How to Train a Belgian Shepherd Malinois: 12 Steps

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How to Train a Belgian Shepherd Malinois: 12 Steps
How to Train a Belgian Shepherd Malinois: 12 Steps

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is a type of sheepdog. It has characteristics similar to the German Shepherd, but it is a more agile dog as its body shape is a perfect rectangle. If you want to train a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, you need to start while the animal is still young, between 2 or 3 months of age. Each training session will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour per day. The puppy can be trained until he is 2 years old.


Part 1 of 6: Starting Early

Train a Belgian Malinois Step 1

Step 1. Train him from the beginning

After separating the puppy from the litter, it is necessary to teach him to use the newspaper. Let it sniff all areas of your home, keeping fresh water available.

  • Add a little house to your workout. The puppy needs to know where he is going to sleep each day. Make him understand that this place is his little house and not his bedroom or his couch.
  • Use only leather collars, avoiding the choke chain.
  • Buy toys for the puppy and let him play after each practice.
Train a Belgian Malinois Step 2

Step 2. Hold your dog by the back of the head during training sessions

This strategy shows the dog that you are the alpha and not him.

Train a Belgian Malinois Step 3

Step 3. Feed the puppy three times a day, always at the same times

Write down in a notebook all the training sessions and the sets done each day.

Train a Belgian Malinois Step 4

Step 4. Offer the puppy various activities and take him to various places

You can, for example, take it to the market and ride a bike with it. Get him used to different noises, such as trumpets, toy guns, radio, vacuum cleaner, among others. After a month of teaching him how to use the newspaper, train him to take care of his needs outside the home.

Do this every day in the mornings, afternoons and evenings after dinner. You have to do this every day until the dog learns

Part 2 of 6: Teaching to Sit and Lie

Train a Belgian Malinois Step 5

Step 1. Teach your dog to sit

When you want your dog to sit, just push his rear down while holding his collar and saying "sit." That way he will understand what you want him to do.

  • 10 or 15 repetitions should be enough.
  • In addition, you need to reward him every time he does a good job, giving food or affection.
  • Do this for ten consecutive days until the dog understands what you want.
Train a Belgian Malinois Step 6

Step 2. Teach the puppy to lie down after he has learned the previous command

First, tell him to sit down, then push him down slightly while saying the command “down”. Keep doing this for a maximum of 30 minutes. I do the same in the afternoon.

  • Don't forget the positive reinforcement technique of saying “good boy” whenever he does the right thing.
  • Always record your progress in a notebook. Also, mark which places you have taken your dog.

Part 3 of 6: Puppy hygiene

Train a Belgian Malinois Step 7

Step 1. Keep your dog well taken care of

A well-groomed dog is a happy, healthy dog. You have to bathe him every week. Use a specific dog shampoo, flea powder and always dry it well with a blow dryer and dry cloths. Remember to clean your paws too, as well as your mouth and ears.

  • Use clean cotton balls soaked in a little water and isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the inside of your ears.
  • Inspect the body, head, front and hind legs. Don't forget your eyes.
Train a Belgian Malinois Step 8

Step 2. Take a bathroom break

After bathing the dog, take him to urinate in the backyard. Take a walk with it in the sun so it dries naturally.

Part 4 of 6: Leaving the puppy alone and coming home from work

Train a Belgian Malinois Step 9

Step 1. Go out when you need to go out, you don't need to pay him much attention during that time

When you get home from work, enter the house without playing with him to prevent him from jumping on you. Instead, tell him to sit down, pet him a little, and tell him to lie down. That should be enough. Or, if you've taken some snacks home, the right time to give them to him is as soon as you've gone to bed.

Part 5 of 6: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Train a Belgian Malinois Step 10

Step 1. Do not eat your meals at the same times as the dog

Since your work with him is still in progress, one of the things you should teach him is that he can't stand in front of you while you eat. Have him lie down by the door while you and your family eat your meal. Do not feed him during this period.

Always let the dog lie facing the door, reinforcing discipline for your Belgian Malinois. When well trained, dogs of this breed become the pride of their owners

Part 6 of 6: Healthcare

Train a Belgian Malinois Step 11

Step 1. Watch your Belgian Malinois every day

Notice how he walks and eats. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or if there is any sign of illness, take him to the vet immediately for a check-up, avoiding possible complications.

Train a Belgian Malinois Step 12

Step 2. Treat parasitic infestations

You need to do flea and tick control every month and deworm the dog every six months. This is the proper procedure. A tick infestation, especially around the ears, causes bruises that will need to be treated, and can also cause your dog's ears to droop.


  • Play is essential in a dog's life. Give him a rubber ball to play with and teach him to pick it up and put it back in his hands.
  • All Malinois have a great predatory instinct, meaning they can hunt small animals like cats, small dogs, and even cyclists or children, especially if they are running. Therefore, you must be careful and hold on to your collars when faced with these distractions.
  • Never pet them when they are in a bad mood, an example is when they are afraid of something like thunder. They would interpret this act as a form of reward, and it is not good for it to become a habit.
  • Malinois is a sheepdog, so don't be upset if it follows you around the house. A tip is to give him something to do, like offering a toy, or giving him a command like “STAY”.
  • The good news is they are not hungry. Creating them won't be a problem.
  • If you want to train him as a guard dog, prevent other people besides you and your family from playing with him.


  • Avoid being hard on your dog while he is still a puppy.
  • Watch what your dog consumes; he may be swallowing plastic toys or rocks, which could upset his stomach and cause blood to appear in his stool.
  • Never give your dog chocolate, it doesn't do you any good. The same goes for seafood - the probability that the dog is allergic to them is very high.

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