How to Treat Fleas in Rabbits: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Treat Fleas in Rabbits: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Treat Fleas in Rabbits: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Rabbits can be attacked by fleas, just like dogs and cats. Generally, they come from other animals, as fleas can "jump" from one pet to another; still, rabbits can get them after being taken somewhere, like a house, a garden, or even a veterinarian's office. When you realize that your rabbit has fleas, it is necessary to use appropriate treatments for that animal and get them exterminated. If you have other pets in the house, you also need to treat them (as well as your house) to prevent these pests from returning.


Part 1 of 3: Using Basic Treatments

Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits Step 1

Step 1. Try topical medications

One way to fight fleas is through topical remedies, as long as you consult a veterinarian first, as in most cases they are meant for dogs and cats. However, it is common that they can also be used for rabbits and purchased at the veterinarian or pet stores.

  • The main topical remedies are: Advantage, Program Plus and Revolution. This last fight not only fleas, but also mites, that is, it is a little more advantageous. Advantage, on the other hand, may not do much good for the skin of some rabbits, causing unwanted reactions.
  • Apply the medicine to the "nape" of the rabbit. He cannot lick this part of his body (there is a risk of stomach irritation if he ingests it).
Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits Step 2

Step 2. Use a flea comb

This item has several metal “teeth” that are closer together than regular combs; although it does not remove all insects, it will improve the problem. Run the flea comb through the rabbit's fur and, when removing the fleas, drown them in hot soapy water or alcohol. Wash the comb with water and run it through the pet's fur again.

Buy this comb at any pet store

Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits Step 3

Step 3. Apply a spray, solution or powder

Some sprays and powders can be used on rabbits, but it is best to consult a veterinarian first; it is important to choose one that is not harmful to the animal, and only the professional is able to carry out this recommendation. Sometimes your veterinarian can apply for you.

However, certain veterinarians may not recommend such treatments, as rabbits are uncomfortable with baths and sometimes try to lick and remove the products

Part 2 of 3: Choosing animal-healthy products

Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits Step 4

Step 1. Avoid Frontline spray

Some flea treatments are not harmful to rabbits, but this remedy should not be applied at all as it can cause a number of adverse symptoms.

Using products that were not recommended can be dangerous to the rabbit, with the possibility of even killing it

Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits Step 5

Step 2. Run away from items with permethrin or organophosphate compounds

Both ingredients can be found in flea killing products, especially powders or solutions. However, they are harmful to rabbits, that is, it is important to carefully analyze the active ingredients of the medicine before applying it to the animal.

Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits Step 6

Step 3. Anti-flea collars are also not recommended, although they seem to be a good choice, as the treatment is always “at hand”

Still, they can irritate the rabbit's skin, even causing burns. Also, if the pet chews the collar, there is a risk that it will get hurt.

Part 3 of 3: Exterminating the fleas from your house

Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits Step 7

Step 1. treat other animals of the House.

If the rabbit has fleas, most likely his other pets in the house were also attacked. Owners of dogs or cats, for example, should treat them with the rabbit so that one does not infect the other again.

Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits Step 8

Step 2. When fleas remain in an environment, the rabbit can be infested again

Thus, it is necessary to treat that area again. When trying a homemade method (such as sprays or sprays), leave the pet away for a day.

Boric acid and diatomite are options for carpet fleas. Start by vacuuming and dusting the area until you reach the carpet; there, let it sit for at least 30 minutes and vacuum again

Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits Step 9

Step 3. Hire a specialized flea service

There are professionals who work in the field of pest control; first, check with the company about the effect of the products they use on pets. It may be necessary to leave them away from the treated site for a few days.

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