5 Ways to Dress Well in College (For Boys)

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5 Ways to Dress Well in College (For Boys)
5 Ways to Dress Well in College (For Boys)

A good wardrobe and a sense of style can help you make new friends, flirt, and gain the admiration of your peers. To dress well, start by choosing a style that suits your personal taste. Your clothes won't look genuine if they don't match your personality, so be true to who you are. With a little confidence, you can make any outfit look stylish! Come on?


Method 1 of 5: Preppy Style

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 1

Step 1. Focus on collared shirts, such as polo shirts and dress shirts

The preppy style is quite popular among men who want to dress up well but not attract too much attention. Choose pieces that fit well, opting for a variety of solid tones or simple prints, without anything too flamboyant.

  • Popular brands for the style include Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.
  • In summer, give preference to pastel tones, such as gray, salmon and green.
  • This style works well in different environments without drawing too much attention to itself.
  • Avoid wearing T-shirts under your shirts - especially in the summer, when you can open the top buttons and show a bit of your chest, without overdoing it, of course.
Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 2

Step 2. Give preference to khaki twill shorts

The mauricinho style tends to focus on very simple bass parts, neither wide nor tight. Buy khaki pants and shorts that match your blouses and shirts. When looking for shorts, choose one that is just above the knee.

  • When buying jeans, look for a slim model that fits your waist.
  • A preppy look can be turned into a geek style with a watch and dark-rimmed glasses.
Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 3

Step 3. For shoes, look for loafers and other slip-on styles, preferably brown leather

A well-made pair is worth a lot, both for more formal and casual occasions. For everyday use, choose a canvas model with a pretty color or sneakers that don't look too bad.

Every preppy needs a nice pair of sunglasses. Look for an aviator or wayfarer style model to complete your look


No sports shoes, especially if they are detonated or dirty, as this will spoil the whole look.

Method 2 of 5: Hipster Style

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 4

Step 1. Wear vintage t-shirts or flannel shirts

As much as some people twist their lips to the term "hipster", the truth is that this style is usually quite attractive and diverse. Look for "worn" t-shirts and shirts to give an original vibe around. The more diverse your style, the better.

  • If you want to create a hipster-grunge style, buy your clothes at local thrift stores. No department store shopping or you'll look just like everyone else!
  • To create a really hipster style, also focus on weird pieces. Ironic prints that reference old TV shows or memes are great options.
  • Denim jackets are great for the hipster or grunge look, but avoid wearing two shades of jeans at the same time. If you're going to wear a jacket, wear black twill pants.
Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 5

Step 2. Buy ripped jeans

The bottom is very free for the hipster style, just choose something that complements the shirt you're wearing. Still, know that worn jeans go with just about everything! Sports pants are also great options.

When in doubt, choose slim jeans, as they are more versatile. Still, it's okay to use looser cuts

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 6

Step 3. Wear high-top sneakers or canvas shoes

When choosing shoes, go for the tall ones that don't have a mistake! They don't even need to be clean, as dirt complements the look. Canvas sneakers work with different models, being very versatile.

  • Clothes that are normally not considered stylish, such as hats, work well in the hipster style.
  • To dress hipster and stay in fashion, also wear a gold necklace or chic sneakers.


To be successful with the hipster style, the idea is to seem like you don't care about anything, so wear your old sneakers too.

Method 3 of 5: Rocker Style

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 7

Step 1. Wear ripped t-shirts and tank tops with band prints

The classic rocker style goes a long way with the famous "black band shirts". It's okay to also wear flannel shirts and leather jackets, as long as everything is in dark tones.

  • The punk style is more aggressive, usually represented by clothes with more rips and rivets.
  • The rocker is usually more conservative than the punk and emo, wearing clothes that are more fitting to the body.
  • The emo style is more subversive, usually with tight clothing and makeup.
Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 8

Step 2. Opt for tight, ripped jeans in addition to black and leather pants

At the bottom, the options are many, but focus on dark tones. If the pants look worn or have tears, great. For a bolder style, wear black and leather pants.

A rivet belt can be the finishing touch to your look


Rock music tends to be more relaxed than punk and emo. It's okay if you want to wear more comfortable pants than tight ones.

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 9

Step 3. Wear canvas boots or sneakers

Leather and rubber boots are the most common choice for contemporary rockers, punks and emos, but any kind of black boot should work. If you prefer to wear sneakers, choose a canvas model like the All-Star.

Method 4 of 5: Urban Style

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 10

Step 1. Buy clothes from well-known hip-hop brands, always in large sizes

Urban style has a lot to do with hip-hop culture, and brands are often more important to this tribe, so pick a few brands you like and buy clothes from them. In this case, anything goes: prints, patterns, solid colors, it just depends on your personal style. Always give preference to large sizes, however.

Popular brands include Supreme, LRG, Carhartt and Stussy


no hip-hop look is complete without a hooded sweatshirt! Black, gray or with a print, whatever!

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 11

Step 2. Choose looser and looser pants, whether they are jeans or sportswear

There are two options for urban jeans: a little smaller than your size or a little bigger than your size. Choose the option you feel most comfortable with. Sports pants will also work if you want a more athletic look.

Your clothes should not be baggy to the point of falling out, but should be at least one number larger than your size

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 12

Step 3. Buy branded shoes and hats

A straight-brimmed cap is the best option for urban styling, and can be complemented with a comfortable hat in the coldest months of the year. For shoes, opt for sneakers from brands like Nike or Adidas to complete the look. Keep hip-hop style by wearing only clean clothes!

Timberland-style boots are also great, especially in winter

Method 5 of 5: "nerd-chic" style

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 13

Step 1. Wear nice shirts and shirts with simple prints

To have style, you don't need to attract too much attention with extravagant pieces. For the nerd-chic look, just choose shirts with casual patterns and shirts with simple, tasteful prints.

  • Avoid dress shirts that look like they belong at work meetings. Remember you are in high school!
  • Nerd-chic is a casual style that is all about nice and comfortable clothes!
  • In cooler months, wear a fleece sweater to complement your look.


if you like computers, games, comics or things like that, focus on that when choosing prints. These things are fashionable and can complement your look well.

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 14

Step 2. Choose simple pants

Donate all your cargo shorts full of pocket on the sides. The idea now is to wear simple and stylish khaki pants. Wool and polyester pants also work, as do jeans.

Dress Cool in High School (for Guys) Step 15

Step 3. Finish the look with canvas sneakers

This is a type of shoe that matches almost any everyday outfit. Gym shoes will do as well, as long as they're not too flashy. For more formal occasions, use loafers.

Unless you're going to the beach, don't wear sandals and sandals


  • Take control of your look. If your parents still choose your clothes, ask to go with them to the stores to voice your opinion.
  • Buy a minimalist and trendy backpack. Big, pocket-sized backpacks can be useful, but they rarely go with neater looks.
  • Be confident and love who you are to get any look out of the lyrics. Many people use fashion and hairstyles to disguise anxieties and look cool. As long as you have confidence in yourself, you will look good in any outfit. It's not an outfit that will make you cool, but your ability to be comfortable in your own body.
  • Notice how other people use your style. If you're not sure where to start or what to buy, look for prominent examples of people who dress your style in magazines, TV shows and on the internet. For a more urban style, watch some hip-hop videos. For a rocker style, watch interviews from your favorite bands.
  • Buy clothes in the style you would like to wear. Go to the mall and visit stores that match the aesthetic you would like to pass. If you want to be preppy, visit stores with Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger products. If you want something more urban, look for stores geared towards the skateboarding public. The important thing is to buy only what you really like - don't try to dress in a different style than yours just to fit in.

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