wardrobe

Not everyone has stylish family members, but you might be surprised by a hidden treasure here and there. In general, your parents tend to forget about many items and have no problem passing them on. On top of that, the old clothes are better overall.

Be Chic Step 10

Step 6. Prioritize comfort when shopping for clothes

You don't have to give up comfort to be chic! Some pieces, such as leggings or even silk pants, are elegant if combined with the right blouse and accessories. The secret is to add a touch of glamor to the look with a nice shirt and elegant shoes.

You don't need to be cold in winter either – wear layered clothes to keep warm. A big scarf or an overcoat is what it is

Method 3 of 4: Assembling the Looks

Be Chic Step 11

Step 1. Do not use more than three colors to maintain the classic look

A look with many colors can be too much. It's better to limit the amount a bit. In this case, a print counts as one of the colors, but be careful to match the rest of the clothes to it.

  • For example, how about using black, red and gray?
  • Another option is green, blue and beige.
  • Let's say the pattern is red and green. Choose pieces with these colors for the rest of the look.
  • White does not count as a color, but black does.
Be Chic Step 12

Step 2. Get inspired by stylish celebrities

Check out photos of celebrities on the internet to see how they put together a look. Of course, you don't need to copy everything exactly, but you may have ideas for similar looks.

Search for your favorite celebrities on the internet and take a look at magazines. An example of elegance is British royalty

Be Chic Step 13

Step 3. Add elongated layers to create a chic look on the go

The long pieces trick gives an instant up on the look. Try an elongated coat in autumn, for example, or a long, flowing scarf in spring. Try making several layers with different pieces that reach knee length.

Another option is to wear a long tube dress over the leggings

Be Chic Step 14

Step 4. Wear belts to finish the look

Thread a belt over the long pieces and voilà – your waist is well defined. You can place it at natural waist height or below your chest for more definition. On top of that, the belt adds a final touch that takes the look out of the obvious and makes your look more elegant or glamorous.

You can also wear the belt with a shirt inside

Be Chic Step 15

Step 5. Wear shoes that enhance sophistication

You don't need to put an uncomfortable heel on every look. In fact, flat shoes and smaller square heels can be very chic. The secret is to match the shoes to the look, whether in terms of color or material. That way they don't get out of place.

On the other hand, you can add a splash of color to the look with the shoes if the rest of the look is more monotonous. For example, are your clothes black and grey? How about red sneakers to make everything more interesting?

Be Chic Step 16

Step 6. Use some classy accessories

Try stylish sunglasses, a leather bag or a fine watch. Another cool option is to wear a flashy earring or a glamorous necklace. The secret to not losing the sophistication is not to overdo it – better to use only one or two pieces I arrived and be minimalist in the rest.

  • Wear clothing-related accessories. For example, if you are wearing an emerald green dress, wear a ring or necklace with an emerald green stone.
  • Try a stylish tie or cufflinks.
  • Accessories don't have to be expensive. You like? So use it. Just don't overdo it.
Be Chic Step 17

Step 7. Think about timing and style so you don't clash

It is possible to wear the same short black dress on a Sunday outing or at a club. What changes are accessories and layers.

  • Want to dress up for a walk in the park? Pair it with comfortable booties, an elongated cardigan and cool sunglasses.
  • For a night out with friends, put on a high heel sandal, a maxi necklace and a handbag.
  • Make your usual sweater more formal with a blazer over the top or pair it with skinny jeans for a more casual event.

Method 4 of 4: Being chic

Be Chic Step 18

Step 1. Use your style with confidence

A lot of sophistication comes from trust. When you find out what your style is, wear the clothes of your choice with pride and your head held high. Confidence can transform a look.

Keep your spine straight and shoulders back. Don't try to hide from the world

Be Chic Step 19

Step 2. Be educated to show refinement

Some people like to show their superiority through rudeness, but real chic knows that politeness is everything. Don't forget to say thanks, ask please, hold the door open for others, offer your seat on the subway, etc. These little details make all the difference.

Also, be polite when eating with other people. Treat the waiter with respect and remember the rules of etiquette your parents taught

Be Chic Step 20

Step 3. Always get ready

A tidy look is the secret to being more chic. It is important to keep your nails clean and filed, do a neat hairstyle, trim or remove facial hair, and not wear stained and wrinkled clothing.

Also, wear clean, well-maintained shoes, free from scratches and dirt stains

Be Chic Step 21

Step 4. Wear beautiful pieces for any occasion

You don't need to keep your favorite accessories or clothes just for “special occasions”. Wear fine jewelry midweek or put on a silk scarf on a Thursday just because you wanted to. In addition to feeling better, you also make your everyday looks full of class.

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