How to Get a Rabbit's Smell Off: 7 Steps

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How to Get a Rabbit's Smell Off: 7 Steps
How to Get a Rabbit's Smell Off: 7 Steps

Does your rabbit smell bad? Finding the cause of this issue can help you resolve it.


Stop a Rabbit from Smelling Step 1

Step 1. Smell the rabbit

A healthy rabbit shouldn't smell bad, as unlike most pets, it naturally has no odor. If he smells bad, it is possible that you are not taking care of him properly or that he is sick.

Stop a Rabbit from Smelling Step 10

Step 2. Teach the rabbit to use the litter box to ensure that the odor of droppings is contained

Use cat litter. Avoid using clay or wood chips, as this type of material can be harmful to the rabbit's health. The rabbit must also be neutered. When not neutered, rabbits generally avoid using the litter box, in addition to running serious health risks such as cancer.

Stop a Rabbit from Smelling Step 2

Step 3. clean the rabbit cage at least once or twice a week.

Change all the bedding.

Stop a Rabbit from Smelling Step 9

Step 4. Rinse the litter box and other areas with white or apple cider vinegar to eliminate the bad smell

Stop a Rabbit from Smelling Step 5

Step 5. If the rabbit's bad odor persists even after neutering and cleaning the cage, have the rabbit checked by the veterinarian

A rabbit usually doesn't smell bad - any odor is a possible sign of serious medical problems. Take the rabbit to a veterinarian who has experience with this type of animal. If you don't know an experienced veterinarian, ask for recommendations at a rabbit shelter.

Stop a Rabbit from Smelling Step 4

Step 6. If the rabbit is sick and the back of the rabbit is dirty, gently wash it with warm water or baby wipes

Use your hands to wet the matted hair. It may be necessary to ask someone else to help hold the rabbit while you clean. This type of cleaning should only be performed when absolutely necessary for medical reasons, otherwise it is not necessary to bathe your rabbit! Rabbits shouldn't get too wet: bathing them can result in serious health problems, such as hypothermia. Putting the rabbit in water can also cause a heat shock and cause it to have a heart attack.

Stop a Rabbit from Smelling Step 6

Step 7. Don't leave the rabbit out of the cage

Today's pet rabbits are different from their ancestors and are unable to survive in the wild; keeping a rabbit out of the house will cut its life expectancy by roughly half. Outer cages are also more difficult to clean and increase the rabbit's risk of contracting various diseases.


  • Remember that a healthy rabbit will not smell bad. If this is the case for your rabbit, he is not receiving proper care or is sick and should be taken to the veterinarian immediately.
  • Neuter the rabbit to improve its hygiene, increase the animal's life expectancy and reduce its chances of getting serious illnesses.


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