3 Ways to Earn Your Bird's Trust

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3 Ways to Earn Your Bird's Trust
3 Ways to Earn Your Bird's Trust

Birds are great companions to have around the house. However, if the animal becomes anxious around you or in the new home, you will need to earn its trust. It won't do any good to force any interaction. On the contrary, it would only make the relationship between the two of you worse. In order for the penudinho to be happy and healthy, be patient and build a trusting relationship with him.


Method 1 of 3: Earning the Bird's Trust

Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 1

Step 1. Stay close to him from time to time

Birds are sociable creatures and need time around their owner and other birds. However, if you have recently acquired it, it may not be that he trusts you very much yet. Stay close to him as much as you can so that he starts to feel more relaxed in your presence and starts to trust you more.

  • Read a book or do some other quiet activity near the cage.
  • Gently talk to him so that he gets used to your voice.
  • To be happy, birds need to socialize.
Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 2

Step 2. Learn to read his body language

Some birds know how to imitate human vocalization, but their communication is done through body language. Learn what his every move means so you can identify when he is uncomfortable or nervous. If he shows signs of irritation, get away for a bit and come back another time.

  • When angry, birds expand their tails and hiss.
  • Other signs of irritation are leaning in the corner, moving your body up and down, baring your feathers, and lowering your crest.
  • Some birds lower their heads close to the body. This is a sign that he is comfortable and open to receiving a pat.
Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 3

Step 3. Give the bird snacks

A good way to reward your pet's good behavior and build friendship is to give your pet treats. When the little penudy demonstrates courage and good behavior, offer him a little treat so that he likes you more.

  • Find out what he likes to eat the most. Offer different snacks and see which he likes the most.
  • Give fruits, vegetables and seeds.
Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 4

Step 4. Let the animal out of the cage

When he's more comfortable in your presence and in his new environment, try letting him out of the cage. He will feel more at ease with the house and will begin to trust you more.

  • Hold a piece of food in your hand near the cage door.
  • Don't look him in the eye so he doesn't get nervous.
  • Do not force him out of the cage. Let him go out on his own.
  • Preventively, trim the bird's wings so it doesn't run away or bump into a wall when flying.
  • If it stays in the cage too long, the bird will have difficulty getting out of it.

Method 2 of 3: Building Trust Through Commands

Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 5

Step 1. Let the bird climb into your hand

The first step is to let him out of the cage. When he climbs into your hand, use your other hand as a step to teach him how to step forward.

  • As soon as he leaves the cage, offer one hand as a platform.
  • Make slow movements and don't scare the bird.
Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 6

Step 2. Bring your other hand closer to him

The purpose of the command is to teach you how to go from one hand to the other. Bring your other hand closer to him and offer it as a platform for him to step forward. During the procedure, keep the following in mind:

  • If he bites you, pull your hand back toward your body.
  • Place your hand just above where the bird's legs meet its body.
  • Keep your hand straight and level.
Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 7

Step 3. Reward the bird for taking the step

Whenever he obeys you, reward him. The tidbit will make him understand that stepping forward into the other hand brings a reward. While training the bird, reward it whenever it obeys you. That way you will get better results.

  • Always try to give the bird its favorite treat.
  • Birds love seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 8

Step 4. Practice often

If you don't train him enough, he will start to forget the command or not even learn it. Whenever you notice that the bird is calm, stay close to it, cultivate the bonds and reinforce the command previously taught. The aim is to reinforce the trust he is creating.

Method 3 of 3: Maintaining the Bird's Confidence

Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 9

Step 1. Don't force him to do anything

Pet birds also have a mind of their own. Be patient. Never force him to do anything unwillingly. Otherwise, he will be uncomfortable, lose confidence in you, and replace it with fear.

If you force him to do something he doesn't want, you're likely to get a bite

Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 10

Step 2. Don't yell or hit the hair

Even if he frustrates you, never hit or yell at him. He won't understand anything. Also, the trust between you will go into space. Be kind and patient when dealing with the animal so that you always have a good relationship.

Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 11

Step 3. Avoid tricking the bird

So that he doesn't lose trust in you, always be “honest” with him. If you make him think you're going to do something and do something else, he'll lose confidence. During any interactions with the bird, give consistent and clear commands.

Gain Your Bird's Trust Step 12

Step 4. When the bird gets angry, get away

You guys are going to have a lot of fun together. However, when he becomes tired or irritated for any reason, showing signs of discomfort, put him back in the cage immediately. Let him rest for a while before interacting with him again.


  • Always be patient with the bird.
  • Spend a lot of time around him.
  • Reward him whenever he behaves well.
  • Teach some tricks like the next step to build the relationship between you.


  • Never force him to do something unwillingly.
  • Do not hit or yell at the bird.

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