How to Make Your Cat Love You (with Pictures)

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How to Make Your Cat Love You (with Pictures)
How to Make Your Cat Love You (with Pictures)

Cats need love and affection to live healthily, and your pet will certainly repay you for all the affection you receive if you love and care for it the right way. Read on to learn how to cultivate a loving relationship with your feline friend.


Part 1 of 3: Understanding Your Cat

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Step 1. Treat cats as independent animals

Even though they need care from their owners, felines have a strong need for independence and personal space, and are not always keen to interact with humans, although they do enjoy being petted. In order for your cat to love you even more, find a healthy balance between petting and playing and times when you should leave him alone.

  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is treating cats like dogs. Remember they are very different animals!
  • Dogs are sociable animals and were originally domesticated to work alongside humans. Cats, in turn, are relatively solitary animals that served humans in antiquity, killing pests on their own.
  • Don't smother your cat or be offended if he hides from time to time, it's in his nature.
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Step 2. Don't punish him

When punished with yelling or other aggressive actions, cats tend to simply run away. In most cases, they can't learn through disciplinary measures, and a cat won't love you if you're mean to him.

  • Never hit your kitten, this will only make things worse.
  • Although spraying a little water on your pet's snout to punish it for misbehavior is a common tactic, it can make your pet fear and distrust you.
Make Your Cat Love You Step 3

Step 3. Find out what his favorite snacks are

Like humans, cats also have favorite foods. Find out what these foods are, and instead of using disciplinary methods, reinforce your feline's positive behavior with treats. Cats have varied tastes, but small tuna flakes and pieces of cooked chicken are often irresistible. Offer these tidbits from time to time to win your pussy's love.

  • Avoid feeding milk - contrary to popular belief, dairy products are not healthy for felines.
  • Also avoid offering chocolates, sweets, raw eggs and raw meat or fish.
  • Remember that snacks should not completely replace the cat's main meals.
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Step 4. Accept your kitten's unique personality

While all pussies share certain behaviors in common, there are considerable variations. Spend time getting to know your cat and finding out what he likes and doesn't like. Knowing and respecting his personality is an opportunity to win him over.

Part 2 of 3: Communicating with the cat

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Step 1. Learn and respect the pussy's body language

Cats use body language as a way of communicating to express everything from fear to trust in a way very similar to humans. Their posture conveys very important messages. For example:

  • Arched back, ruffled hairs along the spine, and nails sticking out indicate a sense of menace. Leave him alone for now!
  • If he pokes you, he might want to play.
  • He's likely to be expressing satisfaction if he wraps his tail around you.
  • If his tail is down or between his legs, he is likely feeling anxious or insecure.
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Step 2. Listen for cat sounds

Purring is a sign of love and satisfaction, while growls and wheezes mean "keep your distance." Meow is used to draw attention and can express everything from hunger to the desire to receive affection.

  • Cats don't meow to each other, they just make that sound to communicate with humans.
  • The constant meowing can be the symptom of some illness and requires a visit to the veterinarian.
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Step 3. Avoid making prolonged eye contact with the cat

While it's a polite gesture in conversations between human beings, many cats feel threatened by eye contact. Also, when a kitten blinks in your presence, that's a sign of confidence.

  • The next time he starts winking at you, try imitating him.
  • By blinking slowly, you will communicate trust and receptivity, developing a warm relationship with your pet.
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Step 4. When picking up the cat, lower yourself to his level

Slowly bow before lifting it into the air. He is likely to be less frightened if he can see him before he is picked up.

Part 3 of 3: Taking care of the cat

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Step 1. Protect it from harm

Your cat will love you even more if you feel safe and secure. He must have a safe place to sleep and use the bathroom, have free access to food and not feel threatened by other humans or animals.

  • Make sure he doesn't have access to any poisonous substances.
  • Keep pantry and closet doors tightly closed, as cats are curious animals and can get into trouble.
  • Put on a collar with a quick-release buckle (for the possibility of it getting stuck), which includes contact information in case of a breakout.
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Step 2. Follow a feeding schedule

Cats love the routine, so don't change feeding times too drastically or too often. When he does something good, try to reward him with a treat, but don't let it get in the way of the main meal. In order for him to love you even more, avoid frequently changing the type or brand of food.

  • Cats can be perfectly healthy by consuming dry, canned, or a combination of both.
  • Most experts recommend that pussies do not consume more than two meals a day. In industrialized countries, one in five cats is obese, and this can cause serious health problems.
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Step 3. Don't neglect your kitten

When leaving the house, make sure he has enough food and access to clean water. If you're going to be gone for a long time, ask someone to keep an eye on your pet's well-being, cleaning the litter box and playing with it a bit. A neglected animal will not love you.

  • Although they are very independent creatures, pussies also need human attention and regular care.
  • Consider hiring a cattery or professional carer if you are going on vacation.
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Step 4. Clean the litter box regularly

Cats are very hygienic creatures and may look elsewhere to relieve themselves if the litter box is dirty. Add clean sand daily and periodically wash the box with soap and water.

  • Do not suddenly change the brand or type of sand.
  • When changing to a new sand mark, gradually add it to the old sand mark.
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Step 5. Brush his fur often

Cats love to be brushed! In addition, regular brushing will keep the skin and hair healthy, reducing shedding and preventing the appearance of knots and the infamous hair balls. This is also a great opportunity to discover lumps, fleas, or any injuries, while you get along with your pet.

  • Avoid brushing the feline in the opposite direction of hair growth, this can cause stress and discomfort.
  • Remember to brush it gently and with long strokes rather than short, rough brushes.
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Step 6. Play with the cat

He'll love simple, inexpensive toys - try using an object on a string to simulate a small prey. Make the toys run like a rodent or float like a bird, your kitten will happily jump on the toy animals that pass in front of him. Cats love owners who encourage them through fun play.

Encourage the cat to attack the toy, not your hand

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Step 7. Buy a scraper

Cats have a natural tendency to scratch different surfaces in the house, such as furniture, but they can also learn to scratch specific objects, such as posts covered in a rough material such as sisal or thick carpet. The cat will love you even more if it has access to scratching places.

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Step 8. Consider buying or building a cat "tree" or "apartment" that functions as a scratching post and a place to play

Cats love to climb and play in this type of structure.

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Step 9. Take advantage of his selfish love

Many cats like the person who feeds them more than the other humans in the house. So try to be responsible for feeding your pussy if you live with other people. He will get used to this routine and will come to you directly whenever he is hungry or when it is time for dinner.

One of the best ways to win a cat's love is through the stomach


  • These things take time, you can't force a cat to love someone.
  • Pet your pet's body to learn where it likes to be petted.
  • Many cats love under the chin caresses.
  • Learn to spot the signs that the pussy no longer wants to be cuddled, such as stopping purring, giving you a certain look, or just getting up and walking away.
  • Let the kitten snuggle against you instead of pushing it off your lap.
  • Offer some snacks twice a week.
  • Don't insist on picking up the cat if he doesn't want to, it will only make him angry!


  • Stop petting if your pussy growls or squeaks, you'll only make her more nervous. Leave it alone for a while and try again later.
  • Never grab or pull a cat's tail, they hate it.
  • Purring is not always a good sign.

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