How to Look Like Effy Stonem: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Look Like Effy Stonem: 5 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Look Like Effy Stonem: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

If you like the Skins series, but mostly like its style and clothes and in general, who the character Effy is like, here's some tips if you want to look a little more like Effy.


Dress and Look Like Effy Stonem Step 1

Step 1. Change your hair

Effy has beautiful straight dark brown hair, neither short nor too long: medium hair. With a few waves, a bit rebellious style, more like wavy - it's usually smooth. She manages to leave her hair in an elegant mess that manages to match her looks. If you want to resemble your hair to Effy's, it's worth investing in a dark brown color, straightening it (as much as your hair has waves and a look of a bit wild and well-groomed, your natural hair is totally straight); her hair is always shiny, too, and while it has a natural rebellious look, it's visibly well cared for. It's worth betting on good shampoos and conditioners according to your hair type to treat them, apply products on your damp hair to help give it a wavy air.

Dress and Look Like Effy Stonem Step 3

Step 2. Take care of your body

Effy is pretty thin, but remember that the actress who plays her is a real-life model; it doesn't go so far as to show bones and stuff, but it's pretty thin. Don't try to lose weight the wrong way or desperately. It is important to lose weight, but look for help. Do not try to do it alone, as you may be at risk for bulimia and anorexia if you are irritated by the delay in the results. And, for example, if you're a bit plump or have more detailed bodies like a guitar, you don't need to lose weight, after all, you don't need to be the same in every detail; be yourself and have your beautiful body.

Dress and Look Like Effy Stonem Step 2

Step 3. Make up

Effy always does a more grunge and rock style makeup, always with her blue eyes highlighted by a darker eyeshadow. In your eyes, bet on dark and striking shadows with the help of lines of eyeliner and black pencil, smudging. Her best known makeup is with eyeliner, eyeliner, mascara, lighter shadows detailing and a little dark to give a contrast, blush with that natural touch. It's a little difficult to explain her makeup step by step, but if you look on YouTube for Effy Stonem makeup, you'll find several videos in English; they have the most important thing, showing how to do it. You don't need to be an English expert to do it, just pay attention to what they pass (products).

Dress and Look Like Effy Stonem Step 4

Step 4. Check your personality

Effy is very confident of herself; he doesn't talk much and he doesn't waste words, but he's not afraid to say what he thinks. With a unique personality, he is a very observant person, has a striking look of his own and a sensual look that could seduce a man just by looking at him.

Dress and Look Like Effy Stonem Step 6

Step 5. Follow your style

Effy likes to wear rock or grunge clothes, but she ends up getting a style of her own by mixing her clothes; is very fond of accessories such as necklaces, especially loaded ones (for example, with two loops or more). She doesn't wear overly flashy or showy earrings, but she also likes a lot of bracelets, boots, heels, and bags. It manages to match the rock style, which is more dark with more basic colors, such as blue. She walks more with black and blue blouses, with short skirts and tights always complementing her look, in addition to always having a black nail polish on her nail.


Although Effy is dark, blue-eyed and quite pale, try to do this by keeping the way you are; it will be a totally beautiful style, different and new


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