How to Encourage Dogs to Breed Naturally

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How to Encourage Dogs to Breed Naturally
How to Encourage Dogs to Breed Naturally

Breeding dogs naturally is important for many owners who want to see their pets produce a lot of puppies. You can breed them in their time without artificial insemination or other fertility treatments. Keep pets healthy for better results. Puppies with excellent health are more likely to breed successfully. It is also necessary to monitor when the female is in heat to know when she is most likely to conceive. When allowing dogs to breed, don't interfere with anything unless they need direction. Just let them interact and cross at their own pace.


Part 1 of 3: Boosting Good Health

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 1

Step 1. Keep the female at a healthy weight

Females are more likely to conceive and have healthy pregnancies if they have a good weight. An underweight or overweight female dog may have problems getting pregnant and having puppies.

  • Talk to your veterinarian about the dog's weight. He can recommend a feeding and exercise routine that will keep the animal at a healthy weight for its weight and breed.
  • If the female is overweight or underweight, help her to maintain a healthy weight before trying to breed her.
Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 2

Step 2. Provide the animals with a balanced diet

Healthier dogs will be better prepared for mating. A balanced diet is vital for your pet's health. Feed them adequate amounts of good quality feed.

  • Puppies have different food requirements depending on their breed and age. Talk to a veterinarian about a diet suitable for your dog and your dog. Most puppies do better with regular feeding times than eating freely.
  • Offer healthy treats to reward them for good behavior while also keeping their weight under control. Try offering vegetables and fruits as a reward, such as carrots, green beans, or pieces of banana or apple.
  • Fish oils are often used as a supplement to a dog's diet as they can prevent problems such as kidney disease. Talk to a veterinarian about supplementing the animals' diet with fish oil to promote overall good health.
Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 3

Step 3. Exercise both puppies regularly

Dogs need exercise to maintain good health. Exercise also keeps them the right weight, which promotes overall fertility. Take the pet to do physical activities daily, walking or just playing around the house.

  • Larger and more energetic dogs need more physical activity than smaller breeds. Consult a veterinarian to find out how much exercise your dog needs.
  • If your pet has a lot of energy, invest in a fenced garden so he can run outdoors during the day.
Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 4

Step 4. Keep the male clean and tidy

Males need to have clean genitalia to prevent yeast infections and other complications during breeding. Also check that the hair in the genital area is well trimmed, which will allow him to climb better on the female and have a natural cross.

Part 2 of 3: Knowing the Right Time to Breed Dogs

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 5

Step 1. Monitor when the female goes into heat

Bitches have a natural reproductive cycle. Monitoring this cycle each month can help you know when to allow puppies to mate naturally.

  • The first day of the cycle begins when a bloody discharge emerges from the female's vulva.
  • It is difficult, if not impossible, to determine the first day of a dog's heat cycle, especially if the bleeding starts very lightly. You might think it's day one when it's actually day three. Other factors, such as behavioral changes, may indicate that the bitch is entering heat.
  • You will have to monitor the bitch for a while to determine when she goes into heat. Changes can occur in behavior, energy levels or eating habits.
  • Avoid crossing the bitch on the first day of the heat cycle. It's better to wait until she's two years old to start breeding. This way, you can learn about her cycles, find the average duration and identify signs that she is entering heat.
Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 6

Step 2. Count the days of the female's cycle

Remember to start on the first day you notice bleeding. The bitch will be fertile later, not the first day she bleeds. Generally, with about ten days of cycle, it will allow the male to approach. If you want to let them mate naturally, let the female mate during the natural cycle.

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 7

Step 3. Breed the bitch on the correct days of the cycle

Females are most fertile on days nine, 11, and 13. It is important that males and females have the opportunity to mate on these days, as this will increase the female's probability of conceiving a litter.

Keep in mind that you may not know the exact start date of the cycle. Put the male and female together a few days before and after the estimated fertile days

Part 3 of 3: Helping out on crossing day

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 8

Step 1. Prevent the male from eating on the day of mating

If it's too full, it might not have the energy to cross. He should be as energetic and enthusiastic as possible. Withhold food until the dog has successfully bred the female on the day you allow it.

Don't forget to feed the male the day before mating and after he has finished mating with the female

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 9

Step 2. Keep pets calm

If you want a natural cross, both dogs need to be very calm. If they are very agitated or nervous, crossover may not occur. If the male and female still don't know each other, make an appointment a few days before mating. It's also important to keep the environment quiet.

Choose an area that is not prone to a lot of noise and other interruptions. If the dogs get scared, they won't be able to breed

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 10

Step 3. Introduce the puppies to each other the day before the mating

It will probably be easier to breed the dogs if you introduce them to each other beforehand so they can like each other.

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 11

Step 4. Help them when needed

Dogs are able to breed naturally. However, sometimes males may not know what to do, especially if it is the first time they are mating. Don't be afraid to help them when necessary. Use your hands to gently guide the dog in the right direction when he tries to climb onto the female.

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 12

Step 5. Provide privacy and don't separate them when the crossing starts

Try to keep your distance and allow pets to naturally cross. Do not interrupt or separate them as this can stress and harm them. A little privacy also facilitates effective crossing.

A garage, shed, or basement are good areas to put dogs in for some privacy

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 13

Step 6. Be patient

It can take a while for the dog to climb onto the female, especially if he doesn't have a lot of experience. Don't be surprised if they don't cross right away. Try to minimize interventions and allow them to cross over into their time.

Encourage Dogs to Mate Naturally Step 14

Step 7. Take care of pets after crossing

After they're done, there are a few things you can do to encourage conception. Take care of both the male and female after mating.

  • Isolate the female in a cage for half an hour after she breeds. Try to prevent urination as this helps with conception.
  • Check that the dog's penis retracts after mating. In most cases it retracts after half an hour. If that's not the case, you may have to try it yourself.

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