3 Ways to Catnip a Cat

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3 Ways to Catnip a Cat
3 Ways to Catnip a Cat

Catnip (also known as catnip) is similar to a mint and contains the chemical compound nepetalactone, which makes cats “stoned”. Buy good varieties of it, whether as a plant, flakes, granules or spray; remembering that you can plant it and cultivate it, too. Also, it's a good idea to buy or make toys and stuff them with the herb. Monitor the behavior of the pussy and do not overdose. Tip: You can use it to help with training if needed.


Method 1 of 3: Purchasing and saving catnip

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 1

Step 1. Buy the organic version

When going to the pet store, ask for organically produced brands: in addition to not containing pesticides or chemicals, they tend to be fresher and more efficient than those of lesser quality. This type of catnip is sold fresh or dried, in flakes or granules, in oil or spray form.

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 2

Step 2. Buy the dried herb

Potency varies from form to form depending on the level of nepetalactone present. When buying the dry version, look for packages that contain less stems and more leaves and flowers; the latter are fuller with the chemical compound, having a stronger effect.

The dry form can be chewed and ingested by cats; place it inside toys or spread some of it (a tablespoon or about 15 g) in the area where the cat plays

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 3

Step 3. Buy spray catnip

If you want a lower concentration of nepetalactone, this is the best option. Commonly, the spray is used to encourage the feline to play with certain toys or stay on certain furniture, ignoring others. For example, you can splash catnip on his bed to stop him from climbing up and scratching the couch. The product must contain only natural ingredients and no chemical compounds or preservatives.

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 4

Step 4. Plant catnip

Buy the plant and cultivate it to have a constant, fresh supply. You can leave it indoors or, if you have a garden, outside; the important thing is that the plants are well exposed to moisture and sunlight. Cut some leaves and let Mitcho-Mitcho chew, kick, rub or eat.

You can dry the fresh catnip and save it for future use

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 5

Step 5. Freeze the catnip

Keep it in the refrigerator to preserve its effectiveness, so the essential oil will not dry out (which would reduce the effect). Put it in a bag or any plastic container and close it well before putting it in the refrigerator; remove and thaw when necessary.

Method 2 of 3: Catnip with Toys

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 6

Step 1. Buy fillable toys

Instead of buying toys that already come with the herb (or the smell of it), choose some that you can fill yourself; buy them online or at a pet shop. Toys that have already been filled often contain poor quality grass, quickly losing efficiency. Always place the high quality organic version on the toy, replenishing as necessary to ensure the effect is constant and potent to affect the cat.

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 7

Step 2. Make a sock toy

Take an old but clean sock; put a pinch or two of catnip inside it and tie a knot; now just play for the Lion King to hunt. Remember to refill weekly to maintain potency.

You can also sew the sock with a needle and thread, ensuring it stays closed

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 8

Step 3. Roll a paper ball

Pussies have fun with simple household objects, and you can also opt for the basics: place a pinch of catnip (fresh, dried, in granules or flakes) on a small piece of paper and crumple it into a ball..

See if the ball is well crushed, so that the animal cannot open it

Method 3 of 3: Monitoring Feline Behavior

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 9

Step 1. Observe the pussy's reaction

It should be noticeable right after he sniffs the “stuff” (one or two sniffs is enough for the “breeze” to hit). Remembering that there is the hereditary sensitivity factor: one or two (out of ten) cats do not react; but if he reacts, it will be:

  • Smelling;
  • Purring;
  • Licking and chewing grass;
  • Rubbing against her (with chin and cheek);
  • Brushing (full body) against other things, like the rug or sofa.
Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 10

Step 2. Ration the amount

By giving catnip too often, the cat can become completely immune. Let him have fun only once a week; thus, the “cheap” will remain strong (it usually lasts between five and fifteen minutes). Pussy behavior can take two hours to get back to normal; during this period, he will be immune to the effects of the herb.

In some cases, it won't help to ration. About 30% of cats do not react to catnip, and puppies do not feel it until they are three months old

Give Catnip to Your Cat Step 11

Step 3. Use it for training

If your pet has developed a bad habit of scratching furniture or other important items, use catnip to eliminate this behavior. Buy it in spray form (at a pet shop or online) and splash it on the scratcher. When the cat needs to scratch something, it will ignore the sofa and table and go to where the good smell is.

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