How to Untangle Your Dog's Hair Knots: 14 Steps

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How to Untangle Your Dog's Hair Knots: 14 Steps
How to Untangle Your Dog's Hair Knots: 14 Steps

The best way to deal with tangles in your dog's fur is to prevent them from forming in the first place. The knots will only get worse, so they must be removed. If the dog has several knots in its fur, these tips can help to untangle them.


Method 1 of 2: Untangling the tangles

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 1

Step 1. Make sure your dog is calm

Removing hair tangles can be an extremely cumbersome process for him. Dogs have very sensitive skin and, when untangling the knots, it is possible to pull the fur or overload the skin. Strokes your pet, talk to him in a soft tone of voice, and give him a few treats as soon as he starts to deal with the fur.

Try to get the dog to lie down if you can

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 2

Step 2. Apply some detangling spray product

Before starting, you can use a hair conditioning fluid. It helps to undo the knots, making the task of grooming the dog easier. Allow the fluid to act for a few minutes.

This product may not work. It doesn't usually work on us very difficult

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 3

Step 3. Brush the dog

Use an easier gliding brush to find the knots. A brush like this has wire bristles, slightly curved at the ends. Don't let them touch your pet's skin.

The tangles are usually close to the ears, under the neck, under the belly and along the hind legs

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 4

Step 4. Hold the tangle by the base

Take this knot by hand, on the closest part of the dog's skin. Your hand will protect the dog's fur from the tugging and damage that can occur in an attempt to untangle the fur. In addition, it also prevents you from hitting the brush on it, as it is between the brush and the animal's skin.

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 5

Step 5. Untangle the knots with your fingers

When you find a tangle, start by undoing it with your fingers. Remember to be extremely careful. When pulled, they cause pain to the animal's skin. Make the task easier by separating the knot into strands to do a little at a time. It will take some time to do so, so you have to be patient.

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 6

Step 6. Rub cornstarch on the knots

Cornstarch is often used to help untangle. It can help loosen the hair with knots.

You can also try spraying a little coconut oil on each of the knots and then combing them

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 7

Step 7. Try to loosen the knot

When it's so tangled up that your fingers don't even work, try loosening it with a comb or other disentangled tool instead of just brushing it. This helps to break the strands. Place and remove the instrument between the hair buns instead of passing it between them. Start from the tips towards the root. The goal is to loosen the tangle. Don't worry about separating it completely.

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 8

Step 8. Use a detangling comb

After separating as much hair as possible with your fingers, run a comb through the tangle. Start from the root and work towards the tips.

  • If the knot is too hard, start from the ends towards the root to lessen the pressure. Move sideways instead of running the comb straight.
  • Always keep the tangled portion tightly in your hand so you don't pull on the dog's fur.
Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 9

Step 9. Try a comb fork

If the knot doesn't budge after using your fingers and the comb or a brush, try using a fork comb. Gently pass it through the hairs. The comb fork has very sharp teeth that can penetrate and unravel the tangle.

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 10

Step 10. Finish brushing

When you've managed to loosen the knots, use a softer brush to finish. Don't forget to comb in the direction the hair grows. Continue to brush all of your dog's hair.

Method 2 of 2: Cutting the tangles

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 11

Step 1. Use a blade

If the tangle does not come apart with your fingers or a comb or regular comb, try using a razor blade. Continue to hold the tangle at the base. Run the blade to divide the tangle into smaller sections. After that, try trying to undo each part of the knot with your fingers or a comb.

  • Use a hacksaw-like movement when cutting the hair.
  • Be careful when using blade. It is often very sharp and can seriously injure the pet. Always pay attention to the ears, skin folds, looser skin and the tip of the tail.
Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 12

Step 2. Try a clipping machine

If all of the above methods don't work, try the clipping machine. Use it to slowly trim and remove the knot. Such a technique can leave a hole in the animal's fur.

Don't forget to watch carefully while trimming matted hair. Do not cut them too close to the dog's fur

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 13

Step 3. Take the dog to a professional groomer

If matted hair is too difficult to remove or your dog is not cooperating, take him to a groomer. They can groom the dog and use the knowledge, experience, and proper tools to remove the knots more easily than you can.

Brush Mats out of Dog Hair Step 14

Step 4. Avoid using scissors

Although some people suggest using scissors, you should avoid them. You can end up seriously injuring the dog, especially in sensitive areas such as the ears. Scissors can cut the skin, or pull it and hurt it. Even the other tools to untangle the hair are dangerous because of the sharp blades.

If you don't feel confident using these sharp objects on your dog, take him to a professional


  • Always brush and comb long-haired dogs before bathing, otherwise any tangles will get worse when wet.
  • Using a brush is good for superficial brushing. However, it is always necessary to use a metal comb in any type of knot in the hair roots. Be careful and don't pull out the hair. The knots must be removed.
  • Brush your puppy weekly to prevent tangles from forming.
  • When drying the dog, pat him with a towel and wrap him in it. Try to leave it curled for a long time so that your own body heat dries out most of the moisture.
  • Try using a crochet hook to separate the tangled hairs before using the blade.
  • Do not try to pull the knot by hand. Doing so could hurt the dog.

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