How to Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat: 13 Steps

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How to Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat: 13 Steps
How to Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat: 13 Steps

A stray cat can be troublesome, especially if it invades your yard. Problems increase if you already have a pussy in the house, as they will probably get mixed up. To protect your pet, your garden, and even your sanity, it's important to learn to keep your stray cat away.


Part 1 of 2: Identifying the Cat's Reasons for Being in the Backyard

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 1

Step 1. Check for the presence of bird feeders

As much as you want to attract birds to your home, cats can be attracted to feeders, which are seen as a means of attacking easy prey. If you have several feeders in the yard, you may end up attracting several cats to the place, which is harmful to your pussy.

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 2

Step 2. Identify potential food sources

If your cat stays outside the house, even at mealtimes, it is possible that you will end up attracting stray cats, who will keep coming back for the food and will often fight over it with your feline. Also, if you plant mango grass in your garden, maybe that's the source of attraction for stray pussies.

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 3

Step 3. Sterilize the females

If you have a cat at home that has not been spayed, she may end up attracting stray cats to mate. Unsterilized females release pheromones during heat to attract unneutered males. If you have not yet performed the procedure on your kitten, take her to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

If your unsterilized female cat comes in contact with an unneutered male, she could become pregnant

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 4

Step 4. Observe the stray cat

It may only frequent a specific part of your yard, such as a garden or a sandbox. Sometimes, he might like to get an umbrella inside the garden, where it's warm and safe. Once you've identified your cat's favorite spots, you'll be able to identify ways to avoid his presence.

  • If it's not practical to watch your stray cat, analyze your own pet's behavior. If your cat starts to urinate indoors, whether on the window or on the wall near a window, there is likely to be a strange cat in the yard.
  • Also note if the pussy gets aggressive with you or other pets if it can't get rid of the other cat. Such behavior is known as redirected aggression.
  • The cat can be scared and scared indoors if the stray animal is outside. Even if you know the other animal won't enter the house, your cat doesn't know it and may be frightened.

Part 2 of 2: Keeping the stray cat away from your cat

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 5

Step 1. Keep your pet indoors

If a stray cat goes into your yard knowing that your cat stays there, leave your pet indoors. Homeless animals are not usually vaccinated and can carry a variety of diseases, including feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus. Think about your cat's safety and health first and keep him indoors.

  • Be aware that the other cat may continue to visit the yard for a while, even if your pet is hidden.
  • If your cat used to be loose, give her several toys. That way you'll keep him busy and stimulated indoors.
  • If you let your pet loose, he may be bothered or irritated by the techniques used to keep the cat off the street, all the more reason to keep him indoors while trying to evict the other animal.
Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 6

Step 2. Install motion detector sprinklers in the garden

One of the best ways to avoid the presence of a cat in the garden is to make the environment undesirable. Sprinklers suitable for expelling animals can be found at home improvement stores; the equipment works by spraying the cat with water whenever it approaches. Install the system close to where the cat usually enters the house and, after a while, it will avoid the place.

As soon as the cat goes a few days without entering the house, turn off the sprinklers to allow your pet to walk around the yard again. Reinstall the detectors if the cat comes back

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 7

Step 3. Use an ultrasonic device to keep the cat away

When the cat approaches the device, it will emit an annoying high-pitched sound that only cats can hear. The noise will not frighten or hurt the cat, it will simply irritate it until the animal looks elsewhere to stay.

If the device seems uncomfortable to your own cat, try another method

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 8

Step 4. Use natural alternatives

The stray cat can treat your garden like a public litter box. If you don't want to spend money on sprinklers or ultrasonic devices, try using the things you already have at home. To make the garden undesirable for the pussy, install a wire mesh or spread pine cones around the place to make it difficult for the cat to stay. The mesh can be placed over the earth or grass; the cat will not like to walk on it.

  • If meshing, make cuts large enough to keep the plants growing.
  • Cats don't like citrus smells, so it's a good idea to spread some orange or lemon rinds around the garden. Be careful, however, as the bark can end up attracting other animals into the yard.
  • You can also sprinkle some ground pepper (a mixture of black and red pepper) or coffee beans on the perennials to keep the pussy away.
  • Diluted ammonia (one part ammonia to nine parts water) can also drive the cat away, but it's important to test that the plants won't die in the solution.
  • Try planting "cat repellent" plants in the garden. Talk to a gardener who understands the matter and buy some seedlings whose odors keep cats away but don't bother people.
  • Another option is to make your own bug spray.
Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 9

Step 5. Cover the sandbox

If you have a large litter box in your backyard for your kids to play with, but it's turned into a stray cat's bathroom, cover it with a thick tarp that the pussy can't tear or lift. Look for a suitable tarpaulin at home improvement stores.

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 10

Step 6. Block access to areas under the house

The stray cat may continue to return home because it has found a safe hiding place in which it can protect itself from other animals or the weather. Installing wire mesh can be a good way to keep your pussy from building a house in your home. If you don't have knitwear at home, improvise a fence or go shopping.

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 11

Step 7. Remove potential food sources

Bird feeders and catnip can attract cats to your garden. If you like the presence of birds in your backyard, you may need to invest in a closed fence to keep the cats away, which can be expensive and time-consuming; in this case, removing the feeders is the easiest and cheapest solution.

Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 12

Step 8. Secure the cat

Before attempting to capture the animal, approach it to see if the procedure is safe. If you can get close to him without problems, buy a humane trap and install it where the animal likes to be in the yard. Even if it's quiet, it's best to get in touch with a shelter or wildlife rescue specialist.

  • Do not try to capture the cat if it is not possible to approach it safely. If the animal tries to attack as you approach, contact the zoonoses center and ask them to remove it from the yard. A frightened stray cat can seriously injure you; don't take that risk.
  • If you're going to catch the cat yourself, wear a long-sleeved shirt and thick gloves. If necessary, buy gloves at a building supply store, as you can't be too careful.
  • Once you have secured the animal in the cage, take it to the zoonoses center. If you are not comfortable taking the cage, ask them to remove the animal from your home.
  • Place the cage in the shade to keep the animal comfortable while waiting to be removed by the professionals at your city's zoonoses center.
Keep a Stray Cat Away from Your Cat Step 13

Step 9. Try to find an ID

If you can get close to the cat, see if he wears a collar. If he's wearing some kind of identification, try to get in touch with the owner. If it is possible to touch the pussy, see if it has a microchip installed and take it to a veterinarian to identify the owner.


  • If you were unable to avoid the presence of the cat in the yard, ask your city's zoonoses center for help.
  • Stray cats are usually unneutered males that tend to look dirty and messy. High levels of testosterone make such animals look chubby on the face.
  • The "stray" cat may actually be a lost pet. Normally, such animals do not look the same as stray cats. Look carefully!


  • Stray cats are a serious danger to your pussy, especially since you can't verify their vaccinations. Your kitten could end up with a serious illness such as feline immunodeficiency and feline leukemia.
  • Stray cats can also carry mange and rabies into your home.
  • Abscesses often form when an infected area is closed after the wound has healed. If your kitten is scratched by a stray cat, it can develop an abscess, causing a lot of pain. Find a veterinarian.
  • If your cat is out of the house, it is possible that the stray animal will "claim the territory" of the yard, expelling your pet. Be careful!

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