How to Turn a Cat into a Lapcat: 10 Steps

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How to Turn a Cat into a Lapcat: 10 Steps
How to Turn a Cat into a Lapcat: 10 Steps

One of the hallmarks of cats is their independent personality: unlike dogs, pussies are relatively solitary and do not show much love for their owners. While this can be frustrating for the latter, who want the furry's love and attention, there are many ways to attract a feline's interest, one of the best being to turn it into a lap cat. Of course, due to independence, this process will take time. But luckily, by drawing it in closer, observing its own behavior, and raising the animal correctly, it will become a lap cat.


Part 1 of 3: Tempting the cat to sit on your lap

Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 1

Step 1. Turn off distractions

Before taking any steps to create a stronger bond with the darling, turn off distractions that might frighten or alarm him. In doing so, you are creating an environment in which owner and pet can become more friends.

  • Leave the phone on silent.
  • Turn off the TV and stop playing music.
  • Inform family, friends and roommates that you would like a quieter environment for about an hour.
Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 2

Step 2. Let the pussy come to you

After creating a relaxing environment, sit somewhere and wait. This is important as a lap cat WANTS to be close to its owner.

  • Choosing a comfortable place for both of you is also important, as comfort impacts your ability to relax.
  • Read a book or do any other silent activity.
  • Do not chase the animal. Going after him when he clearly wants to be alone will only make things worse.
  • Let him out if he wants to.
Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 3

Step 3. Use positive reinforcement

A great way to improve the bonding experience is to make it doubly rewarding for the animal. For example, by rewarding him for sitting on your lap, a positive association will be created.

  • Give the pussy a treat when it comes in your lap.
  • Consider stuffing your pockets with catnip (catnip) or any other good-smelling treat.
  • When he sits down, pet the cat in a way he likes.
  • Repeat phrases like "Good kitten!" when he comes in your lap.

Part 2 of 3: Create an inviting tone

Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 4

Step 1. Stay calm

One of the best ways to train your feline to sit on your lap is through calm: with it, you're sending the message that you won't hurt or threaten the furry. Try:

  • Relax and don't get tense;
  • Avoid breathing quickly (inhale slowly and deliberately; rapid breathing indicates nervousness, which will cause the furry to move away);
  • Don't move too quickly (when making sudden movements you will scare the pussy).
Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 5

Step 2. Keep positive body language

To turn you into a lap cat, you need to have positive body language, as this will signal that you are not a threat, but a positive force, someone good to be around.

  • Do not interact with the pussy when it is clearly angry or unhappy.
  • Don't pose in a threatening way: no cross-arms, lean forward, or tense.
  • Position yourself invitingly and openly: keep your arms open and your back and shoulders straight.
Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 6

Step 3. Don't stare at the feline

Your look will set the tone of the interactions: when you stare, you will be signaling that you are a predator or that you want to intimidate him.

  • Don't look at the pussy for more than a few seconds, no matter how cute it is.
  • Depending on the animal's behavior, it may be a good idea to look away as it approaches to signal that you are not a threat.

Part 3 of 3: Creating the Feline

Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 7

Step 1. Avoid strict discipline

The easiest way to get a cat to back off is to be strict: by disciplining him too rigidly, he will understand that you are a threat and will no longer sit on your lap (and perhaps not come any closer to you).

  • Never hit the pussy.
  • Never yell or scold either.
  • Adopt behavioral modification: reward him with snacks for good behavior; do not give snacks for the bad. For example, give him a treat if he pees in the sandbox instead of the chair.
Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 8

Step 2. Show affection regularly

By showing affection on a daily basis, you build a solid foundation for turning him into a lap cat.

  • When the cat approaches you wanting affection or love, do it.
  • Talk to the pussy and say things like "I love you, you cute!" when appropriate.
  • Invite them to sit or come over to you, making a noise like “piz piz piz”.
Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 9

Step 3. Pay attention and take care of the animal

One of the most important things about transforming a feline into a lap cat is to act as a responsible guardian or owner, making it learn to trust you. Thus, he will see you in an affective way.

  • Feed him regularly. When feeding the furry, say things like "Good kitten!" and “The kitten is hungry, right?”.
  • Of water.
  • Provide scrapers, perches for cats and more.
Turn Your Cat Into a Lap Cat Step 10

Step 4. Play with it

One of the best ways to make him a lap cat is to play with him! In doing so, you build a positive relationship, and he will learn to see you not only as an owner, but as a friend as well.

  • Play interactively (with a wand, for example).
  • Buy fillable mice and put catnip inside them.
  • Consider other toys that your pet might also like.

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