How to Find Your Puppy's Gender: 11 Steps

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How to Find Your Puppy's Gender: 11 Steps
How to Find Your Puppy's Gender: 11 Steps

Finding out your puppy's gender is a relatively simple task, as long as you know some anatomical characteristics. Handle your puppy with love and care. If possible, wait until he has completed three to four weeks before trying to determine the sex. Your puppy's mother may reject you if you overhandle him before he has had time to bond with her.


Part 1 of 2: Handling Your Puppy

Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 1

Step 1. Handle it carefully

Newborn puppies are very delicate. Handle them with care. They can't see or hear very well until they're a few weeks old, so holding them in your hand can make them nervous or agitated.

  • “Never” take a puppy by the tail! Slide your hand under your pet's body to provide as much support as possible when picking it up.
  • Handle puppies as little as possible during the first two weeks of life. Handling them too much can upset the mother or even harm them.
  • If possible, wait until the puppies are three to four weeks old before trying to determine their sex. By then, they will have had enough time to bond with their mother.
Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 2

Step 2. Hold the puppy with your cupped hands

Lay the puppy on its back in your hands, with its paws in the air. Support the dog's entire body so as not to overload his spine. Do not squeeze the puppy.

  • The task can be made easier if you ask someone to hold the puppy while you carry out identification.
  • You can also lay them on their backs in a warm towel. This will help keep the puppy warm.
Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 3

Step 3. Work quickly

Newborn puppies are not able to maintain their body temperature for several weeks after they are born. They can get cold very easily. Do not keep your puppy away from the mother any longer than necessary. The time limit for newborn puppies varies from five to ten minutes.

Place a thermal blanket, or a bottle of hot water wrapped in a towel, on the puppy's bed to keep it warm

Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 4

Step 4. Watch for any signs of distress

If the puppy shows signs of distress, such as crying or fussing, put him back with the mother immediately. The mother can also suffer if she is not used to humans handling her offspring. If you notice signs (such as barking) that she is suffering, put the puppy with her again.

Part 2 of 2: Finding Out Your Puppy's Gender

Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 5

Step 1. Look at the puppy's belly

You will probably identify the navel. It is usually located in the center of the belly, just below the ribs. If the puppy was born a few days ago, he may have the umbilical cord. After the umbilical cord dries up and falls off (this happens within a few days), it will give way to a small scar on the belly. This scar is a little lighter in color than the rest of the skin and looks a little thicker.

Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 6

Step 2. Look below the navel

If your puppy is male, you will find another raised spot of skin about an inch from the navel. This is the foreskin of the puppy's penis. The foreskin will have a small hole in the center.

  • The foreskin may have small hairs around it or even on its surface.
  • Do not attempt to pull the male puppy's penis until he is six months old. Dogs have a staff. You can damage the penis if you try to manipulate it.
Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 7

Step 3. Look for testicles

Male puppies will have testicles, however you may not be able to feel them until they are eight weeks old. If you can locate the testicles, they will be between the puppy's hind legs.

Depending on the size of your puppy, the testicles will be the size of a bean. Usually, after eight weeks of life, the testicles are closed inside the scrotum

Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 8

Step 4. Place your hand on the puppy's belly

Unlike male puppies, females have flat bellies (not counting the navel). Female puppies do not have a foreskin.

Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 9

Step 5. Examine the rear end of the puppy

The anus is located just below your tail. If your puppy is male, you will only be able to see his anus. If your puppy is a female, you will be able to see a raised area just below the anus. This is the vulva.

The puppies' vulva is small and leaf-shaped. It has a vertical opening. It is usually located between the hind legs. The vulva may have some hairs on its surface

Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 10

Step 6. Disregard the nipples

As with humans and other mammals, both male and female dogs have nipples. They are not indicative of the animal's sex.

Determine the Sex of Puppies Step 11

Step 7. See a veterinarian

Puppies should get their first vaccinations at approximately six weeks of age. If you are unable to determine the sex of your puppy, your veterinarian will be able to help during the routine visit.


  • Running your finger along the puppy's belly is a good way to feel the foreskin. If the puppy's belly has two bumps, one below the other, the puppy is a male. If the pup's belly has only one bulge (the navel), the pup is a female.
  • You may find it easier to examine the puppy while someone else is holding it. Support the animal's body well.


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