4 Ways to Become Socialite

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4 Ways to Become Socialite
4 Ways to Become Socialite

Socialites are people who lead glamorous lives, but who have to make an effort to get there. While many of them are born into wealthy and status families, others need to ascend socially through fashion, etiquette and charisma - that is, anyone can do it! If you're ready to revamp your wardrobe, explode on social media, and join the regional charity event circuit, you could very well be the next big star in your locale.


Method 1 of 4: Dressing up

Become a Socialite Step 1

Step 1. Wear simple, tasteful clothing

Adopt classic and accurate styles to start integrating into the world of socialites. Women can't go wrong with black jeans or a "little black dress" while men can wear tight black suits.

Become a Socialite Step 2

Step 2. Buy clothes that fit well

Today, no one else needs to be skinny to be successful in society! Wear appropriate clothing for your body shape; avoid overly baggy dresses and shirts or denim pants and shorts that cut off circulation or leave obvious lines on the hips. If necessary, go to a tailor's shop for a professional to make the necessary adjustments.

Become a Socialite Step 3

Step 3. Invest in some basic accessories

A pearl necklace makes any woman more elegant, while a beautiful pocket handkerchief makes any man more interesting. Plus, everyone looks more stylish with a nice wristwatch. Just avoid tacky, oversized, or overly flashy jewelry and accessories. You have to have good taste, but know how to hold back.

Become a Socialite Step 4

Step 4. Put on stylish shoes

As the look is important from head to toe, you have to choose shoes that match the clothes. For women, high heels are indispensable; for men, it's good to buy a few pairs of black or brown leather dress shoes.

Become a Socialite Step 5

Step 5. Comb your hair elegantly and fashionably

Your hair also has to be washed and cut at all times. Women can use equipment such as a hair dryer or flat iron at high temperatures to get a simple and versatile look - for night and day. Men, in turn, can use styling ointments that do not leave the hair looking greasy or greasy. In addition, facial hair (moustache, beard, eyebrow, etc.) must always be neatly trimmed.

Ask the professional for tips at the beauty salon or barbershop. For example: what hair color best suits your skin and what cut can suit your face?

Become a Socialite Step 6

Step 6. Don't overdo makeup

Neon eye shadows and exaggerated foundations don't suit high society. Accent just one of your features, such as your lips or eyes, and leave the rest natural.

Apply makeup to match the look. Pairing a red lipstick with a black dress is always cool. On the other hand, putting on dark eye makeup doesn't work when wearing a light dress

Become a Socialite Step 7

Step 7. Use famous brand products

As you become more involved in social circles, start paying attention to the "names" you wear. Even if you don't participate in such elegant events involving red carpets, follow the fashion trends and the most famous designers. Understand the industry, even if you don't use anything very expensive.

Subscribe to fashion magazines or follow blogs and websites on the subject to keep up with trends

Become a Socialite Step 8

Step 8. Always be well groomed and scented

You never know when you'll meet an acquaintance or even a photographer by accident; always be prepared to impress. Do not wear leisure or training items, such as leggings or sweats, unless you are training. Finally, don't leave home sloppy.

Method 2 of 4: Gaining space on social media

Become a Socialite Step 9

Step 1. Create profiles on social media

Today, anyone can join more exclusive social circles when they gain fame on social media. You'll still have to slap your face in person, but having a strong presence on the networks can help a lot. Create profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and leave them open to get more followers. Finally, post at least one each per week.

Become a Socialite Step 10

Step 2. Promote your personal brand in creative ways

Ask a close friend to take pictures of you dressed up or walking around town, working or doing something cool - reading, painting or exercising. Be authentic and share details that make your life interesting. Swap blurry selfies for quality images with brief, succinct captions.

Become a Socialite Step 11

Step 3. Follow the example of "professionals"

Study celebrity timelines to understand what works and what doesn't. Don't directly copy what they post, but get inspired to create a unique virtual personality that will catch the attention of the right people.

Become a Socialite Step 12

Step 4. Interact with those you want to befriend

Follow posts from people in the social circle you want to join and post positive, brief comments like "I loved what you did at this benefit!" or "What a beautiful and elegant photo!" Even if the person themselves doesn't notice your comment, others will - and may start following your profiles.

Become a Socialite Step 13

Step 5. Don't post unfavorable or inappropriate photos

Don't swear and only post pictures in which you're wearing stylish and ideal clothes, without anything too revealing. Only post content with good taste and quality to give a more sophisticated look to your profile.

