3 Ways to Open a Cat's Mouth

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3 Ways to Open a Cat's Mouth
3 Ways to Open a Cat's Mouth

Most cat owners need to open their cats' mouths at some point. Generally, they will not cooperate, refusing to open it of their own volition, especially if it is necessary to administer a pill, pill or any other type of medicine. Because of this, the main priority during this process is the safety of both the owner and the cat. The animal's health is in your hands, so it is essential to treat it carefully and safely.


Method 1 of 3: Preparing to Open a Cat's Mouth

Open to Cat's Mouth Step 1

Step 1. Choose a time when the cat is calm

Do not try to open the animal's mouth when it is irritated, excited or during play. Also, don't just wake him up to go through the process, as this may scare him. Just choose a time when he's calm, happy, and on your side.

Open to Cat's Mouth Step 2

Step 2. Plan how the person and cat will be positioned

It's important to determine where and how the owner will hold the feline and where the remedies will stay – if that's really the goal. The ideal is to place it on a table, not forgetting to check if there is anything that can be broken nearby, as the cat can run away and drop any fragile object.

  • Place a towel or blanket on the table and unroll it. They will be used to wrap the cat so that it cannot move.
  • Another option is to obtain a syringe (without a needle) and fill it with water, leaving it nearby when administering the pill; the water will help the cat to swallow the medicine.
  • Keep the pill in the most agile hand. Keep your arms at the same height as the cat.
Open to Cat's Mouth Step 3

Step 3. Place the animal in the correct position, making it comfortable

Pick it up in your lap and place it in the middle of the towel, holding it on its stomach. Lift one side of the towel over the cat's body and then do the same on the other. Bring the back of the towel forward, making sure it's comfortable.

  • Finally, tie the front of the towel around the cat's back, not too tight. Only his head should stick out. Make sure the cover is snuggled in so that the cat's legs and claws are tucked inside.
  • Try to calm the animal down if it is agitated and aggressive. Some cats “accept” the owner wrapping them in something soft, while others will struggle endlessly. Act according to your knowledge of the animal's behavior and decide if it is possible to wrap and soothe it inside the towel or if just wrapping it will be enough before opening its mouth.

Method 2 of 3: Making a Cat Open Its Mouth

Open to Cat's Mouth Step 4

Step 1. Hold the animal firmly on the table

Hold it with your “non-dominant” hand while taking the medications with the other. If someone can help, ask the person to hold you; if you are alone, place the elbow and forearm of your “non-dominant” hand around the cat's covered body until it is being held between the person's arm and chest and on the table.

Open to Cat's Mouth Step 5

Step 2. Position your fingers

Place your thumb on one side of your mouth and your index finger on the other, roughly on the part of your cheek where the jaw creases are located. You will be able to lightly feel your teeth through your cheeks.

Open to Cat's Mouth Step 6

Step 3. Apply a little pressure on the lower part of the jaw until the cat opens its mouth

Basically, you will be placing your fingers between the top and bottom of the jaw while applying downward pressure. The pressure will be uncomfortable for the animal, causing it to open its mouth.

Method 3 of 3: Administering Medications Orally

Open to Cat's Mouth Step 7

Step 1. Insert any type of medicine into the cat's mouth while it is open

Using your thumb and forefinger, place the pill towards the back of the cat's mouth, on the tongue. Do this in one quick motion, withdrawing your fingers so you don't get bitten. If you have this concern, there is a long syringe that puts the medicine directly into the cat's mouth.

Do not force the medicine down the throat or it may accidentally travel down the windpipe, choking the cat. Likewise, you can damage the back of the throat if the pill is forced down the esophagus

Open to Cat's Mouth Step 8

Step 2. Force the cat to swallow

Release the cat's mouth and hold the top of the cat's face or jaw so that its snout points up. Carefully massage his throat to activate the reflex that will make him swallow.

  • Use a syringe to place a small amount of water in the corner between your lips, causing the tablet to travel down the esophagus. This way, it won't get stuck or irritate the throat, which can damage tissue in the area.
  • do not spill water in the back of the throat or it could enter the lungs.
Open to Cat's Mouth Step 9

Step 3. Keep the cat in the same position for a few seconds before removing the covers and letting go

So as not to hurt him when he tries to run away, calm the cat down a bit before letting him go. Also, don't forget to give him a treat and praise him for his good behavior.


  • In order for the administration of medicine to become a “ritual” or custom before the cat feeds, some people open its mouth before giving the food, getting it used to the process.
  • As soon as the cat's mouth opens, put the medication in as fast as you can! Everything needs to be done with speed or you have to start all over again.
  • Make sure you are in a position that allows you to move freely. The cat may run away and will have to be “captured” again.
  • If you do not feel safe in performing the procedure, ask the veterinarian to demonstrate how to perform it correctly.


  • It is very important to give the cat some water right after taking a pill or pill so that it does not suffer from any problems. If you don't have a syringe handy, give milk or water with some of the water that accompanies the tuna.
  • Practice leads to perfection. The cat may try to bite or scratch the owner, so it is important to wear pants and long-sleeved shirts to avoid injury until the animal gets used to the procedure.
  • The reward is not just a superficial step; It is very important to reward the cat as soon as possible so that he will cooperate more the next time it is necessary to open his mouth, whether to examine it or give medicine.

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