3 Ways to Survive a Lion Attack

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3 Ways to Survive a Lion Attack
3 Ways to Survive a Lion Attack

Nature reserve safaris have always yielded a good adrenaline rush, and now, with the growing popularity of walking safaris, they have become more thrilling than ever. This emotion is, however, accompanied by a certain amount of danger. Although most lions flee from humans, even those who approach them on foot, the risk of an attack will always exist. In such a situation, knowing in advance how to react can save your life.


Method 1 of 3: Defending Your Position

Survive the Lion Attack Step 1

Step 1. Don't panic

Being attacked by a lion is extremely terrifying, but do your best not to panic. Staying calm and thinking clearly can save your life. You can be calmer if you know what to expect. For example: the lion roars when attacking. The roar can shake the ground under your feet, but this is normal during an attack.

Survive the Lion Attack Step 2

Step 2. Don't run

Keep your position. You have to take control of the situation and show the lion that the threat is you. Turn your body toward him as you clap your hands, yell, and shake your arms. All of this will give him the perception that you are bigger and more threatening.

The behavior of lions varies by region of the globe. Those who live in places with a higher concentration of tourists are used to vehicles and are therefore less afraid of humans. On the other hand, specimens that have little contact with humans are more likely to attack - which can be discouraged if you look bigger and more threatening

Survive the Lion Attack Step 3

Step 3. Back off slowly

Don't turn your back on him. Continue to shake your arms as you slowly walk to one side. If you run, the beast, sensing your fear, could chase you. As you retreat, maintain a posture that looks threatening.

Do not go to a place where the forest is more dense (a forest, for example), but rather to a clearing

Survive the Lion Attack Step 4

Step 4. Prepare for a second charge

The lion could attack you as you retreat; if so, yell as loud as possible and raise your arms. Scream for real, with the full force of your abdomen. This time, when the lion walks away, stop threatening him, turn sideways to him and walk away. This can prevent a confrontation.

Method 2 of 3: Defending Against Attack

Survive the Lion Attack Step 5

Step 1. Continue standing

If the above Steps don't work, the lion can consummate the attack, which you're more likely to survive if you keep standing. The lion will likely lunge against the face and neck, causing it to jump off the ground, giving you a full view of its body. As terrifying as this sounds, seeing him fully is a great help: crouched down, you'll have less margin to resist.

Survive the Lion Attack Step 6

Step 2. Aim for the face

When the cat jumps over you, fight. As soon as he jumps, punch or kick him, concentrating your efforts on his face and eyes. Although his strength probably surpasses yours, hitting him in the head and eyes will have a big impact, possibly causing him to give up the attack.

Survive the Lion Attack Step 7

Step 3. Get help immediately

Humans have been successful in repelling lion attacks at other times. What sets survivors apart is that they have a doctor right away. You have to stop the bleeding, especially if the beast has managed to sink its fangs into you. Promptly take care of any wounds caused by the lion's teeth and claws.

Survive the Lion Attack Step 8

Step 4. Seek psychological help

Even if the lion's purpose was not to actually attack you but rather to intimidate you, seeking psychological help is a good idea. Overcoming such a traumatic experience is no easy task. You've been in a situation that few people go through and maybe you need help moving on.

Method 3 of 3: Avoiding the Attack

Survive the Lion Attack Step 9

Step 1. Keep your distance during the mating period

During it, lions and lionesses become extremely aggressive, easily irritated. Breeding is not limited to a specific part of the year. However, it is easy to identify animals in the mating season: when the lioness is in heat, couples mate up to 40 times a day, over several days.

Survive Lion Attack Step 10

Step 2. Stay away from puppies

The lioness has a protective attitude towards her babies and therefore needs a lot of space. If you see a lioness with a brood, try to find a route that runs as far away from her as possible to avoid an attack.

Survive the Lion Attack Step 11

Step 3. Organize a night round

Lions are predominantly nocturnal. Most of their hunting takes place at night, during which time, if they are hungry, they have a greater propensity to attack. If you're camping in an area with a high density of lions at night, set up a night guard so you don't get caught by surprise.


  • Don't play dead! If you do, you will end up dead.
  • Do not kill, hunt or shoot lions, which are an endangered species.

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