3 Ways to Make a Bed for Your Cat

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3 Ways to Make a Bed for Your Cat
3 Ways to Make a Bed for Your Cat

Cat lovers want their pussies to sleep in comfortable beds. However, not everyone can buy beds sold in pet shops, which are expensive. Do you want to treat the kitten? Take it easy, it is possible to build a bed for him at home. You will need basic things like decorative items and a suitcase, sweater or cardboard box.


Method 1 of 3: Building a Cardboard Cat Bed

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 1

Step 1. Find a box

Go to the nearest supermarket and get a nice cardboard box, whole and big enough to fit the cat.

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 2

Step 2. Remove the tabs from the box

Using scissors or a knife, carefully remove the “flaps” from the box. If you like, keep them to give free rein to your future projects. However, do not remove the bottom of the box.

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 3

Step 3. Make an opening at the front

Make a U-shaped opening at the front of the box. That will be the gateway. It's easier if you scratch the area where you're going to cut with a pencil. Carefully open the U with scissors.

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 4

Step 4. Decorate the outside of the box

Gather some decorative items such as colored glue, cardboard and TNT. The goal is to make the bed very nice and pleasant.

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 5

Step 5. Prepare the inside of the box

The last step is to create a soft area for the cat to rest inside. It can be a very thick folded towel, a quilt, a bit of padding, or even a pillow that fits there. Make the inside of the box very comfortable and ready! Call the pussy to test the bed.

Method 2 of 3: Making a Cat Bed Using a Suitcase

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 6

Step 1. Gather the necessary materials

You need a hard bag that you don't use anymore – if you don't have one at home, go to the thrift store – four wooden legs (you can find it in any home and construction store), power glue, craft supplies and a small pillow (that fits inside the suitcase).

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 7

Step 2. Secure the legs

Position the suitcase with the bottom facing up. Glue the wooden legs and secure them to the bottom of the suitcase (one near each corner). Place some books or other heavy objects on top of them and wait for the glue to dry, which will take about an hour.

  • If you know how to use a drill, you can use it to drill holes and secure the legs with screws.
  • Some wooden legs come with screw holes.
Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 8

Step 3. Place the pillow inside

Found a pillow that fits right in your suitcase? If not, look at thrift stores and building supply stores. If you like, you can even make a pillow! What matters is having one to put in the suitcase.

Do not use pillows with a tassel, sequins, or string that your cat might strangle on

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 9

Step 4. Decorate

Now that you've turned the inside of the suitcase into a bed, make a nice decoration. Cut out magazines or draw some pictures (fish, for example) on cardboard and cut them out.

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 10

Step 5. Decorate the inside of the trunk lid

Arrange and glue the figures and cutouts inside the trunk lid. After drying, the bed will be ready. Call the pussy to test her!

Method 3 of 3: Making a Cat Bed Using an Old Sweater

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 11

Step 1. Gather the necessary materials

You will need: a thick needle, string, padding, and an old sweater such as a sweater. The sweater can be found in any thrift store or drawer in life. The rest of the materials, at any stationery or supply store. Ideally, the sweater should be 100% wool, as it is more comfortable and warm. However, it could be someone else you think will do. If you have a sewing machine, you can even use it, but it won't be strictly necessary.

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 12

Step 2. Sew sweater collar

First, turn it inside out. Then sew and close the collar of the sweater so you can put the filling later. Then turn it the right way again.

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 13

Step 3. Sew a line from armpit to sweater

Imagine a line that goes from armpit to armpit on the sweater. Using a thick needle and string, sew and attach the two sides of the sweater together. If you like, use the sewing machine. The aim is to create a “tube” that runs between the two interlocking sleeves.

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 14

Step 4. Fill the "tube" with filler

After all the seams are sewn, place the padding inside the sweater by one of the wrists. Keep filling the jacket until you get a soft, dry tube. Now touch one wrist to the other, forming a soft circle. Notice you just made the "edges" of the cat's bed?

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 15

Step 5. Sew the sleeves together

As stated before, the “tube” filled will be the soft edge of the bed. So you now need to sew the sleeves together to close the circle. First, place the ends of one inside the other. Then use the string and needle to close the circle.

Make a Bed for Your Cat Step 16

Step 6. Secure the bottom

The “body” of the coat will be the bottom of the bed, which is where the cat will lie down. Align the “body” with the edge, placing it centered below it. With the scissors, remove the excess that is sticking out. With the needle and string, secure the two components, forming the bed.


  • If the cat doesn't like the bed at first, give him some treats near it or put the treats inside.
  • It is possible that the cat does not want to sleep in the new bed because it is already used to sleeping elsewhere. Give him a little time to get used to the idea.
  • There are cats that don't like to sleep indoors.


  • Carefully remove any staples that may be present in the cardboard box or suitcase.
  • If the cat doesn't like the bed right away, don't take it personally!

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