How to Massage Your Cat (with Pictures)

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How to Massage Your Cat (with Pictures)
How to Massage Your Cat (with Pictures)

Massaging your pet cat can make it more relaxed, make it feel more loved, or simply calm it down after a stressful situation. If done correctly, the massage will be much more enjoyable for the pet than the usual petting, and this technique is ideal whenever the cat needs a cuddle or a deeper connection with you. Come on?


Part 1 of 6: Preparing for the massage

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 1

Step 1. Massage the cat to relieve stress

Just as we humans like a relaxing massage, cats can also enjoy this moment. A well-done massage relieves anxiety, reduces tension and relaxes muscles after a hard day, and strengthens the bonds between you and your pet.

Massage can also help an elderly or sick cat sleep more peacefully

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 2

Step 2. Use light movements when massaging the cat

Remember how your pet loves to be petted. He probably prefers light, gentle touches all over his body. Therefore, when massaging it, bet on very light movements, avoiding those that can squeeze or bother the pussy.

  • If you think your pet needs a deeper massage, take it to a veterinarian.
  • You can massage it with one or two hands, depending on the cat and body part in question.
Give Your Cat a Massage Step 3

Step 3. Limit the massage session to ten minutes

Cats don't need hours of massage, and the process can be brief indeed. Set aside ten minutes of your day to give your pet extra attention.

There is no exact time limit on the duration of a cat's massage, and the duration varies according to the pet's needs. In general, however, avoid massaging it more than twice a day

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 4

Step 4. Leave to massage the cat when he is in a good mood

A moody, anxious, or tense animal may not be in for a lot of touching. Let the cat come close to you and ask for a caress to massage it.

  • Never massage a cat that is in pain, has open sores, or has circulation problems. Also, do not massage an infected skin or a tumor.
Give Your Cat a Massage Step 5

Step 5. Relax too

Cats "absorb" our stress, and your pet won't be able to relax if you're anxious. It is important, therefore, that you are calm before massaging the kitten so that it will pick up some of your positive energies.

  • Massaging your cat can also be quite relaxing for you, especially after a rough day.
  • If you're not calm, chances are the cat won't want a cuddle. Can believe.
Give Your Cat a Massage Step 6

Step 6. Find a comfortable spot

Your goal should always be to make your cat more relaxed. So choose a space in which he likes to be, such as the sofa, the floor or even a table. It all depends on the pet.

  • Choose a space without too much noise from children, other animals or even the TV. Thus, the pussy will remain calm and relaxed.
  • Try to control the temperature too. Avoid very hot or very cold environments.

Part 2 of 6: Making the Cat Comfortable

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 7

Step 1. Wait for the cat to be doing nothing

It may sound funny, but remember that the animal has a life of its own. If he's eating, cleaning himself, or using the litter box, leave the massage for later.

Leave to massage after two hours after the cat has fed. It is important to allow him to digest smoothly

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 8

Step 2. Assess whether the pussy is comfortable in your presence

Come a little closer and see if he stays calm. If you prefer, wait for him to come to you so you don't have to take him out of his comfort zone. Let him be willing to relax with you and come close, lying down or purring.

If your cat doesn't get close to you or doesn't look like she wants to be touched, chances are she just doesn't want a massage right now

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 9

Step 3. Talk to the cat or sing to calm him down

The idea is to soothe the pussy and prepare it for the massage using a calm, calm voice.

You know your cat better than anyone else, so do what works best to calm her down

Part 3 of 6: Getting Started with Massage

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 10

Step 1. Start slowly and in the part the cat likes to be petted the most

You probably already know where to start, as each cat is unique: some prefer a chin, some behind their ears, some on their back. Starting in a location he already likes will make him more amenable to the massage.

  • Listen well to his purr to find out which parts he likes to be touched.
  • Always start calmly, so you don't end up making your pet anxious or stressed.
  • Avoid his head and face unless you know the kitten likes to be petted in these places. Many cats interpret touching the head as a threat, becoming very anxious and stressed.
Give Your Cat a Massage Step 11

Step 2. Use your entire hand to massage the cat

Many people stroke their pussies with their fingertips, but this is often too much for them, especially on the back and stomach. Use your entire hand, pressing against the cat's body, and allow your fingertips to massage the cat's face.

Use one or both hands, whatever

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 12

Step 3. Keep an eye on the cat's reactions throughout the massage

An animal's body language says a lot about what it is feeling. If he tries to get out of your lap, for example, it's a sign that he doesn't feel like being massaged. Blinking, purring, drooling, and even looking dazed are signs that he's enjoying the process.

  • If the cat tries to scratch you, stop the massage. Don't take it personally and try again another day.

Part 4 of 6: Massaging the Cat's Head and Neck

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 13

Step 1. Make a circular motion on the top of the cat's head

Most pussies love a little itchy head, so start with it, using your palms and making circular motions. Next, move to the temples and cheeks using your fingertips. Finally, move to the back of the ears.

  • See how the cat reacts to the head massage. Some of them see this as a threat, and you should stop if the pet seems uncomfortable.
  • Massage the body and return to the head later, as the kitten needs to be very relaxed to enjoy this massage.
Give Your Cat a Massage Step 14

Step 2. Massage the cat's chin and neck

Rub the underside of the cat's neck well, making gentle, slow motions with your fingertips. Be careful, however, not to squeeze the pet's neck and injure it.

