5 Ways to Catch Crickets

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5 Ways to Catch Crickets
5 Ways to Catch Crickets

Are you tired of listening to crickets sing all night in your basement? You may need to catch some crickets to feed your pet snake or use them as fishing bait. There are many reasons to catch crickets, and many ways to catch them. If you want to catch dozens of crickets fast, read on.


Method 1 of 5: Method One: Catching Crickets with Newspaper

Catch Crickets Step 1

Step 1. Mix equal amounts of granulated sugar with breadcrumbs

This is cricket food! If you want to catch a few dozen crickets, a cup of sugar and a cup of breadcrumbs should suffice.

  • Do not use spicy or flavored flours. Normal ones are better for catching crickets, and extra ingredients can stop them.
  • You can mix a large portion of sugar and breadcrumbs and keep what is left in a jar for later use. That way you can catch more crickets from time to time.
Catch Crickets Step 2

Step 2. Crumble this mixture to the ground where you've seen crickets gather

It's best to use this method on the street, because throwing this mixture indoors can attract other creatures such as cockroaches and mice. Toss in the mixture at dusk, just before the night crickets come out to play.

Catch Crickets Step 3

Step 3. Cover the mixture with just a layer of newspaper

Place it on top of where you spread the sugar and breadcrumbs. Don't use more than one sheet, as you want the crickets to get under the newspaper.

Catch Crickets Step 4

Step 4. Use a large jar with a lid to catch the crickets

Take a large glass pot or plastic container with a tight lid. Punch holes in the lid if you want to keep the crickets alive once you catch them.

  • There are special containers you can use to keep crickets alive. Visit a bait store to see the options, or look online and order one.
  • You can put some of the sugar and breadcrumb mixture into the jar to keep the crickets fed.
Catch Crickets Step 5

Step 5. Come back in the morning before the serene dries out

This is the perfect time to catch crickets. Their bellies will be full and they will be calmly waiting for you under the sheet of newspaper. If you wait until the sun dries the serene, the crickets will have time to escape.

Catch Crickets Step 6

Step 6. Lift the newspaper and place the crickets inside the glass

You can use a spoon or small brush to push them into the container. Tighten the lid tightly once you've got your crickets.

Method 2 of 5: Method Two: Catching Crickets with a Soda Bottle

Catch Crickets Step 7

Step 1. Cut off the top of a 2-liter soda bottle

Use a sharp knife to cut around the circumference of the bottle. Remember to hold the bottle tightly with one hand so the knife doesn't slip.

Catch Crickets Step 8

Step 2. Invert the top and place it inside the bottle

The spout should be pointing towards the bottom of the bottle, and the cap should have been removed. Use duct tape to close the top edge of the bottle.

Catch Crickets Step 9

Step 3. Crumble sugar to the bottom through the spout

Continue tossing sugar until you have a thin layer at the bottom of the bottle.

Catch Crickets Step 10

Step 4. Place the bottle aside in a place where you have seen crickets

You can use this method both indoors and outdoors. Crickets will enter through the beak to reach the sugar, and a surprising number will not find the hole to get out.

Catch Crickets Step 11

Step 5. Come back early in the morning to collect your crickets

Move them into a closed container for storage and use later.

Method 3 of 5: Method Three: Catching Crickets with Duct Tape

Catch Crickets Step 12

Step 1. Place a piece of sticky tape with the sticky side up in a spot where you have seen crickets congregate

Common areas would be on the floor near baseboards or on the windowsills of rooms where you suspect crickets are hiding. This method works best indoors, as duct tape placed outside will collect dirt, leaves, and other creatures.

Catch Crickets Step 13

Step 2. Come back to check the tape the next day

Crickets will stick to the glue when they try to climb over, making it easier for you to catch and dispose of them. A more expensive option would be to use those sticky traps or “hotels” made to catch cockroaches.

Method 4 of 5: Method Four: Catching Crickets with a Cardboard Tube

Catch Crickets Step 14

Step 1. Place a small amount of food in a cardboard tube

Use the type of tube that comes with a paper towel or toilet paper. The longer the tube, the more crickets you can catch.

Catch Crickets Step 15

Step 2. Place the tubes in areas where you suspect crickets are hiding

It works well to place it near baseboards and window sills.

Catch Crickets Step 16

Step 3. Come back early the next morning to collect the crickets

Place them in a closed container with holes in the top to store them.

Method 5 of 5: Method Five: Catching Crickets with a Piece of Bread

Catch Crickets Step 17

Step 1. Slice a long piece of bread in half

Breads that are already cut will not work for this method; you will need an uncut piece of bread.

Catch Crickets Step 18

Step 2. Empty both sides

Use a spoon to make a hole on both sides of the bread. Place the bread you remove into a bowl.

Catch Crickets Step 19

Step 3. Mix some of the bread you removed with granulated sugar

Use equal amounts of sugar and bread.

Catch Crickets Step 20

Step 4. Put the mixture into one of the hollow parts

Put as much as you can.

Catch Crickets Step 21

Step 5. Replace the top and join the two pieces of bread together with rubber bands or toothpicks

You can also wrap the middle part with duct tape or plastic wrap.

Catch Crickets Step 22

Step 6. Slice the ends of the bread

This exposes the hollow part of the bread for the crickets to get inside.

Catch Crickets Step 23

Step 7. Place the bread in cricket territory

In the morning you will have a bun full of crickets.


  • Common places where crickets nest are in wood piles, building foundations, organic material piles, inside walls and almost anywhere water is available.
  • Crickets will hibernate or die in winter.
  • To encourage crickets to appear, you can spray a little water from your hose onto your home's stone or concrete foundation. Crickets will be attracted to the water and come out to drink it. This method of catching crickets can also work in a rock garden.

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