How to Hold a Cat in Your Arm Correctly: 11 Steps

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How to Hold a Cat in Your Arm Correctly: 11 Steps
How to Hold a Cat in Your Arm Correctly: 11 Steps

Are you going to adopt a kitten or do you want to teach children how to deal with pussies? Well, you might even think it must be easy to catch a cat. However, there are the right techniques to do it without hurting or irritating the pussy. Some are more suspicious and need more delicacy, especially cats with diseases such as arthritis and the more fearful. First, make him feel comfortable in your presence. Once you're calm in each other's presence, you can pick him up, as long as you do it the right way. Read this article and meow to work!


Part 1 of 3: Reassuring the Cat

Pick Up a Cat Step 1

Step 1. Approach him

The first step is to approach him without despair and without surprising him. Let the pussy realize you are getting close.

  • If you try to catch him from behind or without announcing your presence, he may be scared or panicked.
  • Some experts say it's best to approach the cat from the left or right, as they feel threatened when approached from behind.
  • Never try to catch a stray cat without making sure it is tame. It can be dangerous if you're too angry. Ideally, never try to catch a strange cat unless you have a lot of tact and experience with felines.
Pick Up a Cat Step 2

Step 2. Introduce yourself to the cat

Some cats are cooler and do a little charm. When he gets close, be very affectionate and friendly so that he starts to feel at ease. Cats often present themselves by rubbing their snouts together. So, caress the pussy's forehead, cheeks, chin and behind her ears to gain her confidence.

  • After a few strokes, the animal will be calmer and feeling safe.
  • This method also works to calm down angry or stressed cats. Just know that sometimes it can take a while.
Pick Up a Cat Step 3

Step 3. Does the cat really want to be caught?

In most cases, the cat will give some signals if it doesn't feel like being picked up. It is possible to calm down and gain the confidence of a domestic cat with a few pats. However, never try to catch the pussy if it is irritable or moody. If he tries to run away, scratch, bite or growl at you, it's best to leave it for later.

Teach the children in the house the signs that the cat wants to be left alone. He needs to be calm and trust the child before letting her pick him up. If you don't take these precautions, the pussy may scratch you

Part 2 of 3: Holding the Cat the Right Way

Pick Up a Cat Step 4

Step 1. Place one hand under his body, behind his front paws

Once you're sure the pussy has no objections to getting caught, place a hand on her chest, just behind her front legs, for support. Then bring the other hand so he doesn't feel uncomfortable or give up on the idea.

  • It doesn't make much difference whether you use your right or left hand first. The important thing is to do the procedure correctly.
  • There are people who prefer to put the cat's front legs together and put their hands under the paws, not behind them.
Pick Up to Cat Step 5

Step 2. Place your other hand at the back

After positioning one hand, place the other under the hind legs to support the pussy's paws and bottom. Now that you have both hands in the correct position, it's time to lift the cat.

Pick Up to Cat Step 6

Step 3. Carefully lift the pussy

With both hands in position, lift the animal toward your chest. Be gentle. After getting him off the ground, try to support him in your body as soon as possible, so that he feels more secure. If it's too heavy, it might be better to pick it up from a table or furniture.

Pick Up to Cat Step 7

Step 4. Hold the cat against your chest

After taking the animal off the ground with both hands, hold it against your chest, with a good part of its body touching yours. Try to support the head and back or side of the pussy on you.

  • Roughly speaking, the cat should be straight and not arched against your chest. Don't let it hang its neck down. Otherwise he might get angry and try to scratch or kick you.
  • Always hold the cat with its head above the body. Never pick it up or turn it upside down.
  • Some cats like to be handled differently, of course. With time, you acquire intimacy with the pussy and it becomes calmer. Some like to be held like babies and others even like to perch on their shoulders like parrots.

Part 3 of 3: Putting the Cat on the Ground Safely

Pick Up to Cat Step 8

Step 1. Know when the pussy no longer wants to be in your lap

When the cat starts moving too much, pushing with its paws and meowing, it's time to put it down. Do not hold him grudgingly, as he will get angry and feel threatened.

There are cats that don't like to be held very much. When you notice that he is getting annoyed, don't insist

Pick Up to Cat Step 9

Step 2. Gently place the cat on the ground

When you notice he's getting uncomfortable, don't let go of him at once. If you do, he could lose his balance or fall awkwardly. Do this: lower the cat slowly until it touches all four legs to the ground, and only then release it calmly.

Of course, some of the more energetic cats already jump out of your lap the first chance they get. Know that this can happen

Pick Up to Cat Step 10

Step 3. Do not lift the cat by pulling on the neck leather

Cat moms carry their kittens like this, but you shouldn't do the same, especially if it's more than three months old. If you pick the cat up by the scruff of its neck, you can hurt its muscles, as the size and weight of the pussy no longer allow you to do this. Furthermore, some studies indicate that the practice causes pain and stress in the animal.

It may be necessary to hold the cat by the scruff of the neck to give some medicine or trim his nails. However, it is not good to get him off the vet's table or the floor with this footprint

Pick Up a Cat Step 11

Step 4. If you're going to let the kids play with the pussy, keep an eye out

Kids love picking up cats, but you need to keep an eye out because they don't always do it the right way. First of all, she must be big enough to catch the pussy. If not, it is better to hold and play with the cat sitting on the floor.

Once the boy catches the cat, keep an eye out and alert him when the pussy gets fed up. So no one scratches or pulls anyone's tail


  • Some cats just don't like being caught. Accept their wishes. The only case in which you should get them at all costs is when it is absolutely necessary, such as to take you to the veterinarian or zoonoses center for a vaccine.
  • Pick up the cat gently and always use both hands. Never catch the cat with only one hand on its belly, as it will not like it and will try to run away.
  • Approach the pussy calmly and without making sudden movements. Otherwise he will be scared.
  • Place your hand just behind the animal's front paws.
  • Don't pick up the cat if he doesn't feel like it. If the cat starts to growl or snort, don't touch it, it's not a good time.
  • Approach slowly and calmly, without any sudden movements. Crouch down and let him watch you and smell you. When he realizes that this is not a threat, he will be calmer.
  • Don't try to catch an aggressive cat. Watch for signs that he is about to scratch or bite. If you really need to pick it up, wear a long-sleeved sweatshirt to protect your skin from bites and scratches. If he really likes scratching and biting, wear gloves too.


  • Don't hold the cat on its back like a baby unless you already know it likes it. This position makes the cat feel vulnerable and trapped, which can make it panic and dole out scratches. The right way to hold him is to use his body for support.
  • If the cat scratches or bites you, wash the injured area with soap and water and apply a topical antibiotic. If he is not vaccinated, go to a health center to get an anti-rabies injection. When in doubt, seek medical attention, as infections caused by animal bites can kill an adult in a few days.
  • It's not very good to catch cats by the neck. If you don't know what you're doing, the person could end up seriously injuring the pussy. Also, this position allows him to turn around to scratch or bite you.
  • Don't try to catch a cat without letting it get a little used to you. Never try to catch a stray or a wild animal.
  • Remember the risks animal bites and scratches pose.

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