The neck is very sensitive, and the cat may not enjoy the caress. Watch out, and if he feels uncomfortable, skip this part of the massage

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 15

Step 3. Massage the cat's face with your fingers

Make circular movements on the pussy's cheeks and forehead, using your palms on the sides of her face as well. If your cat is comfortable, she can let you massage the space around her eyes, muzzle, and whiskers.

It is rare that someone touches the face of cats, and a massage in this area can be very nice

Part 5 of 6: Massaging the cat's body

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 16

Step 1. Pet the pet's body from head to tail a few times

After massaging the head and neck, run your hand down the kitten's body a few times, using light pressure as you stroke it. This will relax you and prepare you for the rest of the massage.

Repeat each movement at least six times to relax the cat well

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 17

Step 2. Massage the cat's shoulders in a circular motion

Go slowly, placing a hand on each shoulder and rubbing it well. Apply light pressure, but not too much force, to massage the cat's body, focusing well on the shoulders first.

It's normal for cats to have their shoulders tense and tight at the end of the day, and a massage can help a lot with this

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 18

Step 3. Pat the cat's back

Go down his back, lightly pressing his torso in circular motions. Focus more on his upper back, as the lower area and hips are often sensitive for pussies. However, if you know your cat likes to be petted in this area, massage it too.

Always keep an eye on his body language and purring to see if he's enjoying the massage

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 19

Step 4. Massage the cat's belly

If relaxed, the kitten can turn its belly to receive a cuddle too. Hold him with one hand and massage his stomach with the other lightly. If the animal is very relaxed, you can even use both hands on its belly.

  • Not all cats like to have their belly rubbed, so be careful at first. If the pussy starts "hitting" you with its paw or stops purring, massage elsewhere.
  • Another good option is to give it a try, massaging his belly with one hand and his back or head with the other.
Give Your Cat a Massage Step 20

Step 5. Massage the kitten's chest

With the pussy still on its back, use one hand to hold its chest and the other to support its head. Rub your palm in circles to ease the tension in his chest.

If the animal is relaxed enough, use your fingertips to massage its chest from the outside to the inside

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 21

Step 6. Massage the cat's tail

Start at the base of the tail, close to the butt, and go to the tip of it with one or two hands - just be careful not to move your fingers too much, as the cause is very sensitive. The cat is likely to run away if you try to go straight for its tail.

  • Try massaging his head with one hand and his tail with the other.
  • If he keeps twitching his tail wildly, that's a sign he's excited or nervous. This is the time to stop, as the massage should be relaxing.
Give Your Cat a Massage Step 22

Step 7. Rub the paws in a circular motion

Finish the massage by taking the paws and supporting your toe in the center of them. Rub them, one at a time, with light circular motions.

  • Paw massage borrows some concepts from reflexology.
  • When the massage is finished, lie down with the cat and hug him for a nap. If you prefer, give him some catnip.

Part 6 of 6: Checking the animal's health status

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 23

Step 1. Check the pussy coat

Massage is the ideal time to give the kitten a "physical exam" as it will be more relaxed. Assess his coat to see if he takes care of his own hygiene.

  • Oily, knotted fur can be a sign of bladder problems, infections, diabetes, and other conditions. If only some parts of the body are dirty, the pussy may not be able to reach them because of some limitation, such as that caused by arthritis.
  • If it looks like he's been licking himself too much or some pieces have too little hair, maybe the problem is dermatological, like an allergy or a skin rash.
Give Your Cat a Massage Step 24

Step 2. Check the animal's skin

As you rub your pussy during the massage, try to bring your fingers closer to the pussy's skin under the fur. If you can feel bumps or bumps, it may be that he has a skin rash or a flea attack. If you feel any other major injury, it is likely that the cat has been injured without you noticing.

Take the animal to the vet if you notice anything unusual or unusual

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 25

Step 3. Feel his body temperature

Diseases and infections tend to raise the cat's temperature, just as it does for humans. By massaging the pussy, you will be able to gauge its normal body temperature. If it feels warmer than usual, look for other symptoms of injury or illness, such as an infected cut or vomiting.

Some hot spots on the body can also be a sign of arthritis

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 26

Step 4. Look for lumps or other irregular spots

It is important to identify the unusual things on your kitten's body when massaging her, as lumps can indicate serious health problems and it is your role to know what is normal and what is not.

If you believe you have found a tumor, take the kitten to the vet as soon as possible

Give Your Cat a Massage Step 27

Step 5. Find a trusted veterinarian if you find anything unusual

Did you notice a lump, a skin problem, or something else like that on the cat? It is best to see a veterinarian to assess the problem.

Regular check-ups are important to keep your cat's health up to date


  • At the end of the massage, give the kitten a treat or catnip toy.
  • If you have more than one cat, alternate their massage schedules so you can focus on one at a time.
  • If you have other pets at home, leave them in another room during the massage so they don't get in the way.


  • Your cat doesn't seem to be enjoying the massage? Stop! He'll probably try to hint that he doesn't like this sort of thing, whether it's trying to run away, scratching or even biting.
  • Never massage a pregnant kitten.
  • Do not massage a sick cat without first consulting with a veterinarian.
  • Do not oil the cat. Essential oils can be fatal to pussies, even if they are only absorbed through the skin.

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