How to Sacrifice Your Cat: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Sacrifice Your Cat: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Sacrifice Your Cat: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Sacrificing an animal will never be an easy decision. Among the reasons for this are: incurable painful illnesses, overly serious injuries and the bad weather of old age. Veterinary professionals are trained to help you make the decision and will help you do everything smoothly and relatively painlessly.


Part 1 of 2: Making the decision

Put Your Cat to Sleep Step 1

Step 1. When the cat has an incurable or inoperable disease, it can be in severe pain and you need to take into account its quality of life

Talk to the veterinarian about your concerns in this regard. Among the factors to consider, consider:

  • Total loss of appetite or inability to eat;
  • Problems with standing or walking;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Urinary incontinence or inability to contain stools;
  • Chronic pain and inability to get comfortable;
  • Chronic vomiting or diarrhea with risk of dehydration.
Put Your Cat to Sleep Step 2

Step 2. Get ready to say goodbye

Before scheduling the appointment, prepare your family and yourself to live without the pussy. Take pictures of him, pet him and give him some special food.

Everyone who loves the cat should have this moment with him. Do not lie. Never say that the animal is moving house or that it has run away. Explain how the decision for euthanasia was made and explain what death is so that the children understand. Here is an excellent book for the little ones to understand the situation: "When Your Pet Dies", by author Victorya Ryan

Put Your Cat to Sleep Step 3

Step 3. Decide how you want the end to be

The decision whether or not to be present at the pussy's final moments is yours, exclusively yours. There are people who prefer to be close, there are people who don't. It all depends on what you think is appropriate for you and the cat.

  • Normally, veterinarians don't mind the owner being around. They also explain the entire process. If you prefer not to be there, that's fine too.
  • When scheduling euthanasia, ask the professional if he or she can come for the procedure at home. Cats are often anxious or stressed when riding in the car and visiting the veterinarian's office. As a last courtesy to the cat, call the professional to come to you. However, if you don't want to leave bad memories at home, do everything in the office. The procedure will be the same anyway.
Put Your Cat to Sleep Step 4

Step 4. Decide what will happen to the pussy's body

After euthanasia, you will have to decide whether the cat's body will be cremated or not. Also, decide whether to take the ashes to store or the body to bury at home.

  • Do you have a special box or blanket to wrap your body in? If you prefer, have the vet take care of all this. Be aware that everything will cost money.
  • Do you have space to bury the cat in the yard? Will you be able to dig alone? Is the chosen location safe? It's good to take a look at the floor plan of the house and make sure there aren't any buried plumbing there.

Part 2 of 2: Carrying out euthanasia

Put Your Cat to Sleep Step 5

Step 1. Take the cat to the office or prepare a place at home if euthanasia is to be done there

So you don't have to think about it after the cat's death, have everything paid for in advance. For the cat, try to stay calm. He won't know what's going on. So try not to frighten him in the final moments of life.

Put Your Cat to Sleep Step 6

Step 2. Understand what euthanasia will be like

Most of the time, the veterinarian will apply a sedative to a feline's muscle to make it relax. The euthanasia solution needs to be applied into a vein, usually in one of the forepaws, to circulate, reach the heart and make it stop. All of this usually happens very quickly.

  • Some veterinarians place a small catheter in the cat's vein. Others prefer to use a syringe with the solution.
  • The veterinarian will ask an assistant to help hold the pussy's paw. In the meantime, pet and talk to the cat if you like.
  • If the pussy has circulatory problems, the solution may take a little longer to act. In that case, he might let out a final breath or two.
  • The provider will use the stethoscope to make sure the cat's heart has stopped and will declare death. He will then help you respectfully prepare your body for what you have intended.
Put Your Cat to Sleep Step 7

Step 3. Grieve for the cat

It is normal to mourn and mourn the loss of a companion. The cat was his faithful companion and he loved him unconditionally. He will definitely be missed. Everyone reacts differently to the death of a pet. Some cry, some get angry, and some grieve. Here are some tips to help you during this period:

  • Create a memorial. It could be a place with a framed photo of the pussy, a special album, or a new tree or shrub in the garden in memory of the pussy.
  • Write in a journal what you feel.
  • Ask the veterinarian if he knows of any support groups for people who have lost their pets. If he doesn't know how to answer, contact the International Humane Society and find out.
  • If necessary, call SOS Friendly Voice to be able to vent about the matter.
  • Above all, remember the good times you spent with the cat and cherish the good memories.


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