How to Prevent Birds from Hitting Your Windows: 5 Steps

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How to Prevent Birds from Hitting Your Windows: 5 Steps
How to Prevent Birds from Hitting Your Windows: 5 Steps

Many small birds, including the thrush and cardinals there, are territorial and end up flying with everything in the direction of glass to frighten their own reflections, thinking they are enemy birds. This problem tends to get worse during the mating season, but it is not restricted to it. Know that there are some measures to avoid this type of situation, at home or at work, as well as products tested by ornithologists that help prevent collisions with windows. Keep reading to learn more.


Method 1 of 4: Adapting Windows

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 1

Step 1. Glue some tape to the outside of the window

Use waterproof white tape to cover your windows vertically, spacing the strips about 4 inches apart. Thus, the bird will be able to understand that it is a glass and will not fly towards it.

  • If you prefer to use black tape, place the strips about 2.5 cm apart.
  • Look at a pet store for specific tapes for this type of incident, if you prefer.
Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 2

Step 2. Place bird stickers on the outside of a window

These stickers are a very quick and easy way to protect glass surfaces, but it's important to place them close together - about a foot. Cover the entire window with the stickers, as few units will not have the desired effect.

Look for these stickers at pet stores and bird-specific stores. It should be possible to find decals with the silhouettes of all types of birds. look for models colored in the ultraviolet spectrum, as they will be transparent to the human eye, but will be visible to birds.

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 3

Step 3. Sponge soap or glass paint on the outside of the window

Another very effective way to keep birds away from your glass is to put a layer of soap on the outside of your glass, creating a visible film for the birds. The downside of this method, however, is the need to repeat it several times a week.

Another option is to paint the window with glass paint or a temper paint. Take advantage of this fun art project to create interesting patterns on the window, covering the entire surface with paint to eliminate reflections that can cause birds to fly towards the glass

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 4

Step 4. Install a film on the outside of the window

Cover the entire surface of the glass with a plastic film to eliminate reflections. Look for a model that keeps light coming in through the window but eliminates glare from the outside; this way, your house will not be dark and you will avoid problems with the birds.

Some films contain patterns, such as squares and stripes, that help repel birds even further. Installing this type of product can help create a window that is visually interesting and protected from birds

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 5

Step 5. Install a screen on the window

There are several screens available to protect windows from birds. Give preference to a dark screen that can be installed outside the window, so that the product is more effective. Be aware that you can customize these screens so that they cover your home's windows well.

Buy a bird warding screen of a durable, lightweight material such as polypropylene and install it within 2 inches of your windows

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 6

Step 6. Install external shutters or window coverings

If your windows don't have any kind of coverage, this can be a great solution to the problem. Leave the blinds closed when you're not home so that no birds get caught in the windows. This can also be a great option to keep the house warm during the coldest times of the year.

You can also install awnings to shade the windows and block reflections, making the birds see that the window is glass and not another bird, preventing accidents

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 7

Step 7. Replace the glass with an ultraviolet and patterned model

A more permanent solution is to replace your window glass with a model with an ultraviolet cross pattern, unnoticeable to human eyes but visible to birds. Despite being the most expensive option of all, this is also a permanent solution.

  • This type of window can be found on the internet or in building supply stores.
  • If you're going to change the windows, bet on an installation slightly angled, so that the windows are vertical, but turned a little downwards. This way, the glass will reflect the ground rather than the sky and trees, which should help keep birds away without obstructing their view.

Method 2 of 4: Adapting Your Home

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 8

Step 1. Move your indoor plants away from windows

If you have a lot of pots in your home that are near the windows, move them away from the glass. Many birds see these plants and try to fly to them to use them as a hiding place. It's just as well that birds try to perch on plants, not realizing that there is a glass in the middle of the way.

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 9

Step 2. Close curtains and blinds whenever possible

It's always a good idea to keep the blinds closed during the day to discourage birds from flying into the windows. This way, the bird will understand that there is something in the way and will not fly all the way towards the glass are there.

