How to Create Shih Tzus (with Pictures)

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How to Create Shih Tzus (with Pictures)
How to Create Shih Tzus (with Pictures)

Before deciding to breed shih tzus, consider the time, labor, and expense required for this project. A good dog breeder is not motivated by profit, but rather by a desire to improve the dog breed. It is important that the female and male are healthy and are evaluated for genetic diseases. For actual breeding, round up the animals and monitor the female closely for weeks to come. Prepare an area for the birth and be present at the act so that you can help the bitch in case of problems. Also remember to responsibly care for the puppies until it's time to sell them to welcoming homes.


Part 1 of 4: Knowing what to expect

Breed Shih Tzus Step 1

Step 1. Talk to an expedient breeder

The best way to find out what exactly the job involves is to talk to someone who already has experience in the field. A creator will be able to tell you firsthand what you can expect from the process, possible problems and errors you should avoid. Look for responsible breeders registered with your city's kenel club for more information about the breed and the breeding process for these animals.

Breed Shih Tzus Step 2

Step 2. Set aside plenty of time for the entire process

To raise a litter, you'll need to devote at least 130 hours of work directly, plus you'll need full days to care for the animals. You're sure to lose a few nights sleep too. It is important to be ready to commit to the efforts necessary to care for the mother and the puppies throughout the entire process; remember that the mother cannot be left alone during childbirth and that the puppies need daily care. In addition, you will need to feed and socialize the puppies, clean the kennel, take care of paperwork and interview potential buyers, all of which take a lot of time.

Breed Shih Tzus Step 3

Step 3. Organize the budget properly

Before entering the world of dog breeding, understand that this business should not be followed by people just looking for easy money. Good breeders always prioritize the welfare of the animals and the breed, not profit. Expenses involve food, veterinary care, facilities, pedigree documents, advertisements and fees (if applicable).

Breed Shih Tzus Step 4

Step 4. Prepare for setbacks

First-time breeders have no references or indications, and there is always the risk of not being able to sell the litter. Ask yourself what you will do if you cannot sell the puppies. Are you willing to take care of them for the rest of your life? As much as there are unscrupulous breeders who abandon puppies or sell them cheaper to suspicious or irresponsible buyers, you shouldn't go that route. Prepare yourself, mentally and financially, for the possibility of having puppies with health problems.

Part 2 of 4: Making procreation easier

Breed Shih Tzus Step 5

Step 1. Check that both shih tzus are healthy

It is important that the mother and father are healthy and genetically suitable for procreation. In addition, both of them must have their vaccinations up to date. Get tested for common breed conditions, such as inherited eye diseases, hip dysplasia, kidney dysplasia, thyroid disorders, and hearing problems. As soon as the test results come out, register the animal at the appropriate registration centers so that the process does not have to be repeated.>

The female must also undergo a pre-breeding checkup with the veterinarian one month before mating

Breed Shih Tzus Step 6

Step 2. Make sure the female is ready to breed

Ideally, she should have her first litter after her second heat and before the age of four. Due to health risks, dogs over seven years of age should not be bred. Females of the breed remain in heat (the period of the reproductive cycle in which they are receptive to males) for about 16 days, but do not usually accept males on the first day of the period.

If the female is not ready, she will run away and avoid the male; otherwise, she'll stick around and leave her tail to signal that she's ready

Breed Shih Tzus Step 7

Step 3. Choose the correct male

Advertise or search for possible males on the internet. Remember that, as a general rule, the male should be smaller than the female, weighing 0.5 kg to 1 kg less than the female. He should also complement the female in attributes and qualities, with genetic traits (eg, a beautiful, healthy coat) that result in a quality litter.

Breed Shih Tzus Step 8

Step 4. Establish contact with the male owner

Before mating, you must create a contact with the male owner, agreeing payments, obligations and fees. Depending on the dog's pedigree level, be prepared to shell out a good deal of money or to offer other forms of payment, such as some of the puppies in the litter. It is important that both parties sign and have individual copies of the contract.

Breed Shih Tzus Step 9

Step 5. Cross the animals

As females are more comfortable in different environments, lead the bitch to the male, not the other way around. Depending on the details of the agreement with the male owner, you can arrange some one-on-one meetings or you can simply leave the two animals together for the breeding period. Get all these terms right before starting the animal breeding process…

Breed Shih Tzus Step 10

Step 6. Confirm the female's pregnancy

The breed's average gestation time ranges from 59 to 65 days after mating. As misleading as signs of pregnancy can be (such as increased appetite and weight gain), a veterinarian can confirm pregnancy from day 28 onwards. The professional can also offer advice and tips on how to take care of the dog's well-being and nutrition.

Breed Shih Tzus Step 11

Step 7. Prepare for delivery

Set up a space in which the puppy can give birth, such as a low-sided cardboard box, a wooden box, or any other box that is big enough to accommodate the mother and litter. Give her the box early so she can get used to the space in advance, and line the corner with towels to make her more comfortable.

Part 3 of 4: Taking care of puppies

Breed Shih Tzus Step 12

Step 1. Monitor the delivery

About 24 hours before giving birth, the female's temperature will drop. She will then begin to show signs of discomfort, becoming breathless and restless. Shih tzus delivery typically lasts from three to eight hours, depending on the number of offspring and the strength of the contractions. Bitches usually stop unaided, but you need to be around to do the following (when and if necessary):

  • Remove the placental membrane or cut the umbilical cord if the mother does not.
  • Count the released placentas to see if none are left behind.
  • Call your veterinarian in an emergency (eg, more than two hours between the birth of puppies, a common problem in small breeds).
Breed Shih Tzus Step 13

Step 2. Take care of the puppies

It is important to weigh them daily to assess their growth and well-being. See if they are nursing normally and if they are warm - if necessary, find a way to warm the nest, following the instructions of the veterinarian. After weaning you will need to start feeding the puppies and it is good to socialize them so that they develop a good temperament and get used to human or canine interactions.

Breed Shih Tzus Step 14

Step 3. Take care of Mom as she will need attention after giving birth

The female will probably eat three to four times more feed than normal to be able to nourish the young. She should get enough calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D to prevent eclampsia.

Part 4 of 4: Selling the Puppies

Breed Shih Tzus Step 15

Step 1. Register the litter with your town's kenel club shortly after delivery

This way, you make it clear to future buyers that you are a responsible breeder. The process will also identify each puppy separately, which is important for improving the breed. New dog owners will have access to more information about the lineage in this way.

Breed Shih Tzus Step 16

Step 2. Set a price

The value of a shih tzu puppy can vary widely, so set a price and stick to it. The value will depend on factors such as: vaccination, values ​​in the region and your reputation as a breeder. Consistent pricing of animals will give you credibility as a responsible and serious breeder.

Breed Shih Tzus Step 17

Step 3. Find good homes for the dogs

It is important to be very careful when choosing buyers for dogs, always choosing people who are making the right decision according to their lifestyles. These animals are excellent companions and do not need much exercise, but they do need daily care with their coat and hygiene. If a buyer is looking for a more playful or energetic breed, or if you believe the shih tzu is not the dog they are looking for, don't sell the animal. A good breeder must think responsibly about the welfare of puppies for the rest of their lives.

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