How to Be an Ulzzang: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Be an Ulzzang: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Be an Ulzzang: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Literally translating, "ulzzang" means "the best face" in Korean, but the term has expanded and today refers to a particular South Korean style. Originally used to refer to Korean models' large eyes, small lips, thin noses and milky white skin, ulzzang's status became popular with the Cyworld website photo contest, where netizens would pick the most stylish photos. If you want to cultivate this style, you can learn how to have the eyes, hair and clothes and enter the ulzzang world online. See instructions:


Part 1 of 4: Winning the eyes and lips

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 1

Step 1. Wear contact lenses.

You don't need to have naturally large eyes to look like an ulzzang. Contact lenses give the illusion of big eyes, even if you have small, normal-sized eyes.

Consult an ophthalmologist and talk to your parents before using lenses. They are not good for all eyes, especially if you have astigmatism or other eye shape problems. You can also learn to give the illusion of bigger eyes with makeup

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 2

Step 2. Use a thin line of eyeliner

Along with the lenses, a little eyeliner will really make your eyes pop out.

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 3

Step 3. Put mascara on the tips of your eyelashes

You can also put on false eyelashes, as long as they are light. Ulzzang are known for their natural look and light shades in makeup, so you don't want your lashes to look exaggerated.

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 4

Step 4. Use nude eyeshadows and other natural looking makeup

It's best to put a white or beige eye shadow on your eyelids so your makeup matches most clothes. Use flesh tones instead of something more colorful.

For lips, choose a shade that will lighten and plump your lips without drastically changing their color. Shiny nudes are perfect for cultivating the ulzzang look. You want to emphasize your natural beauty by making it look simple and easy

Part 2 of 4: Dressing Right

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 5

Step 1. Wear skinny pants or leggings

Ulzzangs usually wear skinny pants in various colors, both boys and girls.

Find the right size and wear a variety of colors and styles that you like and that look good on your body

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 6

Step 2. Get some vintage print t-shirts

T-shirts with unusual artistic prints, usually off the center of the garment, are quite popular. This type of shirt can be found in many department stores.

Avoid t-shirts with stamped marks and choose those with cartoon characters or artistic prints. Many popular t-shirts look handcrafted or customized with clever jokes and funny designs

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 7

Step 3. Wear big sweaters

The combination of skinny jeans and baggy sweater is traditional in the ulzzang style. V-necks are popular, as are full-size sweaters in bright colors or with the same prints as the shirts.

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 8

Step 4. Match clothes and accessories with your boyfriend or girlfriend

Cute couples wearing matching casual pieces are quite common in Ulzzang culture.

Wear the same or complementary colors instead of wearing identical clothes. Several times, ulzzang-style clothes are sold in packages for couples. T-shirts with prints like "I love my boyfriend" or "I love my girlfriend" as well as necklaces of heart parts that fit are good suggestions

Part 3 of 4: Fixing the hair

Step 1. Cut your hair in the ulzzang style

Generally, the cut is similar for boys and girls, with layered hair and a large side bangs. Some lights also appear, but without being flashy or dramatic. Naturally colored hair is more desirable than, so to speak, anime-blue highlights.

  • Boys typically have medium-length hair with long side bangs, sometimes longer in the front than in the back.

    'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 4Bullet1
  • Girls usually wear straight or side bangs with their hair straight or with wide curls. Hair is usually dark or light brown and blonde on rare occasions.

    'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 4Bullet2
'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 10

Step 2. Match your hair with your face

There is no universal cut of beauty. Talk to your hairdresser and choose one that will enhance your own beauty, emphasizing your jaw and the shape of your face. It's more important to find a cut that suits you than to wear a particular cut.

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 11

Step 3. Take care of your hair

An ulzzang's hair is usually very healthy and shiny, enhancing the natural beauty of its color. Use fortifying shampoos and conditioners and brush regularly to keep your hair healthy.

Be careful when using too much heat on your hair, as it can damage your hair. Let the hair's natural oils do their work

Part 4 of 4: Online

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 12

Step 1. Buy a camera phone

Ulzzangs don't look perfect, but they know how to dress up and use technology to make their photos look as attractive as possible. Buy a phone with a good camera and the right apps to make your photos the best.

  • PicLab is inexpensive and allows you to customize your filters and add captions. It's a professional way to edit ulzzang photos. HandyPhoto and Frametastic are also good and cheap options.
  • Facetune is an editing application that helps you remove blemishes and adjust the color of your photos. Many ulzzang photos are heavily edited; download the app if you don't have Photoshop.
'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 13

Step 2. Take lots of selfies

Cultivating an online presence with lots of cute self-portraits is an important part of the ulzzang style. Take pictures of yourself doing fun things or choose a night to get dressed and have a photo shoot.

Use catalogs and fashion magazines for inspiration. The ulzzang presence on social media seems to have been taken directly from fashion catalogues. Plan cute photo shoots with your partner when they're on a date

'Be the Asian Style "Ulzzang" Step 14

Step 3. Enter an ulzzang contest

Korean culture sites, such as Soompi, run ulzzang fashion contests regularly, even presenting the winners with auditions in interviews in South Korean magazines. Many other, more informal contests are available on Facebook and other social networks.

Many k-pop stars started cultivating an online presence in ulzzang fashion and entering these contests. Give it a try


  • Try to learn to read and speak Korean.
  • Sign up for an online account to share your ulzzang photos and meet other ulzzang.
  • Fix your hair in a cute way, with bows and ornaments.
  • It would be nice if you had some professional photo editor. (even if they are expensive, some you can get them for free).


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