If you have vertical blinds at home, it's a good idea to keep them closed during the day - or at least closed halfway through the window

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 10

Step 3. Turn off the lights you are not using

Keep the house dark at night by turning off the lights in rooms that are empty. This way, you stop attracting birds with internal lighting and avoid accidents.

Method 3 of 4: Using Feeders and Other Objects

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 11

Step 1. Place bird feeders or bowls about one meter from the windows

It may seem counterproductive to try to lure birds to the window, but placing these utensils for them to eat or bathe close to your home can minimize the dangers. If these utensils are too far apart, the bird may end up flying with even more force and speed towards the glass.

  • To further minimize bird impacts, look for feeders that can be attached directly to the glass.
  • Another option to reduce the impact is to place the feeders and bathing basins about 10 meters from the windows. These utensils will attract birds and distract them, preventing them from flying towards your home.
Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 12

Step 2. Hang wind chimes in front of windows

Buy some bright, noisy wind chimes to install on the fronts of your windows, keeping birds away.

If you want to make your own bells, hang some CDs or thin reflective plastic strips in front of the windows. Another good option is to hang aluminum dishes in front of windows to keep birds away

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 13

Step 3. Hang tree branches in front of the window

If you want to keep the birds away with a more rustic and natural style, bet on some twigs. Hang them on string a few inches in front of the windows, keeping birds away without completely obstructing your view of your home.

Method 4 of 4: Installing Ornithologist Approved Systems

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 14

Step 1. Buy a window protector made of parachute rope

The American company Acopian has developed a simple window protection system called BirdSavers that consists of a series of vertical cords hanging evenly spaced in front of the window. The product is easy to install as long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  • BirdSavers are highly effective and are recommended by researchers and ornithologists.
  • The product is not available for sale in Brazil or Europe, it is necessary to import it from the USA through the official website:
Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 15

Step 2. Create your own BirdSavers if you prefer to save

If you're looking to get your hands dirty and create your own window protector, you'll need dark parachute rope and some vinyl mounts. Measure the window frame and cut the brackets to the right length. Drill the holes needed to hang the brackets and pass the strings vertically in front of the window - ideally space the strings about 10 cm apart. Thread the wires through the holes, tie knots and hang them.

  • You can hang the brackets on the walls using screws or adhesive velcros.
  • As an alternative to vinyl brackets you can use a PVC pipe or a piece of wood.
  • Another alternative is to use a piece of parachute rope to use as a support.
Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 16

Step 3. Use a nylon shield if you want a shield that draws less attention

The Bird Crash Preventers system is a competitor to BirdSavers and is also approved by bird specialists. It is a simple nylon grid that is quite visible to birds, but practically invisible to the human eye. Assemble the nylon lines around your window and install them with a bracket, similar to the previous Step.

If you prefer, you can buy Bird Crash Preventers from the official website - available for import only:

Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 17

Step 4. Stick round stickers on your window

This type of protector, approved by experts in bird conservation, consists of a series of white circular decals that must be applied throughout the window. You can install it yourself or ask a professional for help.

  • The ideal is to use adhesives that maintain the adhesion, come sun, rain, without damaging the glass in the removal as well.
  • Although you can create your own stickers, you can also import the Feather Friendly system from the official website:
Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows Step 18

Step 5. For more decorative protection, bet on horizontal or vertical lines

The American company Solyx created Bird-Safety Film, which are nothing more than decorative stickers that can be glued to your window, creating interesting designs that keep birds away. You can import the sticker and install it yourself, or you can create your own.

  • Although there is no such product on the Brazilian market, it is possible to import Bird-Safety Film, which is tested and approved by US bird protection institutions.
  • To access the product's official website, click here:


Hanging sun catchers or stained glass are good options for keeping birds away, although less effective than the above Methods. The bigger the piece, the better, however


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