How to Reinvent Your Aesthetic Style

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How to Reinvent Your Aesthetic Style
How to Reinvent Your Aesthetic Style

Reinventing your aesthetic style is fun and necessary to reflect how much you've grown and changed. Maybe you're tired of the old look or just want to update it a bit. It doesn't matter what style you want to adopt: just take and add pieces to your wardrobe. Then enhance the change with a new haircut or hairstyle. Finish the process of taking care of details, such as changing the way you put on makeup (if you wear makeup) and doing your nails.


Method 1 of 3: Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 1

Step 1. Tidy up your wardrobe and donate or sell the things you no longer use

Look at everything you have in your wardrobe to see what goes into your old style and what fits into the new style you want to adopt.

Try taking everything out of your closet and putting it on the bed so you can analyze it piece by piece. If you have something you like and want to keep, put it back in your closet. If you find something you don't like to use anymore, put it on the donation or sale pile

Tip: Remember that complementing the wardrobe you already have will be much cheaper and easier than buying everything new. You can customize the old clothes by making alterations, dyeing them or combining them with other pieces.

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 2

Step 2. Follow fashion icons on social media to get inspired

If you're thinking about what you want your new style to look like, follow trendy people on social media like Instagram or Twitter. See what they're wearing, and if you see something you like, see if the person left the link to the store where they bought the piece.

  • If a piece is too expensive, look for similar ones in popular stores or thrift stores.
  • Check out magazines and Pinterest for inspiration too. Save the images of the pieces you want to incorporate them into your new style.
Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 3

Step 3. Identify new outfits that reflect the style you want to adopt

As soon as you buy some new pieces in the new style, start incorporating them into your wardrobe. Combine them to create the look you want. When formulating your style, decide whether you want to change everything or expand your current wardrobe.

For example, maybe you already have the style you want, but you want to cut it to make it even more personalized. Or maybe you've been dressed up all your life and now want to adopt a more vintage and retro style

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 4

Step 4. Invest in a new bag or pair of shoes to easily update your style

If you don't have the money to go clothes shopping now or are just looking for another way to change your aesthetic, buy a bag or a pair of shoes. These accessories stand out more than other pieces, so just swapping one or both of them can create a significant change in your visual style.

  • For example, you can swap a plain black bag for a bright red one, or take off your beige shoe and put on a pair of black boots.
  • Think about the look you want and which pieces would be most effective in achieving it.
Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 5

Step 5. Buy a new jacket that you can wear with various outfits

A jacket is a great investment as it can be worn with many different outfits. Choose one that reflects your new style and that you love to wear!

  • For example, you can choose a black leather jacket if you want a bolder, sportier look, or a stylish blazer if you want a sleeker, more professional look.
  • Take into account your city's climate as well. If it's cold where you live, choose a warmer jacket that you can put on over other blouses and wear both fall and winter.
  • If your region is warm, choose a lighter jacket that you can wear over a tank top or t-shirt and, when it's cold, work as a single blouse.
Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 6

Step 6. Choose some new jewelry or accessories

Costume jewelry and jewelry add details to the look and can change it a lot. Pick a few new pieces that emphasize the style you want to adopt and wear them with your new or old clothes to change their style. If you're not a big fan of jewelry, choose a watch, tie, hat, scarf, or other new accessory to reflect your style.

For example, if you want a classic and retro look, wear a pair of pearl earrings. If you want a bolder style, opt for a choker or rivet bracelet

Method 2 of 3: Change Your Hair

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 7

Step 1. Change the way your hair is parted

This may seem insignificant, but changing the way you trim your hair can give your face another look. If you tend to part your hair in half, try to leave it aside. If you wear your hair on the side, try having it parted in the middle.

The hair parted in the middle frames the face, while the side hairstyles will accentuate one side of the face and bring different features to the fore

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 8

Step 2. Make a hairdo to explore how your hair would look short

If your hair is long and you're thinking about cutting it short, try a tight hairstyle that simulates short cuts. This can change your look a lot without actually cutting your hair. This is a great option for those who don't want to commit to a short cut or who want to try out their look first.

Use bobby pins to secure your hair underneath

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 9

Step 3. Try making a bangs or pinning your bangs back

If you don't have bangs, ask the hairdresser for one on the next cut. If so, try tying it back to make it look like it doesn't have bangs. Any of these options will change your look a lot.

Use a dab of hair gel and a few hairpins to secure your bangs if you want to pretend you don't have them

Tip: If you think you might like to cut a fringe but aren't sure, try making a long side fringe. It is easier to throw or clip to the side because of its length.

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 10

Step 4. Straighten or curl your hair

If your hair is curly, frizzy or wavy, use a flat iron to straighten it and change your look drastically. If your hair is naturally smooth, make curls to get a new look. Try doing the opposite of the current hairstyle.

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 11

Step 5. Make a new cut to update the look

Cutting your hair is one of the easiest ways to reinvent yourself. If you want a subtle change, trim the edges and do something a little different, like layering. If you want something radical, make a cut above the shoulders or joãozinho in your long strands. Think about what you want to try and save photos of cuts you liked.

Try searching the internet for haircut pictures. Save the images on your cell phone so you can show it to the hairdresser when it's time to cut

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 12

Step 6. Change your hair color if you want to radicalize

Painting the strands tends to draw even more attention than a new cut, as it can highlight your eyes, make your skin tone look different and contribute to your new style, such as making you more traditional or bold. Look for coloring photos, save the ones you like the most and choose one of them.

Coloring in the salon can be quite expensive, but it will definitely make your look very different. If you prefer, you can try dyeing your hair at home to make your transformation cheaper

Method 3 of 3: Make different makeups

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 13

Step 1. Dare to do more eye makeup

If you don't usually wear a lot of makeup in the eye area or have been stuck with the same techniques for a while, try something completely different. Use black eyeliner if you don't like using this product or try eye shadow shades you've never used before.

For example, if you always wear the same shade covers almost every day, try a shade of green. If black eyeliner is a constant on your necessaire, try wearing blue or brown

Tip: Some people swear that false eyelashes make the eyes more striking and transform the look. If you've never used false eyelashes, try putting them on after you've finished your makeup, or apply a few layers of volume mask to make your natural lashes look bigger.

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 14

Step 2. Highlight your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil

Highlighting your eyebrows can further enhance your eyes. Try filling in the missing areas with a pencil that matches the shade of your eyebrow hair. This will make your eyes even more prominent and change your look.

You don't need to use a lot of pencils. A small amount of the product will enhance the eyebrows enough for people to notice

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 15

Step 3. use a red lipstick to highlight your face and enhance your lips.

Red lipsticks look good on just about anyone, but some people shy away from them because they're too flashy. If you don't usually wear shades of red in your mouth, choose one you like and give it a try.

If red is too bold for you, try shades of coral or hot pink to give your lips a pretty, eye-catching color

Reinvent Your Style Aesthetic Step 16

Step 4. Do your nails to finish your new style

Finishing your transformation by changing your nails is a great way to complete it. Depending on what you want, you can use a colorful and flashy nail polish, a neutral and more natural color or just cut, sand and leave your nails well-groomed to finish the look.

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