3 Ways to Get More Feminine

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3 Ways to Get More Feminine
3 Ways to Get More Feminine

Each person views femininity in a different way – amen! Traditionally and old-fashioned, the female gender was educated for the beauty and dependence of men, but women today do not conform to being what society expects of them. With that in mind, being feminine is more about style, attitude and self-confidence than letting someone else tell you what to wear or be. Your “feminine” side isn't on the pages of makeup magazines and blogs, but inside you (although they help a lot). Only you are that person and you express yourself that way and everyone can get in touch with your feminine essence and enjoy it!


Method 1 of 3: Wearing More Women's Clothing

Become More Feminine Step 1

Step 1. Wear skirts and dresses

These pieces are the basis of women's fashion around the world. While old-fashioned jeans aren't an affront to femininity, deciding to swap them for skirts can be a step in that direction. Modern dresses and skirts are so varied that they can be worn full-time, in any season; from basic little blacks for the night, through summer florals to heavier ones, suitable for winter. The style of dress or skirt is a matter of personal taste; if you feel comfortable, pretty and feminine, other people will see you that way too.

Become More Feminine Step 2

Step 2. Appreciate your body and your curves

Her smooth body shapes are her natural feminine heritage. Accept and highlight your shape and all the feminine aesthetics will overflow. This almost always means wearing clothes that draw attention to your hips and bust, but the real rule of thumb is to wear well-tailored clothes that fit the right size. The idea is to highlight your silhouette; the female musculature is incredibly different from the male and drawing attention to these differences is the first step.

  • You will feel even more feminine if you wear an outfit that makes you comfortable and confident.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to show the skin for this.
  • Wear a sports bra, leggings or gym clothes. As long as they're the right size, they're great for shaping your silhouette.
Become More Feminine Step 3

Step 3. Try using traditionally feminine prints and cuts

Some clothes are predominantly female, even though they can be worn by men as well. In general, lighter fabrics and flashy prints are good ideas. Other items that should be included are:

  • Lace, silk and velvet;
  • flower prints;
  • Dot.
Become More Feminine Step 4

Step 4. Use and abuse the colors

This is not mandatory, but the vibrant colors are more part of the female universe, as they emphasize the irreverent and contagious energy of this gender. Don't be afraid of bold colors, highlight a simple look with colorful details, such as shoes and makeup.

Accessories such as scarves, bags and hair ornaments are great for adding color to a look

Become More Feminine Step 5

Step 5. Wear tasteful jewelry

Jewelry and jewelry are very feminine items and loved worldwide. Pendants and sparkles have the power to make a woman more confident, attractive and remarkable; models with stones such as diamonds, rubies and replicas of them are more feminine than simple and plain rings and chains.

  • Wear rings on your toes and pinkies.
  • Wear a nice necklace.
  • Pierce the ears.
Become More Feminine Step 6

Step 6. Wear super sexy lingerie

The idea is you knowing you're rocking under your clothes; no one needs to see what you're using for it to work. Any process of change (and that includes becoming more feminine) starts from the inside and it's the way you feel that spills over and makes people realize you're feeling good. Choose your best outfit and date yourself.

Become More Feminine Step 7

Step 7. Know that a self-confident woman with personality and attitude can be as feminine as the clothes she wears

In other words, clothes won't work wonders if your posture doesn't speak in the same direction. Feel free to be yourself, love yourself and love life! Being happy will make her overflow with femininity. The key is to feel feminine and other people will notice you as a result.

Become More Feminine Step 8

Step 8. Think about what is considered feminine culturally and socially

Although there is no formula, fashion can help a lot. It's not about assuming a gender, but choosing an aesthetic that aims to accentuate classic aspects such as grace, dignity, flirtation and sexuality.

  • Anyone can incorporate feminine aspects into their wardrobe, regardless of gender identity.
  • Think of examples of female beauty like Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bündchen; what is feminine about them in your opinion?
  • Any man, woman, transgender, etc. can look, dress and behave in a feminine way without being a female. These are social behaviors, but the designation between male and female is biological…

Method 2 of 3: Looking more femininity

Become More Feminine Step 9

Step 1. Wear a nice perfume

Put on your favorite perfume every morning before leaving the house. Scents are linked to one of the most powerful senses of attraction and a pleasant scent is a surefire strategy to give a more feminine impression. One or two sprays are enough, so it doesn't get cloying.

Become More Feminine Step 10

Step 2. Put on light makeup. Makeup is still almost exclusively female. Men rarely use it, except for eyeliner and eyeshadow. Many famous rockers, like Morrissey and Marilyn Manson, know how to wear makeup like no one else and manage to look a little more feminine, but without looking like women.

