3 Ways to Season Tuna

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3 Ways to Season Tuna
3 Ways to Season Tuna

Tuna is a tasty and healthy protein that can be prepared in many ways. For example, you can make grilled tuna fillet, tuna burger, tuna salad, or even a casserole dish. To season this fish, try making a marinade, preparing a powdered seasoning, or preparing several recipes that incorporate canned tuna.


Method 1 of 3: Preparing a Tuna Marinade

Season Tuna Step 1

Step 1. Prepare a soy-based marinade

Doing so will help flavor the tuna fillet and keep it moist during cooking. Mix, for example, 230 ml of soy sauce with 120 ml of lemon juice and two cloves of garlic in a medium bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Alternatively, you can place the ingredients inside an airtight bag

Season Tuna Step 2

Step 2. Add tuna to marinade

After preparing the marinade, add the tuna to the bowl or plastic bag. Fully immerse the fish in the liquid so that all sides are seasoned.

Season Tuna Step 3

Step 3. Refrigerate the tuna in the marinade

Place bowl or bag in refrigerator for 15 minutes to 4 hours. If you like, turn the tuna over once to coat both sides well with seasoning.

The tuna is now ready for cooking

Season Tuna Step 4

Step 4. Try different marinade flavors

Tuna can be prepared with different types of marinade, for example with orange juice instead of lemon juice or teriyaki sauce instead of soy sauce. Search online for a variety of mariana recipes and try them out until you find your favorite.

Method 2 of 3: Preparing a Powdered Seasoning

Season Tuna Step 5

Step 1. Dry the tuna with a sheet of paper towels

This will help the spices penetrate better. Alternatively, if you're grilling the fillets, brush a little oil before adding the seasoning. Doing so will prevent tuna from sticking to the pan.

Season Tuna Step 6

Step 2. Make a simple seasoning with salt and pepper

In a small bowl, mix a teaspoon of salt with 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper. If you want a sharper flavor, use cayenne pepper or pepperoni flakes. Also try garlic powder or sea salt for extra flavor.

Season Tuna Step 7

Step 3. Prepare a black tuna seasoning

You'll need paprika, oregano, thyme, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt. Mix everything in a bowl. Try the seasoning and adjust the amounts until you reach the desired flavor.

Search online for spice recipes or try using whatever condiments and herbs you have at home

Season Tuna Step 8

Step 4. Season the tuna fish

To do this, sprinkle the seasoning onto a cutting board and press both sides of the tuna onto the seasoning. If you like, you can also sprinkle the seasoning directly onto the fillet on each side and rub it lightly by hand.

The tuna is now seasoned and ready for consumption

Method 3 of 3: Seasoning Canned Tuna

Season Tuna Step 9

Step 1. Make a tuna salad

The most common way to eat canned tuna is to prepare a salad. Usually, all you have to do is mix the canned tuna with mayonnaise and some chopped vegetables or vegetables, such as carrots, chives, cucumbers or tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Tuna salad can be served as a filling for a sandwich or with a salad of leaves. It's a simple but tasty meal

Season Tuna Step 10

Step 2. Try preparing a casserole dish

Tuna casserole is a simple and tasty way to incorporate tuna into your diet. To prepare it, mix tuna with ramen noodles, creamy mushroom soup, onions and other vegetables and legumes. Bake the mixture in the oven and finally sprinkle some cheese before serving.

Season Tuna Step 11

Step 3. Make a tuna sandwich

Canned tuna is also used to make a hamburger, which you can eat with bread or on a plate, with tartar sauce and squeezed lemon.


Experiment with different spice recipes until you find your favorite


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