6 Ways to Give a Cat Pill

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6 Ways to Give a Cat Pill
6 Ways to Give a Cat Pill

From worm remedies to antibiotics, cats need to take lots of pills. Unfortunately, many pussies are experts at spitting them out. That's when they don't refuse to eat them! However, there are many efficient techniques.


Method 1 of 6: Knowing the medicine

Give a Cat a Pill Step 1

Step 1. Read the dosage instructions on the medicine box

Write down the dose, frequency and duration of treatment.

If you have any questions, consult a veterinarian

Give a Cat a Pill Step 2

Step 2. Some tablets are formulated to release the active ingredient slowly

If you crush them, it won't do any good. Follow the instructions given by the veterinarian.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 3

Step 3. Some medications need to be given on an empty stomach, so hiding the pill in the feed may interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment

Method 2 of 6: Holding the Cat

Give a Cat a Pill Step 4

Step 1. There are many ways to hold a cat, depending on whether you have someone else's help or not

However, it is best to get a large towel to curl the pussy or so that it sits.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 5

Step 2. Get someone else's help to hold the animal

It will be much easier.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 6

Step 3. Line the towel on a table or counter

The surface needs to be at a comfortable height to make work easier. The animal will be on the towel both to increase comfort and not to slip.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 7

Step 4. Take the pussy and place it on the table

Ask the helper to hold the animal's shoulders; the cat's head must face you.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 8

Step 5. If the pussy has a habit of scratching, it is better to wrap it completely in the towel

To do this, cover the tablecloth and place the cat on top of it. Wrap the fabric so that the animal's paws are trapped against its body. The head, of course, needs to be out.

The kitten will look like a baby. The paws and claws will be trapped inside the towel and he won't be able to scratch anyone

Give a Cat a Pill Step 9

Step 6. If you have help, place the kitten on the table

Ask the person to hold the animal firmly while you give it the pill.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 10

Step 7. If working alone, kneel on the floor and place the cat between your thighs with its head facing forward

Hold the animal with your thighs so that both hands are free

Method 3 of 6: Opening the Animal's Mouth

Give a Cat a Pill Step 11

Step 1. Now that the animal is positioned, you need to open its mouth

If right handed, use your left hand to hold the cat's head. That way the dominant hand will be free

Give a Cat a Pill Step 12

Step 2. Place your index finger and thumb on the animal's forehead, forming an upside-down U

The fingers will be on the sides of the animal's muzzle, along the cheekbones

Give a Cat a Pill Step 13

Step 3. Place your fingertips on the upper lip of the cat's mouth

When the pussy's muzzle is pointed towards the ceiling, the jaw will open a little

Give a Cat a Pill Step 14

Step 4. When the cat's mouth opens, place your index finger and thumb inside it

Remember to keep the animal's lips between its teeth and your fingers. The cat will feel its lips pressing against its teeth and will open its mouth to avoid biting them.

If you're using a syringe, your mouth doesn't have to open wide. If the medicine is in a pill, open it as much as possible

Method 4 of 6: Giving the Pill

Give a Cat a Pill Step 15

Step 1. Using your dominant hand, hold the tablet with your thumb and middle fingers

Give a Cat a Pill Step 16

Step 2. Place the tip of the index finger on the cat's chin and place it between the lower canine teeth

Gently press down, and the animal's mouth will open.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 17

Step 3. The pill needs to be placed on the back of the tongue, so if the cat tries to spit it out, the tongue's natural contractions will push it down

If the pill lands on the tip of your tongue, keep your mouth open and use the middle finger of your dominant hand to push it inward

Give a Cat a Pill Step 18

Step 4. Finally, release the animal and let it close its mouth and swallow the medicine

If you like, keep the cat's mouth closed until you are sure it has swallowed the pill

Give a Cat a Pill Step 19

Step 5. Some pussies will stubbornly refuse to swallow

If this happens, gently blow the animal's nostril, which will make it swallow. Release the cat and see if it won't spit out the pill.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 20

Step 6. Once the tablet has been swallowed, give the kitten water or feed

That way you will be sure the medicine has reached your stomach.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 21

Step 7. If you don't want to put your fingers inside the cat's mouth, use a plastic applicator

  • Fit the tablet onto the tip of the tool.
  • Open the cat's mouth.
  • Insert the applicator gently into it.
  • Release the pill; it will fall directly into the animal's throat.

Method 5 of 6: Liquid Medicines

Give a Cat a Pill Step 22

Step 1. Open the cat's mouth enough to fit the tip of the syringe

Do not tilt the animal's head back; this will only increase the likelihood that the fluid will be inhaled through the trachea

Give a Cat a Pill Step 23

Step 2. Slide the syringe tip onto one side of the mouth, resting between the animal's teeth and cheek

Give a Cat a Pill Step 24

Step 3. Release the medicine, but pause frequently so the animal can swallow

If using a conventional syringe, gently press the syringe to gradually release the liquid into the cat's mouth. Take frequent breaks and do everything slowly

Give a Cat a Pill Step 25

Step 4. The most important thing is to avoid releasing all the medication at once

Always allow the pussy to swallow a little before releasing more. Otherwise, you run the risk that the medicine ends up in the animal's lungs. This can have serious consequences, including pneumonia.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 26

Step 5. Once you have finished administering the medication, remove the syringe and let the animal close its mouth

If the pussy is struggling, give the remedy in two steps

Method 6 of 6: Hiding the Pill in the Feed

Give a Cat a Pill Step 27

Step 1. Some pills are made especially for felines, in which case they are small enough to be hidden in the feed

The important thing in this method is to leave the animal hungry for a few hours before medicating it.

Give a Cat a Pill Step 28

Step 2. Next, feed 1/4 of the regular ration with the pill hidden in the middle of it

Once the bowl is clean, provide the rest.

One tip is to give the pet's favorite food. For example, if he loves wet kibble but doesn't eat it every day, hide the pill in it. The chances that the pussy will eat it all will increase a lot

Give a Cat a Pill Step 29

Step 3. To make it even easier, today there is already a very tasty snack on the market with a specific hole to receive the pill

The kitten won't even notice he's getting a medicine.

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