How to Encourage a Cat to Use its Own Bed

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How to Encourage a Cat to Use its Own Bed
How to Encourage a Cat to Use its Own Bed

When you want to encourage a cat to use his bed, the choice of location is often the most important thing. Cats love warm, secluded places that give them an edge. Notice where the cat likes to sleep and put the bed there or near it. Invite him to use the bed using toys, treats, and catnip. If he's not interested in the bed, try putting it somewhere else. The bed needs to be clean. Try lining it with clothing or fabric that smells like you.


Method 1 of 3: Choosing the Best Place to Put Your Bed

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 1

Step 1. Notice where your cat likes to sleep

Paying attention to where he likes to sleep will help you find a good place to put his bed. Most cats like to sleep in warm, safe, hidden areas, but still well located.

If you find that your cat likes to sleep in a specific place, try putting the bed in or near it first

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 2

Step 2. Place the bed in an area with little flow

Cats prefer to have their own space, so choose a place away from the areas where everyone walks around the house. If you put the bed where everyone else passes, the cat will feel that it is always being watched and will not want to rest or sleep there.

Good places would be: an empty room, under a table, or a quiet corner of a room

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 3

Step 3. Give the pussy a good field of vision

Cats love to see others but not be seen. Placing the bed under a sunny window will keep the cat warm and allow it to keep an eye on birds and other animals that pass by.

Partially hiding the bed with a curtain that extends to the floor will encourage the pussy to use it even more. The window gives a view and warmth and the curtain gives a feeling of security

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 4

Step 4. Raise the bed or place it on a piece of furniture if your cat prefers to stay on top

Cats like heights, and for some reason, sleeping on the floor makes them feel more vulnerable. Try placing the bed on an armchair, chair, or other furniture. You can also add something to make it easier to climb, or buy a bed that can be attached to the windowsill. Just be careful to keep the bed securely fastened so it doesn't fall and hurt you.

  • An elevated structure may be the best option if your cat prefers to sleep behind the sofa, on the dining table chair, or other elevated surface.
  • It seems odd to put a bed on top of a chair or sofa, but it can help reduce the buildup of cat hair on your furniture.
Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 5

Step 5. Try a new place if he ignores the bed

If your pussy doesn't seem interested in the new bed, the first thing you should do is move it. Finding the best place for the bed is the most effective way to encourage your pet to use it. Put the bed in a secluded, sunny, warm place where you'll always see him sleeping.

You can also try changing places as the sun changes its position in the sky

Method 2 of 3: Introducing the Cat to His Bed

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 6

Step 1. The bed needs to be clean

Cats don't like dirty things or weird smells, so make sure the bed is clean before introducing it to your pet. If he avoids the new bed even though it's in a good place to sleep, maybe the problem is her smell. If he suddenly stops using it, it's likely time to wash it.

  • It's important to remember that the new litter will smell like the factory and shop, so it's best to wash it before offering it to the cat. If you bought the bed used, wash it before letting your pet use it.
  • Prefer beds that have covers that are easy to remove and wash in the common machine to make your daily life easier.
  • Spray catnip on the bed to entice the pussy and help it let go of the new bedding smell.
Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 7

Step 2. Put some of your cat's toys on the bed

Once you've chosen a good place for the bed, put some toys in it. They will smell like your cat and help you get acquainted with the new bedding.

Leave the toys in bed for at least a day, but don't pick up the cat and take it to bed. Give him time to figure out what it's for on its own

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 8

Step 3. Offer treats and affection when he goes to bed

Paying attention to him when you see him using the bed will help you form a positive association with her. Praise, pet and give your cat a small treat.

Just give him treats and treats when you see him getting into bed. Cats don't like to be disturbed while they sleep. Cuddling or going out for a treat while the cat tries to rest will make him hate the bed

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 9

Step 4. Try not to force him to go to bed

Do your best so your pussy doesn't create a negative association with her bed. Move it around and make it more attractive instead of trying to hold the animal to the bed, scream, or do anything that forces you to use it. It's inhumane to do that kind of thing.

If your cat associates the bed with yelling or being held in a bad way, he won't even want to go near it

Method 3 of 3: Making the Bed More Attractive

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 10

Step 1. Use catnip to lure your pet to bed

If he seems uninterested, try spraying some catnip on the bed to encourage him to lie down on it. Keep in mind that catnip makes some cats affectionate, others playful, and in nearly half of cats, it has no effect at all. For best results, pay attention to how your pet reacts to the herb.

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 11

Step 2. Try lining the bed with clothing or fabric that smells like you

Even though cats preferred a clean, tidy bed, they also love familiar scents. Put a used T-shirt on the bed. This usually works fine. A piece of fleece fleece is a great choice, as most cats like the feel of this fabric. You can also use a towel. Once your cat is used to the new scent, you can take the piece back.

Leaving his bed with your scent will encourage the cat to use his bed instead of going to yours

Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed Step 12

Step 3. Give multiple beds

Cats sleep in various places during the day, by instinct. To encourage bed use, try putting several around the house, in places where he most likes to sleep.

  • Try using different types of beds, such as raised beds, cave or covered beds, and pillow types.
  • Use cardboard boxes, old knitwear and the like to make homemade cat beds and reduce the cost of having multiple beds.

Step 4. Buy a warm bed or heated mat to help your pussy get more comfortable

A warm bed will help your pet feel more comfortable, especially in winter. Lightly heated beds also help older cats or cats that have joint problems feel more comfortable.

If your cat loves his bed, buy a heated mat and place it under it


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