How to Know if a Cat is Neutered: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Know if a Cat is Neutered: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Know if a Cat is Neutered: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

As the number of cats in the world is huge, male cat owners should neuter them. However, many people overlook this fact, as they think that since the cat they have is not going to give birth, there will be no problem. However, the male can leave the house and mate with females nearby, contributing to the increase in the feline population. If you don't know if an adult male is neutered or not, read this article.


Part 1 of 2: Analyzing the Cat on Your Own

Tell If a Cat Is Neutered Step 1

Step 1. Position the cat correctly

To analyze it without the help of a professional, you need access to the back to check the genital area without any hindrance. Position it with its tail facing you; once he's in better placement, pull his tail up, clearing the genital area. If you think the animal is going to struggle or try to run away, ask a relative or friend for help.

  • During the check, pat the cat's back and talk calmly so that it puts its tail up without interference. This way, the feline will be more relaxed, without you having to force it.
  • It is a good idea to put on a pair of latex gloves as you will need to feel the cat's genital area. Gloves should be very thin, allowing you to feel through them.
Tell If a Cat Is Neutered Step 2

Step 2. Get the stuff out of the way if you have to

Furry cats will have a lot of fur in front of the genital region. Put them aside and look at the area underneath; when placing the fur between the animal's legs, it should be possible to see the penis and anus.

  • Be careful not to pull the fur too hard or you could hurt it.
  • It shouldn't be necessary to do this with short-haired cats, as the genitalia will be much more apparent without having to mess with the fur.
  • Most likely, you won't need to put calm cats on their backs. If you're going to try, grab it by the “neck” (the loose skin around the neck) and turn it over. That way he'll stay in the same place and you'll protect yourself if he gets angry and tries to scratch you.
Tell If a Cat Is Neutered Step 3

Step 3. Find the testicles

Neutered cats do not have testicles; so try to feel the genital area and look for the scrotum. It is located under the tail and anus and above the penis. There must be a scholarship in this area; take it carefully in your hand and feel if there is something inside. If the bag is hard, it is the testicles, signaling that the animal is not neutered; otherwise it will be soft, indicating that he has recently been neutered. Usually, the bag will also have shaved fur if the cat is neutered.

  • If there is no scrotum, the cat may have been neutered more than a month ago, leaving it flat.
  • Upon finding a testicle, the cat was not neutered.
  • This is no guarantee that the animal has not been neutered. The testicles may not have descended yet if the cat is young, or it may suffer from cryptorchidism, a condition where none of the testicles descend.
Tell If a Cat Is Neutered Step 4

Step 4. Measure the distance between the anus and the penis

There is another way to check whether the cat has been neutered or not. Pull his tail up and measure the space between his anus and penis; if it is more than 2.5 cm wide, the cat has probably been neutered.

If you are still young, the distance should be a little more than 1.2 cm

Part 2 of 2: Using Alternative Methods

Tell If a Cat Is Neutered Step 5

Step 1. Check if there is any document indicating castration

When purchasing a cat or kitten, see some document that is provided with the animal. There may be a certificate or letter from a veterinarian that proves the animal has been neutered.

Don't be afraid to ask. When purchasing the cat from a pet store or adoption organization that does not provide any paperwork, ask an employee if the animal has been neutered. It's not an impolite question; it's just you being responsible

Tell If a Cat Is Neutered Step 6

Step 2. Analyze his ear

If there is no document that proves the castration or if the cat was found on the street, check for a "tattoo" on his ear. Finding this “tattoo” means that the animal has been neutered.

The tattoo with the letter “M” indicates that he has not been neutered, but has a microchip

Tell If a Cat Is Neutered Step 7

Step 3. Look at the status of the hairs on the lower body

As you pick him up, examine the coat on his lower body. If she's shorter than the rest or completely shaved, chances are he's been neutered. Veterinarians shave the hair on this part of the body before neutering, which can help you know if it is capable of reproducing.

This technique does not guarantee that the animal is or is not neutered. If possible, use another method to confirm it

Step 4. Identify if the urine smell is particularly strong

A cat that has not been neutered produces very strong and unpleasant smelling urine. If the animal's pee is stinky, it is either not neutered or has recently been neutered.

Tell If a Cat Is Neutered Step 8

Step 5. Take the animal to the vet

After trying all the other methods and still not entirely sure whether or not he is neutered, take him to the vet. Such professional will be able to quickly analyze and inform you, since he is an expert in the subject.

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