3 Ways to Train a Pomeranian Lulu to Do Your Needs in the Right Place

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3 Ways to Train a Pomeranian Lulu to Do Your Needs in the Right Place
3 Ways to Train a Pomeranian Lulu to Do Your Needs in the Right Place

The Pomeranian lulu is a smart little dog, so it's easy to train him to do things in the right place! The differential of this breed is that the owner can teach the dog to leave the house to relieve himself, to use a hygienic mat or even a litter box. When training a puppy, it is important to stick to a routine and be patient. Some good strategies include using a keyword, choosing the same place to take him, and using immediate rewards when the dog obeys a command.


Method 1 of 3: Getting Started Well

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 1

Step 1. Choose a place for the dog to use as a bathroom

Before taking a Pomeranian home, set up a place to use as a bathroom. Choose a spot that is convenient for you and the puppy. In the beginning, he should always be taken to the place in question to acquire good habits. This could be an area in the backyard, a toilet mat by the door, or a litter box. If you spend a lot of hours away from home, it's better to opt for the rug or the litter box.

  • The "backyard area" should be a place where you don't have any special or beloved plants so that she doesn't fall prey to the puppy's pee and poop sprays.
  • The hygienic mat is a kind of mat-shaped diaper, made of absorbent material. The puppy can pee and poop up there. Then, just discard.
  • The sandbox is practical for the Pomeranian lulu. Choose one that has low sides so the puppy can get in without a problem and fill it with hygienic sand. Remove solid residues and dirty spots once a day. Sanitize the litter box with a non-toxic pet disinfectant once a week.
House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 2

Step 2. Choose a keyword for him to identify the order of going to the bathroom

Before starting pet training, choose a word that you will use to give the command. Thus, an association is created in the dog's mind between that word and the time to go to the bathroom.

Use a single word such as "bathroom" or "poop"

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 3

Step 3. Show Pomeranian where the bathroom is

Take it to the bathroom during the training phase. Don't let him walk around the house and use whatever place he likes as a private place. The odor will be impregnated in the place used, that is, it will always return to the same point, and you will have a double work to undo the problem.

  • If Pomeranian lulu has to be cleaned indoors, try to place a sanitary mat or a litter box in a spot that it has used a few times as a bathroom. This makes the transition easier.
  • You might need to take him outside or spot with the litter box or mat until he gets the idea. Be patient and careful with the animal.

Method 2 of 3: Creating Good Habits

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 4

Step 1. Establish a daily routine

Having a solid routine helps the Pomeranian learn where and when to go to the bathroom. Feed him and take him outside (or to the place where the mat or litter box is). Remember that the puppy has a small bladder and needs to pee frequently. For example, an eight to 12 week old puppy should go to the bathroom every 30 minutes.

If the puppy uses the toilet correctly, reward him and bring him back within 30 minutes. If he doesn't pee, keep an eye on him. When you notice that he is looking for a place to do his chores, put him in the bathroom

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 5

Step 2. Encourage the Pomeranian to always use the same location

Take him to the same spot when you notice he wants to pee or poop. Use the keyword, such as “private”, so the puppy understands what he has to do at that moment. By going to the same place and hearing the same word, he must understand what the owner expects him to do.

Always praise the dog after he goes out into the yard, uses the toilet mat or the litter box

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 6

Step 3. Keep an eye on your Pomeranian lulu during training

It is very helpful to learn to detect when he is about to urinate or defecate. If the animal has a habit of needing in unwanted places, find a way to monitor it at all times. Training is easier if you always know where it is.

  • Try putting him on a 6-foot collar so he's always that distance from you, preventing him from going to other rooms to relieve himself. That way, it's easier to observe the dog's behavior and find out when it needs to be done.
  • If you can't keep an eye on your puppy all day, put him in a pen or use a baby gate to confine him to a small space for short periods (less than four hours).
House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 7

Step 4. Prevent the Pomeranian from defecating in the wrong place

Whenever you catch your pet getting ready to urinate or defecate in the wrong place, get his attention by clapping your hands loudly. Do not yell at him or impose physical punishment to alter his behavior. Just clap your hands to get his attention and get him to the yard, rug, or litter box right away.

Be kind and use words of encouragement. If you scream or act angry, the dog may associate toileting with punishment

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 8

Step 5. Clean up dirt immediately

The smell of urine can cause Pomeranian lulu to use the same spot again. The best way to avoid the problem is to do an immediate cleaning with an enzymatic detergent designed to eliminate the odor of pet waste.

Don't yell or punish the dog for using the place it shouldn't. This reaction does not encourage you to improve and can even generate other problems due to fear and anxiety

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 9

Step 6. Praise Pomeranian lulu when he uses the bathroom in the chosen place

Positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your pet new behaviors. Give him plenty of praise when he urinates or defecates in the bathroom. You can also reward him with a snack, spend time playing or take him for a walk.

Give compliments, treats, or other rewards as soon as he goes to the bathroom to help him understand that he did well

Method 3 of 3: Ensuring Training Success

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 10

Step 1. Follow your veterinarian's guidelines for taking care of your puppy's health issues

Some puppies may start to need indoors because of an illness. If your veterinarian has diagnosed a problem that requires specific treatment, medication, or other interventions, follow his or her directions correctly.

If the issue of pooping at home is related to a health problem, it will only improve when the dog is cured. Contact a veterinarian immediately if the problem gets worse or doesn't get better even with treatment

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 11

Step 2. Buy dog ​​clothes for cold or damp days

Some animals don't like to go out when the weather is bad. Alleviate the bad experience by buying clothes for frosty or rainy days. For example, if he doesn't like the feeling of cold feet, buy some shoes. If he doesn't like getting wet, buy a raincoat.

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 12

Step 3. Ask a neighbor or friend to look after the Pomeranian lulu when you're not there

So the dog doesn't spend too much time holding the pee or the poop, ask someone to take him out into the yard or encourage him to use the mat or litter box. If you're training your pet to use the toilet outside the house, forcing him to stay inside for many hours can be quite messy, as he won't be able to hold the pee or poop for very long. Even if you educate him to use the mat or litter box, he may need guidance and encouragement to do so.

If you don't have anyone who is willing or able to look after the lulu for a long period of time, consider hiring a nanny to visit you when you have many hours away

House Train a Pomeranian Puppy Step 13

Step 4. Hire a professional trainer if necessary

If the dog does not show positive changes despite all your efforts and there is no medical reason for the wrong behavior, it may be better to hire a handler to help with this task.


  • Praising the dog when he poops or pees in the right place is one way to use positive reinforcement, which increases the chances that he will repeat the right behavior in the future.
  • Be patient with Pomeranian lulu during training. It may take a few months for him to get into this habit.


  • Never hit the dog. He may be afraid of you, which prevents him from learning.
  • Never rub your dog's nose in the stool if he defecates indoors. Although many people use this method of training, it is ineffective and cruel. This only serves to scare the puppy and make the problem worse.

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