3 Ways to Train Your Cat to Use a Water Fountain

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3 Ways to Train Your Cat to Use a Water Fountain
3 Ways to Train Your Cat to Use a Water Fountain

Pet water fountains not only provide clean water for your cat to drink, they also become a decorative piece for your home. To train your cat to use a water source, create the ideal environment by placing the source away from litter boxes or feed bowls. Let your cat get used to the source by presenting it to him still turned off. Once your cat is comfortable with it, turn the power supply on to the lowest power. Continue to increase source pressure until you reach the power you want over the course of a few weeks. Clean the power supply regularly and carry out the maintenance indicated by the manufacturer.


Method 1 of 3: Creating the Ideal Environment

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Step 1. Keep the fountain away from the feed bowl

Cats don't find food near water naturally. Also, if water splashes into the feed, it can become wet and mushy. If the opposite happens and the feed accidentally falls into the source, the water can become contaminated. Put the source in another room, where the ration is not.

Do not place the source near a sandbox for the same reasons

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Step 2. Place the fountain where your cat feels safe

Cats tend to spend more time in one part of the house than others. Keep an eye on your cat's behavior to find out his favorite room or space in the house. Put the source in that place. For example, your cat may enjoy drinking water from the fountain in the library, living room or even the basement.

Cat owners often place water fountains on tables or shelves. See if the cat will have room to move without dropping the fountain if it chooses to place it on a table or shelf

Step 3. Do not eliminate other water sources

Even if you feel like pulling out the cat's water bowl to force him to use the fountain, don't. If the cat is scared or intimidated by the source, he may be too scared to go near it and drink the water, which can leave him dehydrated. Many cats are attracted to moving water, so don't worry, it will go to the fountain when it feels comfortable enough.

Method 2 of 3: Encouraging the Cat to Use the Fountain

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Step 1. Let the cat get used to the fountain

Water fountains make some pets nervous. Fill the fountain, but do not turn it on. His curiosity will make him want to use it. Once he starts drinking at the fountain regularly, turn it on once or twice a week. If it has several different potencies, put it on the lowest. As the cat becomes familiar with the fountain, leave it on longer, more often, and increase the water pressure.

Train Your Cat to Use a Pet Fountain Step 5

Step 2. Buy a quieter font

Some water sources are noisy. Those made of plastic, in particular, tend to be louder and amplify the engine sound. Ceramic ones, on the other hand, are much quieter. If you suspect the cat is afraid of the source sound, try using a different model that emits a lower sound.

Sometimes the fountain is noisy because the water level is low or the impeller is dirty. Clean the fountain impeller and add water to the minimum level at least

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Step 3. Reward the cat

When he drinks water from the fountain, give him a small snack. This will make the pussy associate drinking at the fountain with something positive and will encourage it to continue drinking water from there.

  • Give him a treat as soon as he finishes drinking water from the fountain. In the beginning, always give a prize when he drinks at the fountain.
  • Reduce the frequency of snacks gradually. Over time, change the snacks for verbal praise or jokes after he drinks at the fountain. You can still have a snack sometimes.
Train Your Cat to Use a Pet Fountain Step 7

Step 4. Don't worry if your cat doesn't drink a lot

If he eats wet food, you may notice that he drinks less water than other people's cats or less than other pets you have. However, the water present in the wet feed reduces the amount of water the pussy needs to drink. Cats that eat dry food will need to drink more water to digest their food and stay hydrated.

Train Your Cat to Use a Pet Fountain Step 8

Step 5. Don't punish the cat for not drinking at the fountain

If he doesn't drink water from the fountain or tries to drink water from the dog's bowl, don't yell, knock, or put him in his crate. This type of behavior will only make the cat more scared and will not encourage him to drink from the fountain.

Method 3 of 3: Making Your Cat Drink More Water

Train Your Cat to Use a Pet Fountain Step 9

Step 1. Change the water regularly

Even in fountains, where water is constantly circulating, it is important to change it frequently. How often you need to change it will depend on the model you bought. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for how often the water should be changed. Empty the fountain and fill it with clean, fresh water when necessary.

Train Your Cat to Use a Pet Fountain Step 10

Step 2. Keep the required amount of water at the source

It is not necessary to fill the fountain to the brim, but the water level must be above or at the minimum indicated line. Pet water fountains that are not filled to the proper level will overheat and eventually stop working. Always fill the fountain with cold water.

Train Your Cat to Use a Pet Fountain Step 11

Step 3. Regularly maintain

Water fountains are complex devices and need care. This means that you should clean her filter and impeller regularly (usually every 15 days or once a month). Clean the outside of the power supply and underneath it to prevent mold and moisture from building up.

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