How to Treat a Pomeranian Lulu (with Pictures)

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How to Treat a Pomeranian Lulu (with Pictures)
How to Treat a Pomeranian Lulu (with Pictures)

The Pomeranian lulu is a breed of the "toys" group known for being lively, intelligent and companion, in addition to resembling a fox. Another easy to recognize trait of this adorable breed is the fur, which looks plush. Lulu has a double layer of fur, with the underlayer formed by a thick, soft coat that supports the upper, straight and coarse coat., she will look pretty and give the lulu the cute look that is the breed's trademark. The following steps are a guide to help anyone learning to treat a Pomeranian lulu.


Part 1 of 5: Cleaning the ears and trimming the nails

Groom a Pomeranian Step 1

Step 1. Clean Pomeranian lulu ears

To begin, clean the animal's ears with a cotton swab dipped in an alcohol-free cleaning solution. Just lift the dog's ear to expose the skin and clean it carefully.

  • Never place cotton swabs or cotton swabs in the dog's ear canal. If the animal moves suddenly, the cotton swab can penetrate the ear and damage the hearing.
  • The non-alcoholic cleaning solution will not burn your puppy's ears.
Groom a Pomeranian Step 2

Step 2. Trim the lulu's nails

Carefully lift the dog's paws from behind and let his leg bend at the joint. It's easier that way than trying to pull your paw from the front. Try to identify the cob (a piece of the dog's "finger", so to speak) and leave 4 to 5 mm of nail to protect it. If you can't see the cob, cut a small piece of nail at a time with the clipper.

  • Use specific clippers for dog nails.
  • Keep the hemostatic powder nearby to stop bleeding if you accidentally cut your nail too much.
Groom a Pomeranian Step 3

Step 3. File the animal's nails

After trimming the lulu's nails, use a dog-specific file and file the dog's nails until smooth. Don't forget to praise the puppy when you're done so he'll be more cooperative the next time you cut his nails.

Part 2 of 5: Bathing lulu

Groom a Pomeranian Step 4

Step 1. Prepare the dog's bath

Bathe the lulu before trimming his nails so that the cutter's blades don't dull due to the oil's hair. But remember that some of this oil is good for the animal's coat. Therefore, only bathe him once every three months, unless more is needed.

Groom a Pomeranian Step 5

Step 2. Bathe lulu in a bathtub

Place a non-slip mat or towel in the bathtub or large sink and fill it with warm water. Lower the dog into the water, but be prepared for his reaction. Some dogs like to bathe; others do not. So it's good to call someone for help.

  • Use a glass or pitcher to slowly pour the water onto the dog, dampening the entire coat, but be careful not to get any water into the ear canal. You can put cotton swabs in the animal's ears to help, but don't push them in too far.
  • Avoid getting water into the dog's eyes.
Groom to Pomeranian Step 6

Step 3. Apply the shampoo

Pass the product all over the animal's body, massaging carefully. Go from the dog's head to tail with a product made specifically for him. Rub all parts of the body, including the tail, belly, feet, etc.

Groom a Pomeranian Step 7

Step 4. Rinse well

It is very important to rinse the Pomeranian lulu well, as unrinsed shampoo residue can cause irritation. If possible, rinse the animal with a shower head to more easily reach the skin and remove all soap.

Groom to Pomeranian Step 8

Step 5. Dry the lulu

Drying the dog well will make the rest of the process easier. You can use the blow dryer or let the animal dry naturally. Don't forget to dry his ears thoroughly with a regular towel or paper towel. If this region is not very dry, it can accumulate parasites, bacteria and fungi.

Groom a Pomeranian Step 9

Step 6. Brush the Pomeranian lulu teeth

Use a dog-specific toothbrush and paste and brush the dog's teeth well. Some dogs don't like having their teeth brushed and may resist. Keep trying for about five minutes a day and, over time, your pet will get used to cleaning your teeth, which will make brushing easier.

  • Don't brush too hard, as dogs' gums are sensitive.
  • Brushing your dog's teeth can help prevent lethal bacterial infections.
Groom to Pomeranian Step 10

Step 7. Apply a product to prevent fleas and ticks

Applying this type of product monthly can help keep your best friend healthy and beautiful. Some shampoos already come with this treatment, while other products can be applied separately.

Part 3 of 5: Brushing Pomeranian lulu

Groom a Pomeranian Step 11

Step 1. Brush the lulu

Use a firm bristle brush or slicker to brush the animal's fur. The most suitable is to brush every day, but the recommended is at least twice a week. Brush outward from the skin, rather than running the brush along the body. Regular brushing helps keep your puppy's fur untangled.