Never post photos or status that show or talk about alcohol or drugs

Become a Socialite Step 14

Step 6. Don't force your opinions down people's throats

You've just started trying to climb socially and it's not time to offend anyone. Remember that you will be interacting with people with different backgrounds, beliefs and habits - and that your online profile is probably not the best platform to convince others that your political and religious views are right. Be positive and don't hurt anyone.

Method 3 of 4: Creating Social Bonds

Become a Socialite Step 15

Step 1. Have good manners

If you're invited to dinner, bring a gift or product, such as wine or dessert, and pay attention to the rules of etiquette. Don't fiddle with your cell phone when someone says something and be friendly and cordial to everyone.

Become a Socialite Step 16

Step 2. don't do drama with other people in social circles.

Talking bad about others behind their backs and walking away from friends to advance further in this world are the worst things a socialite can do. Don't be the kind of person who needs to go above and beyond to feel good.

When someone tries to gossip with you, say, "From my point of view, he's a wonderful person" or "I don't know her that well, but she seems nice." Only speak positive comments and don't say anything bad about others - or it could all come back and haunt you in the future

Become a Socialite Step 17

Step 3. Be charming and memorable when talking to people

Try to form close bonds with everyone you meet; it may be that you have common points of interest that facilitate the relationship.

Become a Socialite Step 18

Step 4. Reach out to people who can expand your social circle

First, take advantage of your connections at school/college, at work, or in the family. Make your presence felt in these people's lives whenever possible and ask them to introduce you to friends and acquaintances.

Ask for the contact information of people you know and invite them to lunch or go out. That way, when they plan a party or some other event, they'll put your name on the list

Become a Socialite Step 19

Step 5. Create true and lasting bonds of friendship

Don't forget the friends you already had just because you're expanding your social circle. You will need someone who understands this desire to be a socialite and who can support the process no matter what.

Become a Socialite Step 20

Step 6. Date someone who understands your ambition

Common sense says that everyone's ideal is to date (and marry) rich people. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have money and connections, but you shouldn't just look for that in your love life. Try to find someone you love and who is at least a little interested in your social goals of meeting new people and things, joining more elegant circles, and so on.

Become a Socialite Step 21

Step 7. Take photos with other influential people

Post them to your personal social networks or pose for photographers at the events you attend. Hopefully, they will end up in the pages of an important newspaper or magazine. Act with peace of mind and confidence.

Say, "We look really good today. Someone needs to register this" or "I need to take one more picture today. Will you come with me?"

Become a Socialite Step 22

Step 8. Be confident

The best way to avoid appearing desperate to meet people is to be self-confident. Maintain an upright posture and act as if you know what you are doing. If you believe in yourself, so will others.

Method 4 of 4: Choosing a Professional Field and Volunteering

Become a Socialite Step 23

Step 1. Take some degree course

If possible, study at a respected public institution - but do your studies well, wherever you go. Opt for something in the arts and languages. As a socialite, you have to be able to argue about whatever topic is hot or more abstract.

  • Make friends and connections with college people. You will come across a lot of interesting and powerful people in this environment, which can help kick-start your social career.
  • If you can't go to college, read books, explore the internet and talk to people a lot. Those who are persistent can educate themselves to gain more knowledge.
Become a Socialite Step 24

Step 2. Choose a profession that catches people's attention

Opt for something in the areas of entertainment, fashion or the fine arts. If that's not possible, at least choose a field that piques your interest. By talking about work with others, you will be able to show your devotion and thus be more memorable without forcing yourself.

Become a Socialite Step 25

Step 3. Think of a social cause that interests you

The most successful socialites are those who sponsor causes that matter. Think about how you want to help the community - providing shelter for homeless people, caring for the environment, raising funds for animal shelters, etc. Do research in the area where you live and find out who to turn to.

Become a Socialite Step 26

Step 4. Convince other socialites to contribute to the cause

Show people what you're doing through social media and word of mouth. Say, "I just started helping a wonderful charity. I think you could help too."

Become a Socialite Step 27

Step 5. Participate or promote charity events

Many such institutions hold charitable events to honor sponsors and attract more support for the cause. Donate money to get an invite and talk to everyone you meet.

Take and post your own professional photos with local photographers


  • Don't be discouraged if you don't come from a wealthy family; not all socialites are that lucky. Fortunately, today anyone can dominate social scenes with attributes such as charm, authenticity and persistence, which are more important than money.
  • Despite the glamour, the world of social elites can be futile and treacherous. If you find yourself drifting away from core values, you might want to reassess your priorities. Don't get lost and remember that life is not all about being famous.

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