How to Apply Eye Drops to a Dog: 14 Steps

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How to Apply Eye Drops to a Dog: 14 Steps
How to Apply Eye Drops to a Dog: 14 Steps

Does your dog have any infection or dry eyes? Maybe it's a case of applying eye drops or applying an ointment on the affected area. Once you have taken your pet to the vet and received the treatment plan, you will certainly need to apply it at home. The first step is to calm or restrict the dog's movements and prepare the environment. Then just apply the techniques described below.


Part 1 of 2: Preparing to drip the drops

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 1

Step 1. First of all, wash your hands

Washing your hands will never be a bad habit. As you are going to treat an area sensitive to dust, bacteria and small debris, you need to prioritize hygiene so that the dog is not at risk. The ideal is to use a bactericidal soap, such as Protex.

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 2

Step 2. Have the medicine handy

Whatever you are going to apply - medicine in drops or ointment -, leave the bottle within reach. You can already imagine that the dog will not like the idea very much, right? So everything needs to be fast and efficient.

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 3

Step 3. Ask someone for help

The level of difficulty will depend on the dog. If he's one of those really lazy and calm ones, you won't have any big problems. If you think the geek is going to thrash or try to bite you, get someone you trust to help hold him down.

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 4

Step 4. Hold the dog steady

If you are alone, it is best to drip the medicine with the animal's rear against a wall or furniture. It makes it harder for him to run away like that.

If you have someone to help you, ask them to stand behind the dog or hold his butt between his legs. With his hands free, he can help stabilize the dog's head. If the animal is small, put it on a table

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 5

Step 5. Consider using other restriction techniques

If the dog is very strong and it is difficult to drip the medicine while he is standing, lay him on his side and have his helper hold the dog's legs against the floor. If the animal starts trying to bite you and it is impossible to follow the techniques described so far, it may be a case of putting a muzzle on it. For a brief moment, he won't be able to open his mouth so wide, making things easier for you.

Leave these techniques only as a last resort. It does not generate more stress than necessary for the animal. If you can apply the medicine with peace of mind, it will be better for both of you in the long run

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 6

Step 6. Gently clean the dog's eyes

Before application, clean the area. Place one hand under the animal's jaw to provide head support. Then lift it up a little and, with toilet paper or cotton, wipe off any fluids that may have leaked.

Immediately dispose of soiled cotton, paper, or cloth

Part 2 of 2: Applying the Medicine

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 7

Step 1. Position the dog's head

Wrap the animal's head with your non-dominant hand and hold the bottle of eye drops with your dominant hand. With the thumb of the hand holding the head, gently pull the eyelid to form a small pouch. This space behind the eyelid, which we call the conjunctival sac, is an excellent place to apply the drug. Rest the hand with the bottle on the dog's forehead. If he shakes his head, his hand will move with it.

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 8

Step 2. Drop the eye drops

Without touching the opening of the bottle to the dog's eye, drop the amount recommended by the veterinarian into the conjunctival sac or directly over the eye.

By dripping the medicine into the conjunctival sac, you make it spread all over the eye more easily and avoid dripping out of it. If possible, hold the dog's head for a few seconds to let the medicine disperse before he can shake it (as he will try). As long as you really manage to drip everything right, you don't even have to worry so much, even if he does give a little shake after he escapes. This type of medication is quickly absorbed

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 9

Step 3. Apply the ointment

The procedure here will be pretty much the same as what you would need to follow to drop the drops. The first step is to restrict the dog's head. Without touching the tip of the ointment tube to the animal's eye, apply a strip of medication to the conjunctival sac. Gently close the dog's eye and massage the eyelid with your fingers so that the medicine disperses inside.

If the dog moves right at the time and you notice you haven't used the ointment, take a deep breath, wipe off the dirt and try again. With time you get the practice and it gets easier

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 10

Step 4. Gently massage the dog's eyelids

Carefully make the ointment spread over the dog's eye. The ideal is to massage for about 10 or 15 seconds, as the ointment does not spread as quickly as the eye drops.

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 11

Step 5. Repeat the procedure

Always follow the veterinarian's instructions. In some cases, it is necessary to apply the eye drops or ointment every two hours; in others, once or twice a day. The important thing is that you always follow the guidelines of the veterinarian and the medicine package insert.

If it is necessary to treat both eyes of the animal (even if only one of them appears to be infected), follow everything to the letter. It may be that the treatment in the second eye is merely preventive, so that the infection does not take place in the second eye

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 12

Step 6. When finished, give the dog a treat

The more positive the experience for the animal, the easier it will be to medicate it in the future. It's all about positive conditioning. You can believe that if you do everything right and calmly, the dog will learn to behave.

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 13

Step 7. Stop the dog from rubbing his eyes

If he needs medication, it's because he had an irritated eye before, right? In this case, eye drops and ointment can be a new source of irritation. There is no such thing as a miracle; do everything to prevent him from rubbing his eyes on the floor or with his paws. If necessary, stay close to him and hold him while the medicine makes the magic happen.

Give Your Dog Eye Drops Step 14

Step 8. Cap and store the medication

Now that you've medicated the geek, don't think it's over! Keep medications. In most cases, it is possible to close the package and preserve the contents. Attention: do not leave medication within reach of animals and children.

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