Groom to Pomeranian Step 12

Step 2. Avoid brushing dry hair

It is recommended that you do not brush the Pomeranian lulu hair once it has dried, as this can cause static buildup and remove the protective layer of the hair, causing split ends. Moisten the animal's coat with a leave-in conditioner or a homemade solution made up of 10% good quality conditioner mixed with 90% filtered water.

You can also brush the pet's fur after bathing

Groom a Pomeranian Step 13

Step 3. Comb or cut the knots

After brushing, comb the dog's fur with a fine-toothed metal comb to find knots. You can spray conditioner to see if you can untangle the knot, but if that doesn't work, cut it off with scissors.

Use dog safety scissors and avoid hurting the animal if it makes a sudden movement when you are cutting its fur

Part 4 of 5: Choosing a Style

Groom a Pomeranian Step 14

Step 1. Make a "Little Lion" grooming

It highlights the lion-like appearance that this breed of dog has. The shoulders, face and chest are covered with dense fur, while the hair on the rest of the body is trimmed very close to the skin with a clipper. The tail ends up with a furry tip to complete the lion look.

  • The "mane" needs to be treated regularly so as not to tangle.
  • Be careful not to clip the fur too close to the dog's skin, which can cause sores, ingrown fur, or sunburn.
Groom a Pomeranian Step 15

Step 2. Make the "little boy" grooming

She is also called a "teddy bear". All hair is trimmed to 5 to 7 inches in length, and the face and legs are rounded. This gives the dog a uniform appearance, similar to a teddy bear or puppy.

Groom a Pomeranian Step 16

Step 3. Shave the lulu hair

If the dog's coat becomes matted, it may be necessary to shave off all of his fur. You can also choose to leave it that way if you can't brush it regularly. The downside of this clipping is that when it grows back, the coat may not be as lush as it used to be.

Do not shave the fur down to the dog's fur. Leave a short layer to protect the animal

Groom a Pomeranian Step 17

Step 4. Make a display clip

This grooming is standardized by the kennel club you belong to. It is usually made to show off the animal's natural coat, so it requires minimal maintenance, although a light trimming is allowed to maintain the shape.

  • In general, it is permissible to trim the hair lightly around the feet, eyes and genital areas.
  • Ask for specific directions at the kennel club.

Part 5 of 5: Trimming Pomeranian lulu fur

Groom a Pomeranian Step 18

Step 1. Get the dog to exercise before shaving his fur

Exercising before grooming can cause the animal to move little during the grooming process, which is safer. It may also make the dog more willing to stand still, which will give you more time to finish.

Groom a Pomeranian Step 19

Step 2. Use good quality scissors and clippers

Good quality grooming tools will make the job easier for you and make your pet more comfortable. Good scissors and clippers will do little pulling on the animal's fur and make clean, even cuts. Use the correct blades for the clipper you have and buy the proper sizes for the clipping you intend to make.

Groom a Pomeranian Step 20

Step 3. Introduce the clipper to the animal

Turn the device on close to the dog before using it so that the dog gets used to the sound. Doing this while the animal is young helps train it to be comfortable with the shearer later.

Groom a Pomeranian Step 21

Step 4. Remove excess hair from around eyes, ears and feet

To make it easier, use an electric clipper. Also trim the fur near the genital areas. Read the clipper's user manual to see if you are using the appliance correctly, which includes choosing the right blade for each area to be clipped.

Groom a Pomeranian Step 22

Step 5. Shape the lulu hair using scissors on specific parts

You need to trim and shape the animal's fur to give it that fluffy look that is the breed's trademark. Trim the leg hairs, shape the backside and cut the back, bottom and chest with scissors to achieve the desired effect. You will also need to get the shape of the hairs on the tail, ears and head right.


  • Whenever you need to give your Pomeranian lulu a full bath, be careful not to let the water get into the dog's eyes and ears.
  • Start brushing and grooming lulu from a young age. Thus, the animal is already getting used to the process. Otherwise, he might be scared.
  • When following Pomeranian lulu care tips, be sure to talk to the puppy using kind words and praise him during the process.
  • Treat Pomeranian lulus once a month.


  • Don't give this breed full baths too often. Bathing removes the natural oils from the animal's skin and causes it to become dry and peeling.
  • Beware of excess strength when handling Pomeranian lulu. This intelligent breed always tries to please and doesn't usually take too much trouble to be cared for if you start early and have patience during the process.

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