  • Paint your nails, try on new makeup or try to look like celebrities you admire.
  • You don't need to wear makeup, but it's a hell of a tool.
Become More Feminine Step 11

Step 3. Walk like a woman

The “female walking” is expected to be graceful and bring out the curves of the body. Imagine being pulled along by your steps and not as if you were being thrown on top of them, let your feet lead you. The first step is to improve posture: keep your spine straight, shoulders in line with your hips, and chin up, parallel to the floor. Besides the basics, there are other measures that can make your walk super feminine.

  • Keep your shoulders back, thrusting out your chest.
  • Move your hips in the direction of the step; for example, sway to the left when taking the step with that leg.
  • Walk slowly, as if you were never in a hurry.
Become More Feminine Step 12

Step 4. Wear long hair

Of course, there are beautiful and delicate women with short hair, but long hair is part of the traditional feminine image. Leaving them long, just below the shoulders, might be a good idea. Brush and wash them as needed and moisturize them too.

Many traditionally feminine hairstyles require long hair, such as braids and ponytails

Become More Feminine Step 13

Step 5. Reflect on what you think about shaving

Many people still think that one of the hallmarks of femininity is waxing and, if your goal is to be seen like that, get to work! Remove any hair that is visible, such as on your legs, underarms and nose.

Also, pluck your eyebrows to prevent them from getting too thick or turning into an "one eyelash."

Become More Feminine Step 14

Step 6. Smile whenever you can

Smiling will highlight your cheerful and approachable personality and this can be very feminine. Be more open, helpful and affectionate with people, a simple smile can demonstrate your feminine essence. The simple habit of smiling more often can make you a healthier and happier person and it will even help you to make friends!

Smiling has the power to increase your personal happiness, so embrace it as your basic social interaction

Method 3 of 3: Acting with More Femininity

Become More Feminine Step 15

Step 1. Spend more time with women

Think about what you tend to value and find feminine in other women; living with them can awaken your femininity. Although each person has a different concept of this, most people would identify the following characteristics as feminine:

  • Emotional Empathy;
  • Affection and kindness;
  • Sensitivity;
  • Tenderness;
  • Beauty, gentleness, delicacy, etc…
Become More Feminine Step 16

Step 2. Trust your charm and your skills

Whatever your notion of femininity, the important thing is to master it. Your personality is so amazing and unique that you should never be afraid to show it. Don't think that being more feminine means acting according to a norm; it's about being personally happier and emphasizing the qualities you most value in yourself.

  • Remember that no one can define what femininity is; it depends on you and this is an individual notion, different for each one.
  • Feeling free to be yourself, loving your body, your life and others are sure ways to achieve this.
Become More Feminine Step 17

Step 3. Be compassionate

You don't want people to judge you for the way you express femininity, so don't do that to others. The world views altruism as a female trait and, unfortunately, this trait is confused with weakness or vulnerability; nothing could be further from the truth! Virtues like compassion, wisdom and caring are typical of strong people! Being flexible and affectionate is important to consolidate the feeling of community and belonging, feelings capable of solving even the most difficult problems.

  • Be polite and respectful, even when you're harmed. Be above that; in addition to being more dignified, it will help you visualize problems before they happen.
  • Stay away from petty people and situations and avoid unnecessary conflicts.
Become More Feminine Step 18

Step 4. Think about others, not just yourself

Emotional empathy is a female trait that should be nurtured by men and women alike. Empathy is putting yourself in the other person's shoes and being able to imagine what they are feeling. This is a key aspect of resolving conflicts, helping friends in need, and making lifelong friendships.

  • Before getting upset about something, always ask yourself what the person's version is.
  • Try to look at problems from the perspective of others.
  • Recognize that an event is rarely the responsibility of a single person; just as in your life, there are other factors that can influence the behavior of others.
Become More Feminine Step 19

Step 5. Be open to the best and worst in the world

The world still thinks that being feminine is being submissive or receptive and a lot of people still get it wrong. However, these attributes are powerful and can help you be more relaxed with life, open to change, and accept love. You can even try taking a different stance, like commanding and leading, but the truth is, nothing is 100% controllable. Learning to accept the things you cannot change with grace and humility is crucial to accessing your feminine side and being happier in the process.

Recognizing that you can't control everything isn't the same as giving up, but that there are controllable things that deserve more of your attention

Become More Feminine Step 20

Step 6. Being more feminine also has nothing to do with success or reward

That doesn't mean you can't be smart, assertive, and powerful. All people walk between male and female, regardless of gender, none is inferior to the other. These opposites complement each other and are necessary for a balanced life.

  • Being proud of your appearance doesn't mean you can't fit into a career or profession.
  • Liking feminine things doesn't mean you shouldn't be taken seriously.
  • Never give up on your dreams, goals and projects because you don't agree with someone's notions of femininity (or anything else).


  • Practice your posture, standing and sitting.
  • Keep yourself healthy and happy.


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